Cato and clove relationship advice

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cato and clove relationship advice

Clato (A Cato X Clove Fanfic) . Dear Robert, You're a good listener, but you give terrible relationship advice. x, Nika Dear Onika/Dear Robert, I trust you. Neither the books nor the films indicate any kind of romantic relationship between Cato and Clove. You see, not everyone falls in love with. This is a heartfelt story about Clove and Cato with an altered future and the people they are. WARNING: We began our friendship here, and soon a relationship. The rest is .. He then tips my chin up and slowly kisses me.

Then Peeta Mellark is chosen as the boy tribute and Katniss is upset as she recalls how Peeta gave her food to feed her family when she was younger.

When Peeta's name gets called out no-one volunteers to take his place even though he has two older brothers, 'Family devotion only goes so far for most people on reaping day.

He knows her family is poor and dealing with the loss of her father and he wants to help, even though it results in a beating from his mother for burning the bread. The people of the district are also upset at Katniss being chosen because everyone knows her and buys food off her. They show their resentment towards the Capitol by not clapping when Effie Trinket asks them to applaud their newest tribute. Madge the mayors daughter gives her a gold pin that represents their district to wear, Katniss is surprised because its worth a lot but it is to remind her of her district and to fight to win for them.

The mockingjay pin becomes very important to her not because it is made of gold but because it reminds her of her father and how he use to sing to the mockingjays. Journey to the Capitol Describe Katniss' thoughts and feelings as she heads to the Capitol. What happens while she's on the train? What are Katniss' first impressions of their mentors, Effie and Haymitch? On the train Katniss is firstly shocked by the speed of it as she has never been on a train before.

She explains how fancy the train is and is surprised to find she has her own room with a private bathroom including hot and cold running water.

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The draws are filled with fine clothes. Her first impressions of Effie is that she is shallow and doesn't understand how thoughts of the upcoming games are affecting them.

Katniss doesn't like how Effie seems to enjoy the whole idea of the Hunger Games, and the fact that Effie's view of people from the poorer districts of Panem is simplistic, in that she has never been hungry or understands the hardships they have to deal with.

Effie thinks of some of the previous candidates as subhuman. It completely upset my digestion. She doesn't like him, because she believes the other tributes from previous years may have had a chance if he had tried harder to train them. When she goes back to her room after supper, Katniss starts to think of older memories about how Peeta and the dandelion had given her hope to save her and her family's live.

She starts to get upset and feel incredibly lonely as she imagines her home. Katniss is woken in the morning by Effie and goes to have an enormous breakfast. She eats as much as she can hold down as she figures she better eat a lot before the Hunger Games. As Haymitch drinks more alcohol with his breakfast, Katniss explains how much she detests Haymitch and starts to blame him for all the other Tributes doing so badly every other year. Peeta smashes Haymitch's glass of alcohol when he makes a joke about staying alive and Haymitch punches Peeta before Katniss stabbing a knife into the table between Haymitch and the liquor bottle as Haymitch tries to reach for it.

This shows Haymitch that Peeta and Katniss may have some skills that could be useful for the Hunger games and so agrees to stay sober for a while so he can help train them for the games. Katniss seems shocked by her first views of the Capitol. She explains about the artificial colours everywhere, the massive buildings, and about the weirdly dressed people who have different coloured painted faces, will different from her home district. What image are they creating for the audience? What is Katniss' impression of Cinna?

How do things go for the District 12 team in the lead up to the training? The chapter starts with Katniss' stylists; Venia, Octavia and Flavius, who are preparing her for the opening ceremony in the Capitol. Peeta is being prepared by his stylist, Portia and her team. Katniss' stylists give her a manicure and exfoliation, before Cinna Katniss' main stylistdoes her hair and make up. He is the one who designs her look including her clothes, make up, hair, etc, for the duration of the games.

For the opening ceremony he has designed Katniss and Peeta outfits that are literally on fire. At first Katniss thinks he is a madman, even though he has a calm and normal demeanour. This is because he looks a lot more normal than the other stylists, who have dyed skin and hair whereas Cinna has keep his natural skin colour and brown hair.

She thinks he is a madman because of the idea of lighting their clothes on fire as an effect for the audience. The fire is the main image he wants to create because district 12 is known for it's coal which fuels the Capitol's fires.

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The audience at the ceremony are in awe of the synthetic fire outfits, and they get the most attention out of all the tributes. This means the others are already out to get revenge before the games have even begun. Training Describe what takes place during training for Katniss and Peeta. Explain the ratings and sponsorship system. Describe who the career tributes are and their respective backgrounds. Training for Katniss and Peeta is quite simple and not very focused with only one order from Haymitch: Throughout the trainings and classes Katniss and Peeta try not to show their strengths, nor their weaknesses in order to have an edge over the other tributes from various districts.

This is also where Rue first gets introduced when she is 'shadowing' Peeta and Katniss The relationship between Katniss and Peeta starts to develop as they argue about one another's strengths and weaknesses.

The sponsors are introduced at this point. They are the people from District that can offer to help a tribute when they are in the games. They usually raise money to send them food or medicine which helps for surviving in the arena. This is where the image that the stylists create of the tributes is so important. If the sponsors like a tribute, they are more likely to send them useful items in the arena, therefor maximising their chances of survival.

The Career tributes, aka the 'Careers' of the Hunger Games are tributes that are chosen, yet beforehand, or for their whole life have been trained for the games.

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Shown how to use weaponry, how to survive etc. These tributes usually come from the richer of districts, such as Districts 1, 2 and 4. These are districts that have much more funding and take a lot more pride in the games. To the tributes from these districts, it is more a privilege than a punishment as it is to the poorer of districts. The Interview Describe Caesar Flickerman's character. Caesar Flickerman is the man who has hosted the Hunger Games interviews for more than 40 years. The interviews are a major televised event where the audience begins to form their impressions of the tributes personalities and it is important the Katniss and Peeta come across well here.

Flickerman is a direct and confident person when asking the questions but also does what he can to put the tributes at ease during the interviews. Caesar adds humour to the interview and creates a positive atmosphere which contrasts for the readers with the tragedy of the hunger games. He is very good at getting the crowd involved and excited. What can we infer about the culture of the Capitol from his manner in the interview?

Describe Katniss' analysis of how she comes across to the audience in her interview. Explain why it is important for her and Peeta to project a certain image to the audience. Describe the surprising ending to the interview.

Part 2, Chapters How does this change their relationship? The night before the Hunger Games begin, Katniss goes up to the roof of the hotel because she can't sleep and needs some fresh air. She finds the door already open and sees Peeta's silhouette against the lights. She tells him he should be getting some sleep but he says he can't because he's preoccupied by the Hunger Games.

Peeta says if he has to die he wants to go out as himself. He wants to show the Capitol that they don't own him; that he is more than just a piece in their Games. This is an idea that is later understood by Katniss when Rue dies. This discussion improves the relationship between Katniss and Peeta as they confide in one another their fears of killing being killed. In the Arena Describe the area the tributes first find themselves in, the terrain and the cornucopia. What does Katniss and the other tributes do when they first arrive?

Describe Katniss' initial strategy? Where does she go and what does she do to survive? The cornucopia is a giant golden horn shaped like a cone with a tail. The mouth is seven metres high, spilling over with the things that will give them life in the arena.

Containers of food, water, weapons, medicine, garments and fire starters. Around the cornucopia are other supplies too. They're on a flat open stretch of ground. Behind the tributes opposite Katniss is a drop off, a cliff or slope and to her right is a lake.

To her left and behind her are pine trees. Eleven tributes die during the initial struggle. When Katniss and the other tributes first get into the arena, most of the tributes run straight for the cornucopia.

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Katniss' initial strategy is to run to the pine trees until she sees the bow and arrow on the roll of blankets about 40 metres away. Peeta distracts her just as the horn goes so she goes back to her initial strategy of running straight to the pine trees because she wont have enough time to make it to the bow and arrow. Instead she settles for the first bag she can grab, along with bread and plastic. She has to fight for the bag with a boy from district 9.

However, he ends up getting a knife in the back splattering blood upon her face. As she sprints to the forest she hears a whistling noise. She lifts her backpack just in time to protect herself from a knife thrown by Clove, the girl from district 2.

Katniss makes it to the forest where her plan is to find water, as suggested by Haymitch. Conflict Begins Describe the first thing the Gamemakers do to drive the tributes together. What does she discover about Peeta at this point? Who does Katniss meet when she's up the tree with the tracker jacker nest and what does she do to distract the careers?

Katniss makes it to the forest and continues to throw herself deeper into the forest further away from the other opponents. Once she feels she is far enough away from the other tributes for a while she stops to think, and remembers what Haymitch said about once she is in the arena.

She then sees wildlife on the forest floor and assumes there must be some source of water near by. It is getting dark now so Katniss scouts for a tree that would be high enough and dense enough to hide her from the tributes in case of night hunters, she finds a tree and mounts herself to a branch strapping her sleeping bag to a branch. Katniss slowly drifts off but before she knows it a someone lights a campfire below.

She then hears foots steps getting closer and closer to the fire, she knows that lighting the fire is likely to bring the career tributes in.

As she guessed, moments later she heard a girl scream, confirming she was dead. Katniss hears the tributes discussing the girl and is shocked to discover that Peeta is with them.

The next day Katniss decides finding water and some food would be the top of her priorities, while looking out for other tributes of course. Katniss goes back to the dead fire and finds the girl who screamed last night dead on the ground, she then searches the sight for any food supplies or equipment but it appears that the tributes and Peeta have taken it all.

Katniss that day tries to find water, she follows the ground downhill, as she was positive that there would be water down the hill, after hours on end she finally reaches a small pond, and by that time she is exhausted. She reaches down to fill her bottle.

cato and clove relationship advice

With the action in the arena slowing down the game makers decide to speed things up a little. To bring the tributes closer they start huge fires that force Katniss to run for her life towards the lake again. Starved and dehydrated Katniss struggles to escape from the fire and burning fireballs hurled by the gamemakers.

She eventually manages to get to safety but suffers some burns on her leg. The Loss of a Friend Who is Katniss' first ally? Describe how they both learn to trust each other.

What do they do to hit back at the careers? What other tribute does Katniss learn about during this? What happens to Rue after the mines explode and what does Katniss do that she's never done before? What do we learn about District 11? Katniss' first ally is Rue, a 12 year old girl from district They meet each other in the tree tops where they climbed to hide from a group of tributes and learn to trust each other when Rue points out a tracker jacker nest just above where Katniss lies.

Katniss cuts the branch the nest is attached to, dropping the tracker jacker nest onto the tributes below and some of them are killed. Another tribute Katniss learns about is Foxface, who is fast and can hide from anyone.

She is observed stealing from the career's food to keep her alive. Katniss learns some things from Rue about district 11, the main food producer of the districts. Initially, Katniss thinks the people in the district must have plenty to eat, but Rue explains that the workers would be beaten publicly if they ate any of the crops.

Later, after they realise the careers have all of the food, Rue and Katniss decide that they need to do something about this. They think of a cunning plan to destroy the food but need a distraction.

Rue will set three fires a short distance apart from each other, while Katniss runs to the Cornucopia. Katniss learns the food has been booby-trapped with mines from the plates the tributes started the Games on. Showing off her steady aim, Katniss fires three arrows into a nearby hanging bag of apples which detonate the mines and the food with it.

Katniss is surprised by the magnitude of the explosion and is deafened in her left ear. After the explosion of the Careers' supplies, Katniss made her way towards the third fire set up in search of her young ally Rue, from district She noticed something was wrong when she arrived at the third fire and saw it had been prepared but not lit. Katniss then decided to go search for Rue. The District 10 male grabs her arm. Top executive coach for me; this year its rock music.

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cato and clove relationship advice