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Hamish and Andy: Radio stars’ 10 best on air moments

Blake is in a relationship with an actress from Neighbors. Here's Hamish and Andy on Rove doing their ghosting thing. I read a little bit about. 5 - Hamish and Andy fake their working relationship. . Find out how desperate they got as the Rove camera crew captured their most . 3 - Jacko's ghost. Yep, Hamish and Andy have achieved some remarkable things on the Dating · Sex · Marriage · Family & Friends · Gay Marriage . July Some of Hamish and Andy's best stuff was in conjunction with Rove's Channel 10 TV show. .. One of the show's most successful inventions, Ghosting, is a sport.

Lee, in an uncharacteristic act of philanthropy, took Blake under his literal and metaphorical wing, introducing him to Ryan Shelton, a corporate Maori lawyer who had just returned from Canada after traveling there to marry his lover of 12 years, Rove McManus.

Shelton took to calling Blake "Boy Wonder", in reference to his decreasing age and also because Blake often wondered what being a boy would be like or perhaps what it would be like to be with a boy - this has never been made clear. The war turned out to be a good jumping off point for Rove's television career, where he would later be reunited with his husband and his prodigies Hamish Blake and Andy Leewho would later become known simply as Hamish and Andy.

Poor replicas of the piece are now used as awards for the awards-show inspired by the relic itself. After first completing a TV studio made entirely out of Lego for Rove and garnering some local media attention for that gem of an accomplishment, Hamish and Andy set up their radio broadcast station in a fully functioning Hungry Jack's an "Australian" Burger Kingor something. When they're not giving social commentary on the happenings of a fast-food establishment, Blake and Lee attempt to entertain "Australians" on their drives home from their picnics in the Nullarbortheir jobs at the kangaroo factory, or the pub.

Mostly they invite "Australian" celebrities on to their show to talk about their "careers". The only really noteworthy segment of their show was the Friday installment in which Blake reads the comic strip "Fred Bassett" and occasionally "Hagar the Horrible", just to be a dick. Lee obviously is turned on by this, but in his attempts to appear heterosexual, does everything in his power to stop Blake from reading the damn comic strip.

Holy fuck that's scary! The ghost of V. Due to his sultry lisp, Blake has been approached by Danielle Steele and the ghost of V. Andrews to do Australian translations of their books-on-tape. These have gone on to sell surprisingly well, but this might just be because V. The other running joke is that most of his 'unique' ideas have actually been invented, mostly on the Japanese market. The Roger Clark Quartet played the background jazz music live during the segment on the 11 March show.

Jack Post is the narrator during the segment. This complimented their regular drivetime show which had moved to Mondays.

Rather than having recurring segments each day, it aimed to cover every single topic in the world, focusing on one topic per show. Listeners were invited to contribute their expertise on a wide range of topics via their website, rather than through the traditional radio phone-in method.

This allowed the show to be pre-recorded when necessary to facilitate filming for Gap Year. During each episode, Hamish and Andy read out and respond to listeners' contributions, who were addressed on air as "Company Man" or "Company Lady".

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Occasionally, the pair called listeners with interesting or humorous contributions to share more. This format was based on a series of "Boardroom" podcasts the pair recorded in The late Nine Network news personality Peter Harvey provided the voice of the introduction, even after his death as it was the wish of him and his family. Notable activities Business Brunch Mugs As a reward for listeners who made exceptional contributions to the show, the boys ordered a shipment of 50 coffee mugs with the Business Brunch logo on them.

The "Mug God" a character voiced by Hamish had the final say on who received a coveted mug. A series of "Mug Commandments" were developed by the Mug God, mostly to prevent people who expressly asked for a mug from being eligible to receive one. One such game resulted in a caller receiving a mug for correctly guessing that a Babysitter's Club plotline, in which two of the girls were faced with a werewolf that they had to chase down a time portal to Roman times, armed with only an M16, was, in fact, made up by Hamish.

Other games were harder. A much larger shipment of Business Brunch pencils was also ordered, for lesser but still notable contributions. If the contribution did not warrant a whole pencil, one might be snapped in half and sent out. A dedicated pencil-based award - 'the puncil of honour' - was given to contributors who sent in amusing puns. In the final episode of the Business Brunch on 21 June"The Promotion", the remaining mugs were donated to the National Film and Sound Archive in Canberra as part of radio history.

The move to this slot signaled a hiatus from their weekly pm drive show. For example, Jazz Chat continues to round the show off every Friday, regardless of the main topic of the day. Listeners contributing to the show via email or phone are now referred to as "Happy Chappy" or "Happy Lassie". As well as being issued as rewards for challenges or blackmailthere were 19 secret ways in which to earn a watch.

These included licensing an animated character you designed to the Happy Hour, or being Hamish 's newborn son. Receiving a watch was considered rare, but in the extremely unlikely situation that a single listener received three Gold-Coloured Watches, they would receive a Happy Hour Sombrero, the official hat of the Happy Hour.

As of Maya total of 20 watches and zero sombreros had been issued. A batch of Happy Hour Coasters was also ordered, and these were given away as consolation prizes for contributions not quite worthy of a watch.

In the 2 June edition of the Happy Hour, it was revealed that a gold-coloured watch had been placed on auction website eBay by its recipient, a listener named James. The boys were displeased with this, as it is impossible to assign a value to such a priceless object.

The watch was deemed cursed and blown up in a wheel barrow full of watermelons using explosives. An attempt to record this event in super slow motion, thus justifying the watermelons, was bungled. In spite of this, a largely intact watch was recovered by a listener of the show some time later, at the site of the explosion. The boys then speculated that the curse could be broken by cutting the watch into several pieces and separating them forever.

These pieces were then shipped to listeners deemed 'remote' enough, to prevent the watch, and hence curse, from ever being reassembled. A sample of the drink was created by Hamish, and was met with rave reviews.

Brent's recipes, normally combining existing foods to "make the world a yummier place", continued to be featured regularly on the Happy Hour and he was awarded with a gold-coloured watch for his contributions to the show. Chocolate - Brent sent in a recipe for an improved version of Kellogg's Coco Pops, with the addition of Big M chocolate-flavoured milk and a light-dusting with a teaspoon of Milo. He was invited into the studio to explain and test his recipe for a "Sauce X": Voting - Prime Minister Kevin Rudd brought in a recipe for the ultimate cinema food for judgement by Brent: Labelled the "XXXX Book of Records", the boys were open to any sponsor alcoholic or otherwise to purchase naming rights to the book.

Timomatic Autograph Business InHamish started selling Timomatic's autograph on the show's website hamishandandy. Hamish maintained that the autograph on sale had not been personally scribed by Timomatic, but was indeed Timomatic's autograph the shape and style being the same. Hamish deemed that though his business amounted to forgery, he was above being 'blown wide open', as it was a 'homage' to Timomatic. After testing that Timomatic could sufficiently reproduce the reproduction of his own autograph albeit not as wellHamish passed the business on to Timomatic, enabling him to legally sell his own autograph.

Radio Survivor One day on the show, the topic of the day was Survivor, which among other topics, covered the popular reality game show of the same name. Hamish and Andy chose to play a game of Survivor over the course of a 15 minutes radio segment with callers of their show.

The "Challenge" were simply arbitrary question such as "What is your name? After the challenge, the contestants could strategise for the upcoming Tribal Council vote with the other but only for 10 seconds. At tribal council each contestant will say they vote, with the others on hold to ensure the votes are private.

The game resulted in Nick being voted by the jury to be the winner over Mathew. Later in November, Josh who was voted out due to a "vote count error" returned to Radio Survivor for Radio Survivor All-Stars with a selection of Australian celebrities, where he won.

Famously, Hamish will procrastinate by adding to the list of things he blows wide open. Andy claims this is because all of the "blow wide open"-ees are insignificant. The truth eagle had its own theme tune, played in the 25 August episode, which Andy thought was dreadful. The 6 November episode was completely dedicated to blowing things wide open, allowing Hamish to work through some of his backlog of cases. If they do not guess at least two out of the three pairs correctly, they must send a Happy Hour Coaster to the show's nemesis, Tony Barber who stood them up for a song-writing session in late Having realised that if they lose six times, Barber will have a full set of 6 coasters, the boys decided the game would probably be retired after their 5th loss.

Hamish and Andy each choose a male and female celebrity, and then call somebody at random to ask which celebrity they think they resemble. Should the caller name one of the celebrities selected by Hamish or Andy, whoever named that celebrity is declared the winner. The loser must get that celebrity on the show before the end of the year.

Bucket of Dirt : Hamish Blake

Winds Of Glory A segment where Hamish and Andy talk to a listener who has 'let it rip' in a noteworthy place or situation. A segment where Hamish and Andy talk to a listener and guess whether the listener is naked or not. Jazz Up Your Anecdote A listener tells a story from their life that has a great start but a mundane ending. Other listeners then offer false but more exciting conclusions to the original anecdote. The owner of the story then chooses their favourite new ending and agrees to change the story to include the new ending and tell it as fact from now on.

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On December 2, the pair announced will be there final year on air. The premise of the race was to slow down the nation safely in preparation for "The race that stops the nation"; Melbourne Cup. Sliding Championship In late Novemberthe boys announced they would be hosting a sliding championship at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre.

Five competitors where chosen from five of the Australian states, with the Victorian participant winning.

Regular segments Layla's Loot Chute One of the most highly anticipated segments in recent memory, Hamish designed, and had made for him, the bottom half of a chicken suit. Inside the suit is a pipe with a plunger that an egg is placed and "layed" by Layla.

If the perfectly created chicken suit is not enough, there are no losers on Layla's Loot Chute, contestants one per week can win a beer or money.

Hamish Blake

Contestants pick a number between one and six, which correlates to the plastic egg that is placed in Layla's chute. Tell Me Someone I Haven't Thought Of A listener calls in and says a famous person or character's name that the boys have not thought of in a while generally accepted to be in the last 6 months. If Hamish or Andy has not thought of the person or character then the person wins a hat that has been sent in by various companies around Australia.

If the person is not known by either Hamish or Andy, the caller is disqualified. The Duping Game A listener calls in and talks briefly about a special item that they are in possession of, the boys ask them questions about the item to try to guess if the caller really has the item or is attempting to dupe them.

The winners sometimes receive a 6 inch, slight beveled, Hamish and Andy branded ruler. Upset Andy First started in AprilHamish started a weekly Tuesday segment where listeners call up and explain things that may "Upset Andy". In response to the caller, Andy will explain how much this everyday action upsets him, from 'Not at all' to 'Peri Peri Hot'.

Hamish and Andy’s 10 best radio moments

This segment often gets the hashtag of upsetandy trending, in addition the hashtag fastandloose. Many things have upset Andy on the show, including: Forks upside down in fork compartment. Random placement of items in dishwasher.

Non matching lids in tupperware draw. Not hanging clothing smart on a clotheshorse, i. Tearing a bag straight open that is designed to be resealable. Ring stains from drinks on table. Mobile numbers provided not in the conventional pattern. Throwing out the spare button that comes on a shirt. Not carrying your passport in a passport holder. Letting a crusty chunk on the end of toothpaste tube form.

Turning the car off before the windscreen wipers have been reset. Half peeling the top paper off a tub a margarine. Tearing open biscuits and not re-sealing the package. Duct taping a hole in a tarp and leaving in crinkly. Not using the plastic bread clip to re-seal the bread.

Throwing food in bins before a bin liner has been put in.