India and russia relationship with us

Time to acclimatize to a new era of ties with Russia

india and russia relationship with us

“India then becomes a bit of collateral damage because one of the main planks of the Indo-Russian relationship was a mutual distrust of China. As India's strategic links with the U.S. expand, New Delhi will find it difficult to shield its fruitful military relations with Russia. In theory, India does. India-Russia relations are now experiencing a period of high hopes and because India, contrary to pessimistic forecasts, did not yield to US.

India is also thinking of acquiring stealth frigates for its navy, helicopters for its armed forces and spares and ammunition from Russia.

India still imports more than 60 per cent of its defence equipment from Russia. Notwithstanding a changing geopolitical landscape, it is evident that India views Russia as an all-weather friend. The bonhomie manifest in the annual bilateral summits notwithstanding, there are palpable changes as well as some contentious aspects. India has a growing strategic relationship with the US.

India-Russia Relations: Hopes and Anxieties — Valdai Club

It has increased its ties with China. Some cooperation with Pakistan has also been sought. He stated that Russia would have to expand its relationship with China; but this would be balanced positively through other acts.

india and russia relationship with us

In the event of any Sino-Indian tension, Russia would be ready to help India as an intermediary, if requested to do so. What might be a pragmatic and effective Indian policy in such a situation?

Time to acclimatize to a new era of ties with Russia

India would have to acclimatize to a new era of Russia-China ties. It should not rely excessively upon Russian support to confront hostilities from the China-Pakistan axis. There should be greater emphasis on building a broader framework of relations based on the long-term Russian apprehensions about a rising China. For India, this is primarily a matter of its own security: One can hardly expect a significant increase: But to stop using Russian weapons and reject further purchases would in essence mean the disarmament of India amid global instability in an era of the world order restructuring and the emerging rivalry between the United States and China.

In an interview with valdaiclub. When the US tried to force India to stop military-technical cooperation with Russia, New Delhi took a principled position, confirming its intention to buy Russian weapons even under the threat of sanctions.

india and russia relationship with us

The question of successful completion of deals became a matter of prestige for India. At the same time, the fate of further cooperation remains unclear.

India–Russia relations

The contracts for the supply of anti-aircraft missile systems, frigates and helicopters were agreed before the adoption of CAATSA, and the rough attempt to force India to abandon them met a natural rebuff.

However, in order to conclude new deals with possible consequences, a considerable political will is needed. New Delhi has a few years before the main deliveries under the current contracts are completed, but later it will have to make a choice: Given the assertiveness of the current American leadership, it may be necessary to take the final decision much earlier.

The accession of India and Pakistan to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization plays an important role in this process: