Ian eastwood and megan batoon relationship tips

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ian eastwood and megan batoon relationship tips

Megan Batoon dating history, , , list of Megan Batoon relationships. Megan Batoon has been in a relationship with Ian Eastwood ( - ). Ian Eastwood, Otp, Couple Goals, Relationship Goals, Relationships, People, Sneak peak from my photoshoot with Megan Batoon and Ian Eastwood. Janelle. Ian Eastwood and Megan Batoon Ian Eastwood, Cute Couples, Otp, Celebrities Ian Eastwood, Im Not Perfect, Couple Goals, Relationship Goals, Couples, I'm Not Find Relationship advice at your finger tips from matchmakers worldwide!.

Megan Batoon slowly ventured into the world of personality and started making and uploading videos on lifestyle, fashion, diet, and exercise. It also had videos on beauty tips, products, healthy and nutritious foods and the like. People could relate to them and her fan base widened.

She had to search for a good melodious song, choreograph it, teach her dancers, find a suitable location, film it, edit the footage and then upload it.


Hence the frequency of the video used to be one per months. But her personality videos were pretty easy and fast. She can make 2 videos per week. She inputs all her creativity into the videos and is quite satisfied with the results. He too is a dancer and choreographer and is seen in her videos. Both have also collaborated in some of their videos. They have been sighted together but none of the two have made any public disclosures about it.

They form an adorable couple.

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But of late, there has been news about their break-up. It has been said that Ian Eastwood had actually messed up the matter. It has also been rumored that it was Megan Batoon who had decided to call it quits. There have not been many details about the matter. However, the two have been seen in some photo posted by their friends on their Instagram.

So it is probable that Ian Eastwood still continues to be her boyfriend! The fatherless start of life! In the video, she talked about mental health and her attempt was to raise awareness about the importance and effects of mental health. Here is the full video. Yes, she has a million subscribers in her YouTube channel she first started in She said during an interview: Like if you greeted a centipede. My style in dancing was inspired by him and Chachi. I love it that when he dances, he doesn't do any shortcuts like what other dancers do.

Most Popular Titles With Megan Batoon

He can deliver moves in a smooth way. You will see his heart in his every dance piece. I think that he won't make something which he doesn't feel like dancing to. I seriously just can't imagine the dance community without Ian Eastwood. But what separates Ian from all the other dreamers is that he chases his dreams. He wants it so badly. He's hungry for it. That's why he's slowly achieving his dreams from all of his hard work.

He also inspires us to follow ours, whether he knows it or not. Ian helped me follow mine. I really wanted to post something on YouTube because I know that my talent is dancing but I never had enough confidence to do my thing then show it to the world.

Through Ian's videos, I slowly worked on myself. I choreographed some songs and uploaded the pieces I liked. Now I have a YouTube channel! You can tell that his progress as an artist is in the right path. He's always full of creative juices flowing freely on his mind. He never fails to bring a new dish to serve to his audience. I think one of the biggest factors is that he came from a family that is very much inclined with arts.

AND, have you watched his new video yet? Very very revolutionary and I think he's not afraid of change, of maturity, simply because he wants to grow as an artist.

Watch his funky new video here: I know for a fact that Ian is really proud to have such a wonderful family. His parents are very supportive. He sometimes tags them along to his work. He's a loving son.

ian eastwood and megan batoon relationship tips

I once met his father and Papa Lion is such a kind man. Me and Peter Eastwood I wonder sometimes if Ian ever has a sibling? Hardly home but always reppin'. Ian Eastwood is from Chicago, Illinois. He is proud that he's from Chi-town. He always show respect and never forgets where he came from. His city is very lucky to have produced an icon. I'm not a big fan of inked men but Ian's different.

His tattoos are messages that inspires. Ancora Imparo means "Still I learn" because everyday, you learn something new.

ian eastwood and megan batoon relationship tips

We never stop learning things. That's why everyone is still a student. Be open to new learnings. His second tattoo is self-explanatory. Because arguing with a fool proves there are two. He doesn't use his fame to win girls.