About gilgamesh and enkidu relationship

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about gilgamesh and enkidu relationship

The first meeting between Enkidu and Gilgamesh will set up a pattern for of the mystery embedded in the relationship of these two buddies of world literature. But the most important love in the epic is certainly between Gilgamesh and Enkidu. The Epic celebrates this friendship, and how it transforms both men for the. Many readers of The Epic of Gilgamesh have thought that the relationship between Enkidu and Gilgamesh is too intense to be just friendship, and must be.

Gilgamesh is very devoted to Enkidu as Enkidu once was devoted to Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh also calls Enkidu his brother which is another piece of evidence of his closeness with Enkidu. Brothers as close blood relatives usually share everything, and love each other unconditionally. Not only does Gilgamesh lose his beloved brother, but also a marvelous companion in his journeys. All battles were defeated together; all challenges were solved together.

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They were helping each other in all the paths they went. Not only they were helping each other, they also took care of each other by shielding one another without thinking about their own benefit. The shield was the first thing Gilgamesh put in front of himself; it was the shield that kept him alive. Gilgamesh goes even further granting Enkidu the role of a right-hand man: Axe is only helpful when it lands in skilful hands, but together: It means that every time Gilgamesh needed Enkidu, being his soul mate, Enkidu was there to help, and he knew exactly when and how to do it.

Gilgamesh and Enkidu also complimented and fulfilled each other very well physically and emotionally. Two swords are always stronger than one, and two heads are always smarter than one. Gilgamesh talks about Enkidu: From the start, it is therefore clear the deep invisible bond between the two men, much before they meet, fight and grow to love each other. Both are Opposites that Complement each other, one a sophisticated arrogant citybred, the other a wild, spontaneous and carefree man of the woods and plains.

Who initiates whom in this story, it is also difficult to say. Because it is Gilgamesh that sends a priestess to teach Enkidu the power of civilisation, whereas by meeting Enkidu Gilgamesh feels for the first time the need to share and grow, it is through their friendship that Gilgamesh becomes less self-absorbed and most certainly, less lonely. Because Gilgamesh was lonely, but did not know the extent of longing of his soul for a friend, until the moment he meets Enkidu and loses him afterwards in the Epic.

The first meeting between Enkidu and Gilgamesh will set up a pattern for other great literary meetings of soul siblings.

The Perfect Relationship - Gilgamesh and Enkidu

Our heroes meet first as contenders, fight hard, but instead of a kill at the end of the combat, the winner, Gilgamesh, takes the loser, Enkidu, as a friend for life. There is a deep meaning in the way they face each other as challengers before the fight, and then surrender their weapons, emotional, physical and mental to embrace each other in friendship.

about gilgamesh and enkidu relationship

It is as if they all needed to test the true value of the opponent before accepting him as complement. This is the rough outline of the first tablets of the Epic of Gilgamesh, and in what follows we will try to apprehend a bit of the mystery embedded in the relationship of these two buddies of world literature. To fully understand the bond between Gilgamesh and Enkidu it is important to introduce the concept of Inner Siblings, the image of wholeness of ourselves we have within and sometimes find without in the people of the same sex and age group of ours.

A brother or sister may sometimes be the soul sibling, especially in case of twins or siblings which age group is very close.

about gilgamesh and enkidu relationship

This first assumption is introduced from the start in the Epic, because the text says clearly that both are meant to be one of a kind. How does this bond develop?

Relationship between enkidu and gilgamesh?

The bond with the Soul Sibling is fundamentally based on companionship and sharing in many levels, but not necessarily in the physical sexual sense. The level of reciprocal appreciation goes indeed beyond physical stereotypes to involve the inner complementarity of selves.

Sensual because there is a lot of sharing: The question that came to my mind while I was meditating on the Soul Sibling is why then not so much is said or written about the vital relationship we have with them? Best friends are a reality, a sacred bond that is respected, but somehow not fully acknowledged or encouraged as a fundamental experience in defining the Self, the essence of the personality in the world that also reflects the World Soul.

To fully appreciate this question means to dive into the depths of our full humanity and go beyond sexual preferences, something all fundamentalist faiths do not handle very well due to their own agendas about being and behaving. Best friends make us whole, they are the first initiators we have who teach us about the mirrors of wholeness of what we may become. This is why there is so much ambiguity about them, i.

about gilgamesh and enkidu relationship

Another sign of our modern religious impoverishment, because Gilgamesh is passionate about Enkidu, although it is never said that the feeling is sexual, that they did make love to each other. If this is so, we can clearly see why the exaltation of the best friend is a major problem for all father-oriented religions of our days.

about gilgamesh and enkidu relationship

I would like to stress the point that it is not implied in the text that Gilgamesh and Enkidu were lovers in the physical sense. They were though the best friends possible in all worlds, and this is a grace beyond measure.