Gildarts and cana relationship with god

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gildarts and cana relationship with god

But hell, I just admitted to having a serious crush on Gildarts Clive to her! "How so Levy-chan? Other than the fact that you could actually have a full-fledged relationship with Jet and him. I know all too well Cana would kill me if I did go after him and she found Oh god, had he heard me talking to Levy?. Gildarts Clive (ギルダーツ ・クライヴ Girudātsu Kuraivu) is known for being one of the Fairy Tail Their relationship blossomed and the two eventually married each other, however, .. God Serena (Historia); Gildarts Clive & Cana Alberona vs. LoL I totally ship Cana and Laxus; Gildarts' reaction to his daughter in Laxus' arms is awsome! Gajeel Redfox / Fairy Tail Phantom Lord / Gale - I think he would rather wake up I love Cana and Gildarts' father-daughter relationship.

I knew one to be a prosthetic but even that could not take away from his appeal. He's leaving in the morning and won't be back until god knows when. I'm here with him, out and away from the town. It's now or never. I could see the questions on his face as he tried to comprehend what my words meant. To make them a little clearer, I reached for the hem of my shirt and pulled it over my head. His thin brows shot up in surprise as his eyes raked over my flesh and I couldn't help but chuckle as his mouth mimicked a fish out of water.

A playful smile pulled at the corners of my mouth as he watched in stunned silence as my fingers moved to undo the button of my shorts. With a gentle push, the jean fabric easily slid over the swell of my hips before I let them fall to the floor. I could see him struggling to swallow as I stepped out of the growing pile of clothes and moved to stand before him in just my underwear and slip on sneakers. I looked up from under my lashes at him and watched his internal struggle that blazed in his eyes.

You know that right? One warm flesh stretched over bulging muscles, the other partially cool metal that molded into flesh. I saw him watching me closely, his nostrils flaring as I gripped his wrists. My words must have tipped the scales. His fingers gripped my sides and he lifted me with ease again, my legs wrapping around his waist and my hands came up to bury in his hair.

Our lips met again, our tongues seeking each other out to dance. He carried me with ease towards the bed and he lowered us to the bed top with more gentleness than I would expect. The moment he seated himself between my thighs, his hands were roaming over my skin. The combination of cold metal and warm calloused skin set my insides on fire and I arched into his touch, wanting more.

His fingers trailed down the length of my legs and he slipped my shoes off before he broke the kiss. He pulled back to settle on his haunches as his heated gaze traveled over my body beneath him.

I did not think it possible but his warm black eyes darkened further in lust, bright onyx turning to an endless obsidian void. He's been looking at me too. I tensed and giggled softly as his fingers found the sensitive skin of my stomach, the sound melting into a moan as his hands traveled up.

His large hands molded perfectly to my bra covered breasts as he pushed them together and his head dipped. I propped myself up on my elbows to watch as his wide, long tongue snaked out to travel along the valley he'd created. His lips and teeth nipped at my skin and I bit at my bottom lip as he traveled over the almost sheer material of my bra. I could feel his hot breath through the fabric as he hovered over a nipple. I whimpered as he looked up, his obsidian eyes holding me captive as his mouth captured the hard pebble.

gildarts and cana relationship with god

His teeth scraped against me as they took the sensitives tips and my hips flexed beneath him when he lightly bit down. My head fell back with a moan and suddenly I couldn't think of one reason I hadn't gotten the courage sooner. His mouth fed on my breasts as if he were starving and he hadn't even removed my bra yet. As if hearing my thoughts, his fingers skirted over the top of the fabric before slipping beneath to pull it down and setting my saliva slicked skin free from its confines.

I gasped as his mouth returned its torture to my newly exposed breasts and my fingers dug into his hair.

I tried to pull him closer as I arched beneath his ministrations. I could easily see why so many women flocked to him, his mouth alone was skilled as he licked, sucked and bit at my nipples. Every touch sent shockwaves to my core and my hips bucked against him, trying in vain to relieve the pressure that was building inside of me. His fingers joined in on the torture and I cried out as his teeth captured one nipple, his fingers pinching the other and both pulling in sync.

There was no doubting now exactly why he had the reputation he did. I could feel myself quickly approaching an edge, the pain and pleasure driving me to want more. What I was asking for, I wasn't sure of at this point. I just knew I needed to feel more of him.

He bit down again, his fingers pinching and twisting in sync and my fingernails dug into his scalp as I cried out again. It hurt but felt so good at the same time. The pain raced down the length of my spine and exploded between my spread thighs.

gildarts and cana relationship with god

I saw stars behind my tightly shut eyes as a scream tore from my lips. He swallowed my moans as his skilled tongue swept the cavern of my mouth. My legs wrapped around me as he flexed his hips against me. I could feel the hard length of him pressing against me and I gasped at the feel of it.

Even through his pants, he felt huge. My mouth watered at the thought and I arched my hips up against him. He broke away with a chuckle. He pulled away from me to stand next to the bed. He licked his lips as his hungry gaze traveled down the length of my body before a hand streaked out to grip my ankle.

I let out a shriek when he quickly pulled me towards him, dropping my foot when my ass hit the bed's edge. His grin was playful but a hard edge had settled in his eyes, his touch dominating as his hand slid up my length. He teased my lips with his and chuckled when I tried to get more connection. Before I could comprehend what was going on, his fingers were tangled in my hair and he yanked me down to kneel in front of him.

This was exactly what I'd been looking for, even if I hadn't realized it. He was taking control and I couldn't disobey even if I had wanted to. My eyes stayed trained on him as my fingers undid the buckle on his belt. His artificial hand came to my cheek and he traced my lips with a metal digit. Instinctually, my tongue snaked out to lick at it.

The taste was metallic, the feel cold but his eyes widened just a fraction as I took it willingly into my mouth. I saw his lips part ever so slightly as I sucked on it, my tongue sliding over the cool surface. I felt the button on his pants slip through the hole and my eyes diverted to watch as I slid them down, a gasp escaping as his member sprang free.

It was frightening and beautiful, the size and girth perfectly matching the rest of his overly large frame. A thick vein rippled up the impressive length, disappearing just before it reached the swollen, flared head. He chuckled at my shock and I glanced up to see him watching me intently, his lids sagging in lust as he watched my tongue slide along my lips for moisture.

Letting his pants fall, I reached up to attempt to wrap my fingers around his straining manhood. My insides quivered in what I could only name as fear when I realized my fingers could not touch. He was so much larger than any one I'd ever been with, making the others look like babies in comparison. One could probably reason that the cock in front of me somewhat resembled a baby's arm in size.

Not really a time for jokes Lucy. I shook my head to clear the thought away and slide my fist up the length and I felt him shudder beneath my touch as my thumb came up to brush over the sensitive tip. I marveled at the stark contrast in the feel of it, so different from the rest of his body.

While everywhere else on him seemed hard and calloused, marred with scars and marks from his years spent as a mage, the skin on his cock was smooth and velvety. It was more perfectly sculpted that the rest of his glorious body. With trepidation, I leaned forward to press my lips to the tip and heard his hiss above me. His fingers tightened in my hair as I flicked my tongue over the soft, smooth skin. He moaned and pushed forward as I took the tip in my mouth, my jaw wrenched down with the intrusion.

I knew that I'd never be able to take all of him, my mouth too small and his cock too large. But it didn't stop me from trying as I willed myself to relax. I began a slow bob, my mouth sliding up and down the length, taking more and more of him within me with each pass. He didn't let me have control for long as his hand guided my movements and his hips surged forward to thrust forward.

My eyes watered every time he hit the back of my mouth and I felt myself gag when he tried to go further still. I chanced a glance up to see his head tilted back ever so slightly, moans of approval falling on my ears. I thought at first that I'd hurt him but he looked down at me with unrestrained lust and commanded I do it again. I wrapped my fingers around his base and purposely let my teeth drag over his skin. But oddly, it only seemed to stoke the fire between my legs and I pushed my mouth as far down his length as I could possibly take him.

His hands held me in place, pushing ever so slightly until he felt my throat clench around him in a gag. He withdrew from my mouth and pulled me up by my hair to stand.

Ignoring the fact that my own drool literally dripped from my chin, his lips came down crashing down against mine.

The force in which he kissed me took my breath away, his mouth hot and demanding upon my own. His steel fingers slid along my hip, tracing the flimsy lace fabric of my panties before hooking under to give a rough tug. I let out a small shriek as I heard the lace rip, leaving the fabric to fall loose and easily slip down my thighs. Exposed to the cool night air, I could practically feel myself dripping in anticipation. It shocked me because I don't ever recall being this wet before.

Before I could comprehend much else, he spun me around to face the bed and I felt him press against my back. A hand came up to rest on my back before he pressed down on my shoulders, directing me to press my head against the mattress. I suddenly felt completely exposed to his gaze, knowing that all of me was on display as his touch disappeared. I wanted to look back at him but when I shifted just slightly, he rewarded me with a hard smack on my ass.

My cry of surprise dissipated into a moan, the sting making my center throb. Finally I felt a calloused finger ghost up the length of my slit and I pushed back, wanting more of his touch. He chuckled at my response and his finger dipped between my folds to press against my clit. I moaned and pressed back against the digit as it caressed and swirled over the sensitive nub. What does my good little girl want?

Do you want this? I moaned at the secondary intrusion, his large thick fingers stretching just enough to make me cry out. He moaned in response as his fingers pistoned slowly in and out of me. I hadn't realized how much of a turn on it was until now and I showed my appreciation by thrusting back hard onto his fingers.

All too soon, he withdrew his fingers and I groaned in disappointment. He gave a chuckle and tsked as he moved up behind me, his legs brushing against my feet. A hand came to rest on the peak of my ass before I felt the head of his cock brush against my slick folds.

The heated touch made me moan as my hips gave a small jerk. He teased me with the tip, rubbing it against my clit until I was shuddering and pleading him for more. Tell me what you want Lucy. I said tell me what you want. He lined himself up and without mercy, he buried himself completely inside of me in one thrust. I cried out as my body tensed around him, his girth painfully stretching me to full capacity. It was a stinging, burning kind of pain that had me seeing spots.

His fingers dug into my skin and I could feel him fighting to maintain control. Finally, after a couple of pregnant minutes, he began to slowly move inside of me. Unfortunately now, I wasn't bent over his knee and his hand wasn't drawn back in preparation to spank me. You really need to let go, Lucy. I cleared my throat and crossed my arms over my midsection.

It would at least keep me from squirming. His lips thinned and he slipped his hand into his pocket. When he stepped towards me, I involuntarily stiffened, afraid of his intent. But it proved needless when he withdrew what appeared to be a small leather bound notebook. He held it out in offering and I was at a loss, unsure of what it meant. I was almost afraid to accept and it was only with extreme hesitancy that I reached out. It was softer than I expected, the leather obviously worn from use and I gave a questioning look.

The possibilities of what I might find inside was insurmountable and I feared the unknown. Just look," he repeated again. The usual velvety smooth baritone of his voice broken and raw. Carefully, I slipped a finger beneath the cover and flipped it open. A gasp of surprise slipped past my lips when I found a picture carefully taped to the first page.

I remembered that day as clearly as I remembered waking up this morning. It was the very first morning of the very first mission I'd taken with him. We'd given the excuse that while my team was away, he would take me out for training. No one had understood it at the time. Hell, neither of us really did either. But when I'd used my need for rent money as the excuse, no one seemed to even blink. I had woke before him. Despite my reluctance to separate my naked flesh from his slumbering embrace, I'd pulled on his shirt and slipped out of our makeshift tent to fix us breakfast.

It's where he'd found me when he'd finally decided to get up. The picture was the one he'd snapped when he'd made his presence known. I had a spoon hanging from my mouth, the corners of eyes crinkled in a smile and my hair a mess as I kneeled on the ground next to the fire. It was random, a candid shot that seemed to mean nothing at all. I looked pretty hideous without a lick of makeup and a blonde rat's nest on top of my head.

Out of all the pictures we'd snapped during our times together, this one had to be the worst. It begged the question… "Why? There's at least a dozen mo-" "That aren't near as good," he said to cut me off. I really must be daft because it made zero sense to me. In and out of every picture ever taken and yet he'd been the one to walk away. What the hell was so special about this stupid ass picture? You really had shared my bed and it wasn't just the machinations of an old man.

Best answer ever, right? I really didn't know what else to say. Part of me wanted to be happy for what he'd said because just maybe he had felt the way I had once upon a time. The realistic side of me, though, I just couldn't give into that. Four years had been a really long time. I may love his stupid, crappy ass but I couldn't afford to break my heart more than it already was. Not on a whim. I knew it would only lead to more things I didn't want to know.

Ok, perhaps there was a mild curiosity there. I looked back down and flipped the page. An article taken from Sorcerer's Weekly on celestial magic with my picture on top.

The next page was another clipping, a picture of Yukino and I with Princess Hisui at the ball. Page after page, everything was about me. It was like reading the anthology of my life since he'd left. Pictures that I didn't even realize existed. And then there was the least expected. On the very last page, words that I knew well were written in a hand that I knew less.

The penmanship was expected. Masculine, with mixed cases and oddly slanted letters. It was neat in the fact that it was legible but definitely far from a woman's touch. I'd only seen him write a time or two but I was sure it was he who'd held the pen. She walks in Beauty, like the night Of cloudless climes and starry skies; And all that's best of dark and bright Meet in her aspect and her eyes: Thus mellowed to that tender light Which Heaven to gaudy day denies.

One shade the more, one ray the less, Had half impaired the nameless grace Which waves in every raven tress, Or softly lightens o'er her face; Where thoughts serenely sweet express, How pure, how dear their dwelling-place.

And on that cheek, and o'er that brow, So soft, so calm, yet eloquent, The smiles that win, the tints that glow, But tell of days in goodness spent, A mind at peace with all below, A heart whose love is innocent!

I could have said anything yet those were the only words that I cared to utter. I was afraid, deathly so, of interpreting just what this meant. It was the actions of someone who cared or was obsessed but I knew him to be neither. Someone who gave a shit wouldn't up and leave without a decent reason to do so. A person who cared wouldn't leave those that needed him.

Or the person he loved as the poem suggested. When no reply came, I let the book tumble from my fingers. The sound of it hitting the wood floor was deafening in the silence of the apartment.

I didn't dare look at him as I stumbled towards my bed. I wanted the protection it offered, the shield that my blankets could become. Sleep beckoned me because it would provide a much-needed escape. I didn't want to think anymore. I didn't want to feel. Anger spiked and my fingers curled painfully into my palms. I didn't want him to see me cry. I didn't want him to think that I gave a shit, even if I gave so much more than that.

The sheer fact that my entire body ached for him when he was close enough to touch was proof of that. But it was the way he was looking at me that stayed me from wrapping myself around him. His gaze soft, suggesting affection. It was deep, suggesting more than a sexual craving. It was everything I'd wanted from him before and it had been denied to me. His words continued to haunt and confuse me.

Their memory still tore at my heart. I'd reached my breaking point. I don't understand why you had to leave. I don't understand why you couldn't stay. We needed you here. Everyone fucking needed you despite your stupid, pigheaded claims! But most of all… I needed you. I needed you so bad it fucking hurt to breathe without you because I'm stupid.

I knew you'd fucking leave and still…" A gut wrenching sob silenced my tirade and my knees buckled under the pressure of the full bodied tremors that rocked me to my core. It was like those four years hadn't passed at all and I was right back where I'd been the day that he'd walked out of the door.

I sank to the floor as my heart broke all over again and I couldn't see for the water pooled in my eyes. I was drowning all over again. I should've kept that in but I just couldn't anymore.

It's why I had to leave. I didn't want him to touch me. Instead of comfort, it only brought more pain. He knew I fucking loved him and that was the reason he'd left? My agony, the bitterness that had taken hold of my heart screamed bullshit. My craptastically foolish heart wanted so badly to reach out for him, to cling to any little shard of hope. But it just hurt too bad to move. It was a sound I'd never heard before, not from him. He was always too cool, too confident, too… Gildarts.

I wasn't able to stop myself from looking up at him from beneath my tear-soaked lashes and my bottom lip began trembling all over again. Pain etched lines across his brow, those usually bright obsidian eyes dulled. That was new too, definitely not the man I'd known. I deserve your hatred, for now.

I knew this wouldn't be easy but I am here to stay. So when you're ready to talk, no matter how long it takes, you know where to find me. That's what it was as I watched, helplessly, as he stood and left without another word.

He was here to stay? I knew where to find him? It was far from over? There were too many questions and I had absolutely no clue where to even start. Perhaps it should be the one I feared the most.

Did this mean what my heart hoped that it did? I'd been sitting in this room for three days and still no closer to figuring anything out. My team had come by a couple of times, all of them worried that I've lost my mind. And I am pretty sure that I have so their concerns are most likely valid. Levy had come by to check on me. She was the most understanding, knowing the complete story and being a doll for keeping my secret safe. The hardest visitor, by far, had been Cana.

It hurt not being able to tell her but I just didn't know how. I'd been lying to her for so long that it would only cause more heartache than I was able to withstand at the moment. And what exactly would I tell her?

I still didn't know where things stood with him. A flash of lightning pulled my attention from the pile of crap on my bed and I glanced out the rain-streaked window.

Thunder rattled the panes and I frowned. The storm had rolled in this morning and it was still hell bent on lingering despite the sky's light having died a few hours ago. It was fitting, though. The gray, overcast skies echoed my melancholy and it made me realize just how Juvia must feel.

Others saw the rain as a nuisance but it was a rebirth of sorts. It washed away the old to make way for the new. Kind of like what I'd been doing. My tears had finally ended sometime the day before and that was when my searching had begun. I'd ripped everything out of my closet, in search of the box that now sat empty beside my bed. Its contents were spread, categorized by importance from least to most.

And looking at the piles now, something seemed to click. The least sat empty while the medium had just a few scraps of paper, old theater stubs really that were for movies I couldn't actually recall seeing.

Everything else was in the pile I'd labeled as Most Important. Every picture I'd saved, an old t-shirt I'd stolen, trinkets that had been won at a fair, a button that had been purchased as an inside joke, a wooden spoon. And right on top was the notebook that he'd left behind. I reached for it and flipped it open.

My eyes rolled at the ridiculous picture that greeted me. Yet, despite my disheveled appearance, I could clearly see how much I've changed. I now have the tiniest hints of smile lines around my mouth where there had been smooth skin.

I looked so naive and innocent there but now I could see my hard earned wisdom on my face. My hair was now longer, my bangs easily reaching my jawline instead of attaching themselves to my lashes and my skin a shade or two darker from all the exposure to the sun.

They'd been said so easily and with an affection that I hadn't exactly expected. It confused me as much now as it had then. But there was one point he'd made that I could understand. It did prove that it had, indeed, happened and wasn't something my fucked up mind had conjured from wishful thinking.

I couldn't allow myself to go there, not without more proof. I flipped the pages again but by the fifth, I began to notice things I had not noticed before. Every article, every clipping that was attached had small notations and words underlined. Some just had little hearts or smiley faces while others had things like "love this" or "so beautiful". Yeah, I get it. Super fucking cheesy, but then I had saved useless movie stubs. For the pictures that had come from magazines, there were always dates and locations that didn't correlate.

The picture of Fairy Tail: But instead of Crocus, Beanstalk Village was penned. I flipped back to the beginning and went through the book again. They were all the same. Correct dates but inaccurate locations. The articles were wrong as well. Despite the location clearly stated in the body, a different town or country was written in by hand. It wasn't until I examined the pictures I couldn't remember taking that it all began to click into place.

The locations listed all matched the locations in the background. He'd been in the same place at those times, the pictures ones that he, himself had taken without ever revealing he was there. He hadn't just been keeping track of me. He'd been keeping a record of both of us together. Maybe I should have found that super fucking creepy. But I just didn't.

I read over the words of Byron that had been thoughtfully inscribed.

I read them again and even a third time. The last few lines were underlined, little asterisks drawn in beside them and I read just those a fourth and fifth time. A giddy nervousness erupted in my belly and I flung the book to the side. I leapt off of the bed and quickly made for the dresser.

I paid no serious attention to the tank top and cut-off jean shorts I'd pulled out. It really didn't matter. I couldn't waste time as I pulled them on as fast as I could. I slid on the first pair of tennis shoes I laid eyes on, grabbed my keys from the door side table and my rain slicker from the coat rack before I bolted out the door. I didn't care that the wind howled around the corners of buildings I passed. Or that it blew my hood off. Or that my jacket did very little to keep me dry.

The fall chill would probably leave me with the goddamn sniffles in the morning and I didn't care about that either. None of it did, not when I needed to know. I needed him to tell me for certain that I wasn't reading between the lines. Cursing my clumsiness, I brushed off the dirt from my skinned knee and continued on towards the door. I skidded to a stop, hitting the large wooden barrier with a thud and another string of curses.

When I gave a tug and found it locked, I kicked the damn thing. I quickly felt for the keys attached to a belt loop on my shorts, my hand passing over Horologium's key. It wasn't yet ten and the guild never closed before then. Their umbrella was barely winning the war of keeping them dry, the wind threatening to snap the poor thing in two.

Fuck my luck, though. These were the last two people I needed to see. And I probably should add that it was doing a pretty shitty job. I knew they would ask and I really didn't want to admit that I was looking for Gildarts, of all people. That would open up Pandora's box and I just didn't have time for their meltdowns. Jennie would be proud if she could see me now.

But she did have a point. I was a little hard pressed to find her asinine, albeit beautiful, shithead of a father.

They were being genuine friends and here I was, lying through my teeth just to save my own hide. Gildarts, this shit better be fucking worth it. I cleared my throat and gave a shake of my head. I'm still not feeling so well, cramps and all. I bet one of us even has a heating pad. Whatever was up my friend's ass would have to wait. I spun around and made it as far as the steps before I realized that I didn't exactly have a clue as for where to go.

He clearly wasn't at the guild. He could be at the inn but I seriously doubted that. The town split in two for him to come through, they sure as hell didn't want him staying in the only inn we had up and running. Natsu's came to mind but I knew there was no way in hell. Gildarts liked cleanliness and all knew how much of a slob my partner was. God, Natsu's kitchen alone… Salmonella poisoning, anyone? I started down the stairs, disheartened.

I'd been out to where his house had been. It had been obliterated, along with almost everything else, during Tartarus. That had saddened me beyond words. I had hoped against hope when everyone had gone their separate ways. I'd always gone there, having a key, when I needed to be close to him.

But I hadn't even been left with that in my loneliness. But maybe… "You know where to find me If his return was, in fact, for good, then perhaps it had been planned. When the war ended, we all had to rebuild. Was it possible that he had as well?

Determination renewed, I raced off towards the path that would lead me to his home. Please don't let me be wrong. The rain came harder, drenching me further than I already was and still, I pressed on.

The sound of my running shoes slapping the wet ground gave percussion to the steady downpour. It paired well with the pounding of my heart in my ears. I didn't falter when the sky lit up like the middle of day or when an earth shaking rumble followed just after.

David Nail had said it best. Let it rain, let it pour… Just let it come down on me because it wasn't going to stop me now. Not when I needed to know. The old familiar bridge finally came into view and the site beyond it finally slowed my steps.

Where the small stone and wood hovel had been stood a rustic log cabin on the old river stone foundation with an actual front porch. But it wasn't the pile of leftover trees or the newly planted shrubs, or even the two rockers sitting side by side under the porch's overhang that held my gaze.

Another flash of light lit up the yard and I knew, even when dark, I'd know that large profile anywhere. At first, confusion furrowed his brow until his eyes met mine and surprised recognition took its place. I knew it was most likely the cold that was the culprit and not the initial silence that followed.

But, you couldn't tell my heart that. He stared at me for what seemed an eternity and I couldn't stop myself from fidgeting as I'd done before. It wasn't until I drew closer to the punching him in the face option that he finally spoke. I wanted you to have a chance at something better.

Water blurred my vision that hadn't fallen from a cloud and it spilled over, the salty flavor staining my lips. But it took four years, one month, three days, eleven hours, eighteen minutes and forty-five long ass seconds to figure out how to be worthy. My body trembled and I knew it wasn't from the cold but from the close proximity. He was close enough to touch and my hands itched to do just that as I reached up to push a wet lock of his hair back behind his ear.

I prove it by telling the people we cherish that you're mine. I prove it by building a life and a home with you, the way I should've from the get go. Finally, the words I'd waited four years, three months, twenty-four days, eleven hours and twenty-eight minutes to hear.

I pulled him down, crushing my lips to his and it was only then that I realized that time didn't matter. It stood still as his arms came around me, crushing my smaller frame to his massive one. It rewound as his lips slanted over mine and our tongues met. He didn't taste of cigarettes and whiskey but I wasn't disappointed in the least.

Peppermint, cloves, and Dr. Pepper were instantly the best flavor in the world. And suddenly, I was back to being the same little girl I'd been all those years ago.

My arms found their way around his neck as his large hand slipped down to palm my ass. He lifted me from the ground as he always had and I gladly wrapped myself around him. This is what everyone else had lacked. Sure, he had the muscle-bound mass but he lacked the finesse that came with years of experience. The skill that could only come at Daddy's hands.

We didn't break for air as he carried me towards the house. I was too hungry, had been too deprived of the feel of him. God Slayer Magic typically uses the black or "dark" version of their element. It would only make sense that all styles of Devil Slayer Magic use a white tint for all of the styles. Wendy Marvell and Chelia Blendy will become a couple towards the end of the manga. They are absolutely adorable together.

The two are seen playing together in Ryuzetsu Land. Wendy landed on top of Chelia suspiciously during their time together at Ryuzetsu Land. On top of that Wendy hesitates to leave Lamia Scale because she doesn't want to leave Chelia alone after Sherry Blendy Chelia's cousin got married. Not to mention, Chelia would be a great match for Wendy. Fairy Tail is set in the past before Rave Master.

Many people believe Fairy Tail to be set in the future of Rave Master. The un-exile of mages from Sieghart's village, the passing on of Etherion, and the dragon like races with their descendants. Zeref could be the reason why Rave Masters were even needed or the reason why Dark Bring formed, they could actually be a dark guild!

Also, etherion's origin is unspecified so it could have come from the "Great World of Magic. That's why Hiro Mashima hasn't made her a her, right? He is setting her up to have a larger part in the story.

In an interview Mashima said that the Guild master of Mermaid Heel may have an important part of the story. Also, Mermaid Heel is awesome! It'd be cool to see more of this guild! Erza Knightwalker will appear in Earthland. I know that it is considered impossible to reach Earthland since the magic in Edolas is gone. BUT, what if while summoning Acnologica or some other deadly force, Zeref or Avatar opens a portal to Earthland which appears in Edolas.

Inadvertently, Erza Knightwalker might just happen to slip through. Not to mention out of all of the Edolas counterparts, Erza Knightwalker seemed the most interesting in my opnion.

Bonus points if Coco, Byro, Sugarbody and Hughes get dragged along with her. Freed likes the men. Freed looks at 3D pictures of the Trimens from Blue Pegasus wait for it …naked. Lucy likes the ladies. Ooh boy, we got a lot of evidence here. Let's just list all of the evidence: Lucy looks at bikini-clad pictures of Mirajane, simply wanting to join Fairy Tail because Mira was in it.

Erza is worried about what Lucy will think of her in her seduction armor. She also crawls into Lucy's bed in Chapter Episode Levy and Lucy's friendship is bordering on romantic. Let me just quote: Of course I'm not talking about your butt…though I really wouldn't mind…" Oh and she says "anything for my girl," when Lucy thanks her after she turns Lucy back during the body swapping episode.

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Oh and she quite affectionately refers to Lucy as Lu-chan LeLu, anyone? Lucy and Juvia are able to perform a Unison Raid which only works if the hearts of two mages are in sync.

Jellal even states that many couples have worked for years to accomplish it. Lucy with Aquarius, Gemini and Virgo. Lucy Heartfillia and Lucy Ashley. They look at each other's naked bodies during the Edolas arc to see if they are really the same. Lucy peeps in on everyone during chapter Cana gropes Lucy at least twice, once in the tub, once on Tenrou Island.

Flare also makes sure to clean every "nook and cranny" of Cana's naked body when they are both in the public bathing facility of Fairy Tail.

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Well, 9 different examples. Hm, maybe NaLu isn't happening after all… darn Cana likes them both. She flirts with Eve and Hibiki and has some sort of weird drinking buddy relationship with Bacchus.

Not to mention she has a crush on Macao. Also, she gropes Lucy happily, twice. But this in NO way means that Cana is promiscuous. She simply is flirty. Wendy Marvell is the little sister of Gray Fullbuster. Thiiiiiis, is a bit of a stretch. Since Gray's entire family was supposedly killed during Deliora's attack on his village. Wendy could be the long lost sibling that was saved by Grandeeney as a baby.

Doranbolt and Nano Leaf will join Fairy Tail. Doranbolt was revealed to have been a member of Fairy Tail all along, he just joined the council as a spy of sorts.

Doranbolt or Mest was shown to have a close friendship somewhat with Wendy Marvell. Her magic, Egg Knock, allows her to speed up the hatching of an egg. Poor Nano even says that, "If only I could have had a different kind of Magic, maybe I could have been happy too. He's everything our favorite dragon slayer could have been if he was on the dark side.

They are all what our plucky protagonists could have been if not faced with tragic pasts. Without her father's emotional abuse Lucy Heartfillia would become the aggressive, vulgar and modest Lucy Ashley her father wouldn't have made her so proper. Without being enslaved, Erza Scarlet wouldn't know to the full extent how precious life can be.

Erza Knightwalker is Erza's aborted future, a sadistic, cruel and unfeeling future. As for Gray, without Ur's training he'd just be wearing a lot of clothes all the time. Oh and if Deliora or Ur's death never happened Gray would be a lot less reserved and stoic. Zeira is alive and sealed somewhere deep beneath Tenrou Island.

Mavis sealed her best friend away in order to protect her life, hoping that one day Mavis can pass on Fairy Glitter to a capable mage so that they can free Zeira. Fairy Glitter, while made to vanquish the presence of any foes, it could have a secret usage: Also, Mavis Vermillion has had a tough enough past already. He killed Ace, wants to put an end to all pirates or all those who break the law and he is ruthless, serious and stern.

Sounds kinda like Gajeel when it was found out that he was a Magic Council Captain or leader of a unit, I don't know. He didn't even seem to care that Gray was in Avatar, just wanting to arrest and defeat all of the members; regardless of previous affiliation.

Gajeel could be on the path to a ruthless upholder of justice. In which case it will take Natsu and maybe even Levy to snap him back to his former self.

Shanks is alternate future Gildarts. He's Gildarts if he was sent to the Pirate World.