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The Ida Lupino Blog-a-thon: Don’t Mess with this Dame | shadowsandsatin Ida Lupino has not been treated well by history. Her third marriage to Howard Duff was quite contentious and ended in a and sang her first songs with her younger sister and parents around. Howard Duff and his wife-at-the-time, actress Ida Lupino, were one of Hollywood's premiere film .. Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy, long time strong marriage even though . Explore the best Ida Lupino quotes here at OpenQuotes. For a long time, any woman I drew slightly resembled Ida Lupino. she was and how involved I was with her relationship to Howard Duff.

Filmakers got financial backing out of the deal, but they had to surrender complete control to Hughes. It would turn out to be a big mistake. Ida divorced Young on October 20,and married Duff the next day.

Their daughter, Bridget, was born the following year. In the span of three years, she directed three pictures: Outrage, the story of a rape victim; Hard, Fast and Beautiful, about a tennis champion who is forced into success by her ambitious mother; and The Hitch-Hiker, the tale of two businessmen who pick up a murderous passenger while on a fishing trip. The Hitch-Hiker would be the first film noir directed by a woman.

The Hitch-Hiker was based on the life of a serial killer named Billy Cook who kidnapped two hunters and held them for eight days in Baja.

He was sentenced to years in Alcatraz. When Ida heard his story, she knew she wanted to make a film about his life, and to me, it was her best effort as a director. You can imagine the raised eyebrows that these tangled relationships caused during filming. Ida next planned to direct and star with her husband in The Story of a Cop, which she had written with Collier Young. But before production began, Duff announced that he wanted a legal separation. The couple later reconciled, but they were becoming well-known for their public and private battles, and this would be only the first of many break-ups and make-ups.

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To avoid conflict with her husband, Ida decided not to direct, and chose Don Siegel to take her place. Years after the film was released, Don Siegel recalled that his experience on the film was not a pleasant one. He said there was too much alcohol in the air. Ida in a scene from "The Big Knife," a grim noir from She also appeared with her husband the following year in her last film noir, While the City Sleeps, where she played a newspaper columnist.

In this film, she was part of a large ensemble cast, but she made her mark as a character who was a lot like Ida herself — a successful working woman who was sexy but not obnoxious, smart but not threatening, shrewd but subtle, and willing to use whatever means she had available to achieve her ends.

InIda accepted a cameo role in the film Strange Intruder — it was her last appearance on the silver screen for more than a decade. The series lasted for 66 episodes and earned Ida an Emmy nomination.

Over the next several years, Ida was seen on a number of television shows and directed more than episodes in series that included Alfred Hitchcock Presents, 77 Sunset Strip, Dr. The biography below from TCM details that. Lupino was sadly a long term alcoholic and drug abuser that derailed her career. She ended up a recluse who made poor business decisions. She ended up selling a beautiful home in Brentwood and moved to a modest home in the valley.

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Her third marriage to Howard Duff was quite contentious and ended in a divorce after a long separation. She died a badly forgotten person after living many years as a Norma Desmond type. He asked Lupino to be a presenter. When she arrived at the awards- she was blotto.

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She was falling down drunk. She had no one with her. She refused to go home and Bob Finkel was panicking. So he locked Ida in a broom closet. She was snoring on a couch in a dressing room -so he moved her into the closet and locked the door. He actually forgot about her until the show ended.

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When he finally went to retrieve her- she was still sleeping in the closet. A definite sad end to a remarkable career and a pioneer filmmaker that paved the way for women in cinema. She was never recognized. No honorary awards, no AFI — nada. A crying shame and a tragic conclusion to her life. The year-old scion of a British acting dynasty, Lupino evinced a husky sensuality that had won her a reputation in her homeland as the British Jean Harlow.

Those films that rose above the standard included gritty top-billed roles in Johnny Stool PigeonIllegal EntryShakedownSpy Hunt and Woman in Hidingthe last a film noir which paired him with Ida Lupino for the first time.

Here, he plays the hero who saves Lupino from a murdering husband Stephen McNally. Inhe married Ms. Lupino, already a well-established star at Warner Bros.

The couple had one daughter, Bridget Duffborn in Lupino and Duff co-starred in four hard-boiled film dramas during the s -- JenniferPrivate Hell 36Women's Prison and While the City Sleeps The demise of the studio-guided contract system had an effect on Howard's film career and offers started drying up in the late s.

And, in a change of pace, the married couple decided to go for laughs by starring together in the TV series Mr. Adams and Eve Here, they played gregarious husband-and-wife film stars "Howard Adams" and "Eve Drake".

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Many of the scripts, though broadly exaggerated for comic effect, were reportedly based on a few of their own real-life experiences. They also guest-starred in an entertaining hour-long episode of the The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour in with the two couples inadvertently booked at the same vacant lodge, together.

The show ends up a battle-of-the sexes, free-for-all with the two gals scheming to add a little romance to what has essentially become a fishing vacation for the guys. The s bore more fruit on TV than in film.