Artisan and guardian relationship

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artisan and guardian relationship

Last week, we detailed typical characteristics of the artisan, the guardian, and ideas together bring long-term relationships and connections. Guardian lovers have a tendency of coming across as boring. The true Without a doubt, Artisan lovers are the most exciting and least predictable. If you love. On Dating and Relationships: Care and Feeding of a Mate: Part 1: Guardian Mates · Care and Feeding of a Mate: Part 2: Artisan Mates · Care and Feeding of a.

When Artisan children have to sit for long periods of time listening to the teacher or having to do repetitive work, they turn to mischief to liven things up. Many get mis-diagnosed as being hyperactive. Lots of variety and hands-on activities can often calm these students down and are much more effective ways for them to learn. At home parents are advised to get them into lots of activities such as sports or just getting them out and playing in a rough and tumble manner.

AdultArtisans need lots of variety as well. They tend to avoid committee work but will take on a short term project such as fund raising.

Artisan temperament

When the job is over they move on to something else. When they do get on a committee that is running very smoothly, they have even been known to create a few problems just to liven things up.

Another core need of Artisans is to have impact on people. They want recognition for how well they perform which can be very graceful and impressive.

artisan and guardian relationship

This could be how well they hit a ball, repair a toilet, act in a play, or write a song. They do things because it is fun to do. Artisans will practise hitting baseball flies for hours. They do not think of it as drill. It's just fun to do. Other temperament might also want to be great ball players, but will do the practice because they knows it has to be done.

When Artisans are too confined and controlled, they follows the motto: Most teens rebel to a certain extent, but Artisan teenagers can become quite vindictive when thwarted from their freedom. They still need firm guidelines, but confrontation is not always the best way to handle them.

As lovers and spouses Artisans prefer a freewheeling lifestyle. If both are Artisans, they are likely to have fairly similar views on romance, showing love, and jealousy. However, one thing that can cause jealousy is if one partner becomes too insistent upon being a game-player about love and continually focuses on other love objects in order to stimulate the partner's jealousy to cause excitement.

The other partner can retaliate or pull away.

Myers-Briggs Kersian Temperament Theory: Personality Zone

For the relationship to succeed, both will need to have some similar areas to adventure in plus other areas where the partner allows them freedom.

What Artisans find romantic on a date: There are two kinds of dates Artisans tend to like. One is an extravagant meal at a place with a fantastic view. Another is doing some sort of physical activity, such as a sport, hiking, or a board game that includes some competition and physical contact. What Artisans look for when dating: When Artisans are dating, they tend to look for a calm, practical person to provide them stability.

Sexual chemistry is very important as well. Once the relationship becomes established, they want their partner to liven up and quit being so serious. What makes Artisans jealous: Infidelity, such as touching someone else inappropriately will make them very jealous. Another thing that makes Artisans jealous is if the partner gives gifts to others or makes an extravagant gesture for someone else.

How Artisans show jealousy: Artisans are the mostly likely temperament to react physically, such as throwing the partner's belongings out, etc. If their partner starts cheating, they may cheat too. They may either compete to win their mate back or give their partner the cold shoulder.

How Artisans like to be romantic: Artisans like to be romantic with "Big Gestures" - something unexpected and high style. Other ways they are romantic is with teasing and active flirting involving physical contact. They love sensual or exciting times, such as fine dining, gaming, or risky adventures. How Artisans show their love: Artisans show their love with regular physical affection including kisses, back rubs, and hugs.

They also like to give gifts. They give gifts at all times of the year, and the gifts tend to be things that are not necessary but add spice to life. They like to give loved ones nicknames. How Artisans like to be loved: One thing Artisans often appreciate is a surprise, such as leaving for a weekend getaway on a moment's notice.

They like to know that their partner has been thinking about them, so gifts even small ones at non-traditional times are usually appreciated. They are generally very sensual and enjoy touching games. For Artisans, a responsible, concerned Guardian can seem like a real Rock of Gibraltar to ground themselves to. Guardians may rely upon Artisans to add spice to their life and to demand that they occasionally free themselves from the constraints of responsibility that they place upon themselves.

However these couples don't always see eye to eye on money matters with Artisans wanting the excitement of a grand gesture and Guardians desiring practicality and savings for the future. For the relationship to succeed it is necessary that they retain tolerance and goodwill on both sides and appreciate the skills each brings to the pairing.

What Guardians find romantic on a date: Guardians like to be able to see that the other person has planned ahead to make the event special. They usually like to dress up for a formal event and enjoy traditions, particularly traditions that have been created together as a couple, such as 'our song.

When Guardians are dating, they tend to look for a person who can provide fun, games, and spontaneity to balance their serious, hard-working nature. They like when their date takes risks on their behalf.

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After the relationship has become established, they want their partner to settle down and grow up. What makes Guardians jealous: What is most likely to make Guardians jealous is infidelity, especially if it is done publicly so they lose face.

Another thing that can make them jealous is a partner who spends what they consider to be an unacceptably large amount of money on someone or something else. How Guardians show jealousy: A Guardian's first response is usually to try to guilt their partner into toeing the line.

Other tactics include a constant monitoring of the partner's behavior, tearful pleadings, and loud demands. They may involve others to try to coerce the partner into right behavior. How Guardians like to be romantic: Guardians typically like traditional romantic gestures, such as flowers, chocolates, lingerie, jewelry, and mild flirting. They are especially likely to keep mementos of the times with the loved one, such as programs, ticket stubs, and pressed flowers.

How Guardians show their love: Guardians show love by taking care of annoying details, planning for the future security of loved ones, organizing things to make them easier to use, and buying gifts. They also often like to give loved ones nicknames. They are the most likely temperament to show love by serving their partner. How Guardians like to be loved: Guardians feel loved when their partner does a task they've been avoiding.

They love gifts, but the amount of money spent is very important. It needs to be enough to show that they are valued highly but not so much that they feel resources are being wasted. Guardians feel loved when their partner willingly participates in traditions. The Artisans can enjoy the Idealists' sensitivity and empathy for others and their deep interest in their partner's success.

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The Idealists can find that the Artisans' need for action, stimulates them to participate more fully in the "now. For the relationship to succeed, both will need to find areas that don't involve each other: Artisans in areas to express their freedom, and Idealists in areas for self-development.

What Idealists find romantic on a date: Romantic settings, romantic foods, romantic things to do are all fun, but they aren't the main thing for Idealists. Idealists want the total attention of their partner and lots of eye contact.

They want reciprocity in sharing. What Idealists look for when dating: Idealists often look for someone who seems stable emotionally. Once the relationship is established, they want their partner to become more sensitive. Idealists view dating as a time to explore the compatibility of each other's view and to see if the lightning bolt hits saying, "This is THE ONE. Emotional infidelity makes Idealists jealous. Emotional infidelity can be seen as an emotional withdrawal, or it can be when the partner becomes emotionally attached to another person, idea or activity.

How Idealists show jealousy: This is where things get interesting. They have a common preference for abstract language, so communication feels easy. He rather succinctly sums it up as thus I changed his terminology to match "Rational" and "Idealist": It is my theory that within the relationship between the Rational and the Idealistthere is a grand accident that lends itself to compatibility between the two types. The Rational is most happy when allowed to rationally examine, explore, and explain his motivations and self-analysis and observation to an intimate partner.

This is simply because the Rational loves self exploration, loves to gather knowledge and insight into his own actions, not for the sake of emotional discovery, simply out of a sense of curiosity and need to analyze and collect data.

The Rational unemotionally and detachedly explains why he or she thinks in a certain way - that is what Rational s are best at, observation, particularly of themselves - and the Idealist then thinks that they are opening up to them, and becomes moved and emotionally attached to the Rational. The Rational sees that their observations are being received and interesting to the Idealistso they continue.

A fascinating relationship between two types. A relationship of total mutual miscommunication, the motivations are completely different, but with a reinforcing result. The Rational feels the closeness and intimacy of being able to share their scientific self-analysis, and the Idealist feels that the Rational is sharing their innermost thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and so the cycle of miscommunication keeps them locked together in a positively reenforcing relationship.

And neither is the wiser until the Idealist becomes confused by the Rational's focus on achievement, and the Rational feels uncomfortable with the Idealist's focus on connection. It is then that the two must recognize and accept that their basic fuel for a relationship is different, and that the other will never truly fulfill the concept of mate that each values.

In other words, the Idealist is not a mindmate and the Rational is not a soulmate. So, does that mean we should mate with someone of our own temperament? Most often, it is our differences that attract us to another. Each personality type has strengths and weaknesses. One's strengths can complement the other's weakness.

artisan and guardian relationship

It is easy to see how "self" centered thinking would lead to confusion and misunderstanding between the two mates. Some lucky couples do find an amazingly compatible mate to share their life with. But for the majority of us, once the romantic love phase of a new relationship fades, we start to experience rubs. And then we start launching our own Pygmalion Projects, each attempting to reform the other into a person more like ourself.