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Rated: Fiction T - English - Angst/Romance - A. McNally, S. Swarek Andy took a moment and then softly nodded her head and turned to Nick and replied. " Right you guys are going in as a couple so make it believable, but keep it on Sunday to answer any questions you guys have and to quiz you.". Previously on Rookie Blue, Gail tried ask Holly for forgiveness but it was too little too late, Andy and Swarek actually started working, and Dov. Create a quiz using ProProfs free quiz maker. Ideal for quizzes, online testing & exams. found herself moving into a fresh and happy relationship with breakup buddy and But everything changed when Sam Swarek took a bullet and Andy.

They walked up to the stairs of the apartment complex to the third story to the second on the left. Nick took his keys out and unlocked the door.

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He pushed it open, walking into the apartment holding the door for Andy. Andy stepped in, pulling the folder out of her bag and then placed her bag on the floor, flicking on the light. Nick raised his eye brow and smirked. Moved to Toronto with her single mother, at the age of 17 when her father died. She's had a few waitressing jobs at the local bars in the area.

Pretty thin back story. Got a couple of assault charges from previous girlfriends.

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Andy chuckled "So what's our story? They both laughed "Uh no we hated each other until one night you came by wanting to score. You were already so high and collapsed, you were overdosing, you made me realise there was more to drugs. We started talking and I was there through the whole time you were getting clean I even hooked you up with your job at 'The Volte'. Andy quickly read 'The Volte' waitress assistant manager Friday and Saturday nights. Andy just nodded her head.

Andy just laughed as she finished off her beer, walking out of the kitchen to the bedroom. Andy took in a breath and nodded slowly.

Quietly agreeing with Nick. Second we are now down two Officers, that being start we need to make room for the new rooks who will be starting next month so any former TO's that would like the pleasure of training the rooks again or if anyone else would like to give it ago also let me know.

Serve, Protect and Prove yourselves" As the Officers went to collect their assignments Sam hung back. Like, you thought Swarek could be a douchecop sometimes?

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This guy has his PhD in Douchebaggery. But after knowing what his father is like? After getting nowhere with the Father of the Year, Andy asks Swarek for five minutes alone, which he grants her. As soon as he leaves, her eyes darken, and she hisses, No more Miss Nice Andy.

Swarek that she knows Larry called him so he might as well give her the scoop. Sean followed his wife and found out he was cheating on him with someone who had a black sports car.

So Sean had Larry test drive that type of car until he found out who it was. Such a goof, that husband of mine.

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When they left the police station, she knew he knew she knew he knew. But Sean forced Kelly into the car and beat her up all the way home. When they got inside and he was still being a crazy person, the ghost of her lover inhabited her body, picked up the knife, and killed Sean dead.

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Back at the prison, Swarek goes into the interrogation room one last time. He tells his father that he used to be afraid of him. He never felt guilty for what he did.

He tells his father he forgives him, turns away and slams the door. Once everything is calm in the station, Nash tells Dex to take care of himself.