Ekwefi and ezinma relationship quiz

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ekwefi and ezinma relationship quiz

Additionally, there will be a ​QUIZ assessment within the first THREE days of school, ​so thorough Describe the relationship between Ekwefi and Ezinma. 7. Learn about one of those characters, Ekwefi, in this lesson, and test yourself with a quiz. Ekwefi is Okonkwo's second wife, and she's the one with the most attitude. of their relationship, she suffers a great deal under Okonkwo's sudden mood Ezinma even calls her mother by her first name, but Ekwefi doesn't mind, and. Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans. The relationship between Ekwefi and Ezinma is not a typical parent-child.

Explain why all the characters, Okonkwo, Ekwefi, Ezinma, and Chielo, were powerless to alter the events of this dark night. Describe the role of women in Igbo society based on the information you have gathered in this chapter. Discuss the role of women in the family, women in religion, and women in politics. Explain how Achebe complicates the character of Okonkwo.

Compare Okonkwo on the dark night he waited for Ezinma at the cave of Agbala with Okonkwo on the day he accompanied his adopted son, Ikemefuna, through the forest. Explain why Ezeudu is such an important and well-respected man in Umuofia. Discuss his family, his finances, his political power, and his role in the community. Obierika is a thoughtful, well-balanced Igbo. Part Two Chapter 14 1. Uchendu attempts to convince Okonkwo that he is not the greatest sufferer in the world.

Provide three examples Uchendu uses to make his point. Give a detailed example explaining how Obierika is a good and loyal friend to Okonkwo.

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Why does Uchendu tell the story of Mother Kite? Give three reasons to support your points.

ekwefi and ezinma relationship quiz

An efulefu is a man who sells his machete and wears only his sheath into battle. Is the efulefu a good representation of the Igbo men and women who were first attracted to Christianity? Provide at least three examples to support your point.

Explain how Christianity exacerbates the relationship between Nwoye and Okonkwo. Provide two quotes to support your points.

He wonders how a man like himself could father a weak and useless son like Nwoye. Describe the osu and explain why the young church is upset about allowing the osu to join the congregation. Some members of the traditional Igbo community want to persecute the Christians; others take a more moderate stand. Explain the rationale behind the two different reactions to the Christians.

What does the elder mean when he says the young people do not know how to speak with one voice? Explain why the elders are fearful for the younger generation. Provide three examples to support your point. Part Three Chapter 20 1. Identify the role and function of the court messengers and explain the native court system.

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Use the land dispute between Aneto and Oduche to illustrate how the native court system worked. This contest is the same kind in which Okonkwo, years earlier, not only won the wrestling match but also won Ekwefi's heart.

Okonkwo's wives and daughters excitedly prepare the yams for the feast in anticipation of the contest.

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As his evening meal is served by daughters of each of his wives, Okonkwo acknowledges to himself how especially fond he is of his daughter Ezinma. As if to offset his soft feelings, however, he scolds her twice while she sits waiting for him to eat.

Analysis Chapter 4 repeatedly illustrates Okonkwo's volatility — his readiness to explode into violence at slight provocations. His feelings often differ from what he says or does.

Although the people of the village respect him and his accomplishments, he does not quite fit in with his peers, some of whom disagree with his treatment of less successful men. Okonkwo does not even enjoy the leisurely ceremonial feast as others do. His impatience with the festivities is so great that he erupts.

He falsely accuses one of his wives, beats her, and then makes an apparent attempt to shoot her. Further evidence of his violent nature is revealed when he moves his feet in response to the drums of the wrestling dance and trembles "with the desire to conquer and subdue. His stubborn and often irrational behavior is beginning to set him apart from the rest of the village.

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ekwefi and ezinma relationship quiz

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ekwefi and ezinma relationship quiz

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ekwefi and ezinma relationship quiz

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ekwefi and ezinma relationship quiz

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