Eastern star and mason relationship quizzes

What is the Eastern Star organization, and are they related to the Free Masons?

eastern star and mason relationship quizzes

When I became Eastern Star yes we had to be related to a MM they ask a relationship with someone who is either a member of the OES or. The Order of the Eastern Star is open to men who are Master Masons and female relatives, spouses, and descendants of Master Masons. The Order's teachings. OES Library. Chapters Merging and Surrendering (Excel file). PDF Index. Adah; Affiliation Services; Anniversaries; Bible; Christmas; Closing of Chapter.

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All the different mysteries or Occult societies whether ancient or modern utilise a combination of ceremonial rites and oral tradition to achieve their ultimate ends. The different grades are progressively acquired by travelling several different levels of enlightenment. Clearly, the vast majority of members of these modern secret societies, such as the Eastern Star are unaware of the real influence that lies behind their covert orders.

Secret societies are, by their very nature, designed by the devil to deceive the devotees.

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They are ignorant of the fact that these fraternities are simply modern mutations of the ancient mysteries. In fact, the procedures practised by these orders closely replicate many of the beliefs and practices performed by Christian Mystics from the time of the early Gnostics — doctrines which the Christian apostles denounced as heresies.

Once in, its members are held by fear. This is the opposite to Christianity with is governed by faith and love.

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Fear keeps people from God. It holds back blessing and it paralyses the mind. Fear is the opposite of faith! I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness. Committees formed at that time created the Ritual of the Order of the Eastern Star in more or less its current form.

EASTERN STAR WATCH - What do the colors and symbols on its pentagram logo mean?

The character-building lessons taught in the Order are stories inspired by Biblical figures: Adah Jephthah's daughterfrom the Book of Judges. In Eastern Star, Adah is represented by the color blue and a sword and veil.

Adah represents the virtue of obedience to duty. In Eastern Star, Ruth is represented by the color yellow and a sheaf of barley. Ruth represents the virtue of religious principles.

eastern star and mason relationship quizzes

In Eastern Star, Esther is represented by the color white and a crown and scepter. Esther represents the virtue of loyalty.

Order of the Eastern Star Rituals Degrees and Secrets Exposed

She accepted God's will in spite of persecution. Inside the center of the star, a pentagram 5-sided figure with an altar is the logo's focal point.

eastern star and mason relationship quizzes

The open book upon the altar signifies obedience to God's word. Each of the 5 points of the star are represented by a woman who represents that character within the lectures. Each woman is dressed in a costume, symbolic of which of the 5 heroines she represents. Each of these biblical characters share a lesson in the Masonic virtues: From Mackey's Revised Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry, pagecopyright Adah - Respect to the binding force of a vow Ruth - Devotion to religious principles Esther - Fidelity to kindred and friends Martha - Undeviating faith in the hour of trial Electa - Patience and submission under wrong End of descriptions from Mackey's Revised Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry Eastern Star Membership Rules The Order of the Eastern Star, one of Freemasonry's many appendant bodies, accepts both men and women as members.

eastern star and mason relationship quizzes

To join the Order, men must be an affiliated Master Mason who is in good standing dues paying member.