Jessica hsuan and gallen lo relationship

HK Celebrity Interviews: Interview with Gallen Lo

jessica hsuan and gallen lo relationship

Hong Kong actor Gallen Lo shot to fame with TVB drama Secret of the Heart and At the When I read about his Ex wife, and their relationship. HONG KONG - Television star Gallen Lo, 45, said he has parted quit TVB and concentrated on shooting TV series in China, the marriage got. Jessica Hsuan may be a popular Hong Kong actress, but she that she had broken up the marriage of good pal Gallen Lo and his wife.

Also in DecemberGallen had a drunk driving incident; who was the female passenger on board at the time? As to these questions, Gallen didn't respond to them directly and didn't mention Jessica's name. If I didn't, the media would eventually find out anyway. He doesn't like to self-promote himself and at the same time, he likes to remain low key. As for today's interview, it was part of a promotion for his movie, "Divergence. His Wife In JulyGallen acknowledged that he was experiencing marital problems.

Rumors indicated that Jessica Hsuan was the third party. As Gallen and his wife "were trying to save their relationship," Gallen made a lot of public appearances with Jessica, such as wearing matching outfits. Also after he won the favorite actor award at the TVB anniversary, Gallen thanked Jessica, but forgot to mention his wife in his excitement.

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Also in Decemberthe eve before his birthday, he was drunk driving and his license was suspended for 15 months. Also in the car was a female passenger. A few days later, he made a public appearance with his wife and calmed the press' negative rumors. Because this is the truth. Before telling the press, I had discussed it with my wife. As to what happened in our marriage, a few years ago, I already stated the facts in a magazine interview, so I will not repeat it again.

Married couples will always have arguments, but we normally make up after 5 minutes. They dated for 16 years before getting married in Canada in Intheir son, Lo Yu Sing, was born. The reporter said Gallen has a good wife. Gallen reflected and said, "Yes Now she doesn't work anymore her previous job was at I-Cable.

After a woman has a child, it is more suitable for her to stay home and take care of the child. That incident marital problem and car accident has not affected us at all.

jessica hsuan and gallen lo relationship

My wife has not changed either, so I'm very happy! At the time, Gallen vehemently opposed the rumors with Jessica and said he owes her an apology as a result of the rumors. However after he made a public appearance with his wife in DecemberGallen has not mentioned Jessica's name afterwards again, as it was in this interview.

However, I'm an actor and it's inevitable that the press will write about these rumors. But I was very angry that the rumors involved my family and I couldn't accept that! So I tried to clarify the rumors as quickly as possible. I did a lot of interviews over the phone and prepared as to how I would respond to certain questions.

I remember at the time of the car accident, the headlines were huge!

jessica hsuan and gallen lo relationship

I know I did wrong. I am a positive person, so I thought about how I could make the situation better. His son, Lo Yu Sing, is 5 years old now. In September, his son entered first grade. According to Gallen, his son is easy to discipline. He has very good manners, he will even say 'please' to his grandmother and I. Login or Register before you can reply to Gf Carmen says: August 10, at 7: Perhaps her Westernize personality fit better with Asian men than women.

Login or Register before you can reply to Littlegalpal Hannah August 10, at 8: Login or Register before you can reply to Hannah replied: August 10, at 8: To some co-workers, they may find her being difficult compared to obedient actresses who are more accommodating.

August 11, at 2: There are people who you get along well with while there are some that you just cannot stand. That is just how it is because no one can be liked by everyone. August 11, at Can the sequel just magically start next weekend already?!

Gallen Lo cuts ties with ex-wife and child

However, this would be a great chance for Louis to get the TVB contract off his back. Login or Register before you can reply to skinnymocha Hazel says: August 11, at 3: Was hoping that someone could slap her to wake her up!

jessica hsuan and gallen lo relationship

What is wrong with her????? Why the need to shout every freaking 2minutes?! I truly hope she does not return to Tiger Cubs sequel. The drama is good, without her. Login or Register before you can reply to Hazel clamine replied: August 12, at 1: Thought so far she did fine in performance.

jessica hsuan and gallen lo relationship

Login or Register before you can reply to clamine Hannahh replied: August 12, at 9: I hope they can get rid of Christine character if there is a sequel. Login or Register before you can reply to Hannahh Gf August 11, at 4: Login or Register before you can reply to Gf Larry 3 August 11, at 6: Login or Register before you can reply to Larry 3 Aznlaydee August 12, at 1: I prefer Louis to lead the sequel. Login or Register before you can reply to Aznlaydee Tvbmaniac replied: August 13, at They match up really good.