How to train your dragon 2 astrid and hiccup relationship with god

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how to train your dragon 2 astrid and hiccup relationship with god

Loves: Family, friends, GOD, chocolate & candy, eating, the Philippine . She is about 2 inches taller than Hiccup and of the same lean build as Astrid. How to Train Your Dragon 2: Zenna's appearance has changed over the five years. . One notable event in their relationship is when Eret introduces Zenna to the wolves. In How to Train Your Dragon 2, Astrid's appearance is more elegant and feminine . . Astrid and Hiccup's relationship remains for the series, though differently than . cheers Hiccup on as he and Toothless face off against the evil Dragon God. November Hiccup and Astrid's romantic relationship from Dreamworks Dragons Race to the (Part 2) Hiccstrid in Dawn of Destruction. Hiccup And.

She and the others were able to fight them off. Astrid, Hiccup, Fishlegs and their dragons then figured that the Flightmare was following glowing algae in the river. The three of them and their dragons then cut a new path away from the village.

They were also able to use the algae by having their dragons eat and blind the Flightmare and lead it away from Berk. Dawn of the Dragon Racers In a flashback during which most of the short takes place, Astrid and the other Dragon riders are catching sheep who are running around Berk, which turns into a competition to collect as many sheep as possible.

When Hiccup is made acting chief by Stoick in his absence, Astrid persuades Hiccup to continue Dragon Race as it is a great way to blow off steam. During one race, when Astrid and Snotlout are heading for the black sheep, due to neither of them backing off, they violently collide, resulting in Astrid breaking her left arm and rendering her unable to participate.

how to train your dragon 2 astrid and hiccup relationship with god

When Stoick returns and finds out that Hiccup has replaced the Regatta with Dragon Racing for the good of the peopleStoick proceeds with the Dragon Race and appoints Astrid as the referee for the first annual Berk Dragon Race. Astrid, in her racing colors in How To Train Your Dragon 2 Astrid, as she appears in How To Train Your Dragon 2 Astrid is first seen in the beginning of the film, where she participates in dragon racing with her friends on Berk, during which she emerges victorious.

After winning the race, she then almost immediately flies off to find Hiccup and Toothless, eventually catching up with them on an island in the remote areas of Berk which Hiccup has labeled Itchy Armpit. Hiccup reveals to her that he has been avoiding his father who has pressured him to become Chief.

The news of Hiccup becoming Chief makes Astrid overly excited, but Hiccup is unsure if he is ready to take on such a duty.

Hiccup and Astrid love

After discovering the destroyed fortress of Eret, Son of Eretand hearing about the tyrannical Dragon God by the name of Drago Bludvistthey fly back to Berk to inform Stoick of what they have heard and witnessed.

Stoick then orders the villagers to fortify and protect the island from a potential attack as Hiccup chases after him in a desperate attempt to reason with him, with Astrid following them.

Astrid persuades Hiccup not to go back to Eret, only for Hiccup to give her a light kiss on her cheek before flying off on Toothless as the hangar doors are closing. Astrid flies off on Stormfly to catch up with Hiccup, barely managing to fly through the closing doors, seconds before they shut.

They return to Eret to try to stop him from capturing dragons.

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Just then, Stoick and other dragon riders catch up to them, and Hiccup decides to go find Drago himself to try to reason with him.

After he flies off on Toothless, Astrid mounts Stormfly as she prepares to follow him, but Stoick stops her, instead ordering her to lead the riders back to Berk before she can even take off. Later, when Hiccup fails to show back up at Berk, Astrid thinks Hiccup is captured by Drago and his men, unaware that Hiccup is actually with his long-lost mother, so she kidnaps Eret so that he can show them the way to Drago.

Eret first declines, but Astrid blackmails him into taking them to Drago. The group are captured shortly after arrival and sentenced to be executed. Eret then defects and assists Astrid in freeing Stormfly. After Astrid finds Hiccup, she is relieved and asks him where he has been. Hiccup then tells her about his mother Valka and she is surprised and in disbelief to see her still alive. Soon, Stoick is killed by Drago and his Bewilderbeast using a mind-controlled Toothless.

During the final battle against Drago and his Bewilderbeast, Astrid cheers Hiccup on as he and Toothless face off against the evil Dragon God. After Hiccup and Toothless return the dragons back to their side and defeat Drago and his Bewilderbeast, Astrid is happily reunited with Stormfly and hugs her.

Astrid and Hiccup's Relationship

She teasingly pokes his chest, causing the glide fin on his back to pop out, and they both laugh. Abilities, Skills, and Talents Drawing: There is no proof that she is a good artist but, in the sequel, Astrid is shown drawing alongside with Hiccup.

She has defeated several older and more experienced warriors, such as Alvin the Treacherous and could hold her own for a while against others as well as several dragons.

how to train your dragon 2 astrid and hiccup relationship with god

Her weapon of choice is a double-sided axe and she is quite formidable with it. Dragon Riding and Training: On Outcast Island she was able to tame a wild Monstrous Nightmare, although with a little more difficulty than Hiccup in Defiant One and the Nightmare came to her rescue later, showing she was able to gain its loyalty.

how to train your dragon 2 astrid and hiccup relationship with god

She was able to ride the tame Nightmare and also has ridden on Hookfang. When she had learned the dragon call of the Deadly Nadder, she was able to train them to fly in a perfect formation.

These are undoubtedly her top physical skills. She was also able to swiftly dodge the attacks of a wild Deadly Nadder and the Flightmare. Even though most of the strategies and solutions to their problems are made mostly by Hiccup and Fishlegs provides most of the knowledge, she herself has proven to be valuable and capable in this department as well. She has also always given useful advice to Hiccup enough and he always takes them to heart.

Astrid learned to call Stormfly and other Deadly Nadders using a wolf-like howl. However, whilst the other Vikings actively ridicule Hiccup, Astrid seems more suspicious towards him, only becoming angry with him due to his incompetence in the Arena.

Despite the initial problems in their relationship, Astrid later grows to where Hiccup becomes her main love interest as she kisses him twice albeit after punching him on the arm both times.

He attempts to calm both individuals down and explain himself to Astrid, who is thoroughly astonished by the revelation. Although it is unknown if she was actually running to the village, Astrid runs away in shock and fear, only to be picked up by Toothless and dropped in a tree. After finally agreeing with Hiccup to "let him show her" why Toothless is not as dangerous as she believes, having no choice other than fall out of the tree to Romantic flight her death she reluctantly gets on the dragon.

But sensing her attitude, Toothless doesn't listen to Hiccup's instructions to get down gently. Instead he races down, dunking his riders into the water, and spinning in circles. Astrid wraps both her arms and legs around Hiccup in fear, indicating she must have some trust in him. Astrid apologizes, and Toothless slows down, and she admires the beauty of the sky, especially as the sun starts to go down. She waves her hand through the clouds and even falls back so she can feel the wind in her hair.

As they approach BerkAstrid puts her arms around Hiccup's waist and leans her head on his shoulder, to Hiccup's surprise and then delight. As they go back into the air, she admits flying is amazing, and adding onto to it by saying Toothless is amazing. Can't I come here to see you? You must be really having fun with that metal rod to consider me a nuisance," Astrid was still glaring.

It is a new connecting rod that I was making for Toothless' saddle," Hiccup's eyes lightened up, his face brightened mentioning this.

Astrid knew that Hiccup is always happy inventing something new. It has always been his hobby. It can help to make more flexible maneuver," he continued.

how to train your dragon 2 astrid and hiccup relationship with god

As much as angry Astrid was, her mood softened at his adorable eyes now. How can I really be angry at him right now. He always looked adorable when he was talking to Astrid about his new invention. She knew that she wasn't going to like this. It was going to take more of their time together now. But she knew it needs to be done so that Hiccup can fly with Toothless. She don't really want him to fall again.

At this word, Astrid suddenly had an idea. Hiccup was surprised at this yet happy for her being helpful. He thought he heard this wrong. Astrid never do something girly like knitting before but he still agreed nonetheless. It was much better if he avoid teasing her about her new interest.

He wouldn't want any broken ribs right now. With that Astrid was off to get him a wire from the shop.