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Brian Krause accompanied Holly Marie Combs and Shannen Doherty which ultimately leads to the destruction of his relationship with Phoebe, in the end, Billie follows her instincts and trusts the Halliwells over her own. His relationship with Pheobe was very believable and engaging (their chemistry . Stars: Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano, Brian Krause Their trust in him falters when it looks as though they are being double-crossed. Holly Marie Combs was already a veteran actor when she landed her role on His relationship with one of the sisters becomes a common plot-point Brian Krause has been acting since playing Joey in An American Summer, . He left the girls at an early age following the divorce and trusted his former.


As the series develops, he transitions from being suspicious of the Halliwell sisters and their close association with paranormal cases but eventually comes around to their side. He continues to help the sisters get out of trouble with the law by covering for them whenever an unsolved case begins to point in their direction. The New Adventures of Superman. He is in a band with his sister called "MD Says".


She possessed the ability to move objects with her mind so long as she was looking at them and developed the ability to project herself from her body while sleeping in a form of astral projection.

She learns hand-to-hand combat skills and is killed by the demonic assassin, Shax, at the conclusion of the season three finale. Shannen Doherty has been working since when she was ten. She was treated for breast cancer, which had spread to her lymph nodes between until when the cancer went into remission. He hits a snag in his plan when he falls in love with Phoebe and they eventually marry after he rids himself of his demonic nature. Unfortunately, this doesn't stick and he becomes the new Source of All Evil whom the sisters must go on to defeat.

He tried on several occasions to win Phoebe back, but ultimately was destroyed. Paige was presented as a younger half-sister who has the ability to teleport objects from one place to another. It is revealed that she is the daughter of the Halliwell sisters, Parry, and a Whitelighter named Sam Wilder. This duality gave Paige the powers of both a witch and a Whitelighter. As her character develops, she becomes instrumental in restructuring the Power of Three and thanks to her Whitelighter abilities, one of the most powerful of the Halliwells.

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She continues to work in television and film but gained public attention in due to her involvement in the MeToo campaign resulting from her allegations against Harvey Weinstein. Plus, she has the best fashion sense of the entire Halliwell line. Out of her co-stars, Alyssa Milano is probably the most famous. She still makes headlines for her charity work and lends her voice to important causes, which is something Phoebe would do!

Her ability to blow things up and freeze time comes in handy frequently throughout the series, and most importantly, Piper is the first to carry on the Halliwell blood to the next generation.


Though she sometimes lets her emotions get the better of her like when she nearly destroys San Francisco after Leo becomes an Eldershe is usually a tough cookie who thinks with her head rather than her heart. Paige is half-whitelighter, meaning that she is the only sister who can orb. Today, Rose McGowan looks quite different to how she did when we knew her as Paige.

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Though she never gets to meet her half-sister Paige, Prue has a strong bond with her two sisters Piper and Phoebe, though she disagrees with Phoebe more often than not! Prue has the power of telekinesis and astral projection and picks up the demon-fighting thing pretty quickly after the sisters find out about their secret family history in the pilot.

Rumors still circulate as to what went down behind the scenes, with some speculating that Shannen Doherty was fired due to being difficult on set and others claiming that she left due to her long-standing feud with Alyssa Milano. Shannen briefly hosted her own reality show called Scare Tactics and appeared in other TV movies.

Yup, Piper hit the jackpot with him!