Dhanush and sivakarthikeyan relationship counseling

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At a time when reports claiming that Prabhudeva's relationship with Following this, Thara approached a counselor who had asked her to go to the family court. Sivakarthikeyan's new movie produced by two big production houses Dhanush announces next project with critically acclaimed director. Dhanush is not their son, Madurai HC dismisses claim by Melur couple Bala- Amrutha divorce: couple at Kochi family court for counseling. Sivakarthikeyan's next film Seema Raja is all set to release on From Rajinikanth's Mappillai to Dhanush's Mappillai, the examples are.

He is the biggest highlight of Remo, fans have gone to say that he is solely carrying the film on his shoulders. But we found this old video where a Tamil star was all praises for his actor way before.

Anirudh Finally Opens Up About His Relationship With Dhanush

He talked about how he believed Karthikeyan was a good actor and was very hardworking. He actually requested Sivakarthkeyan to not put him out of his business as he also has had his own share of struggles. He requested to give him at least 10 years to gain a footing in the industry.

"What he did to me" - Sivakarthikeyan recent open talk about Dhanush - Cine Flick

Well, this Tamil star is none other than Dhanush! He seemed to be aware of the actor-comedian's talent way back. How cool is that?!

Why Seema Raja is an important film for Sivakarthikeyan - Movies News

He got emotional when he candidly confessed that he had worked very hard for this movie and that he had stolen nobody's success.

He also requested those who were threatening to let him continue working. Simbu came out in support of Siva when he opened up about the difficult situation he had been going through until Remo released.

He will soon start working on his next project with Mohan Raja.

  • When Dhanush requested Sivakarthikeyan to not put him out of business - watch video
  • Complaint against Prabhudeva's father
  • Why Seema Raja is an important film for Sivakarthikeyan

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