Kamya punjabi and karan patel relationship with god

Kamya Punjabi: My Heartbreak (With Karan Patel) Drove Me Into Depression Which Could Have Killed Me

kamya punjabi and karan patel relationship with god

Dirty Details of Kamya Punjabi-Karan Patel Split: Two-timing, Obscene Photos, Alcohol & Said the friend, “Thank God Kamya doesn't want him back. But their relationship had undergone a sea change after Pratyusha. Till last year, Kamya Punjabi and Karan Patel were the most talked-about Karan Married Ankita In Few Months After Terrible Break-Up With Kamya; The Reason Revealed . “Thank God Kamya doesn't want him back. Of late, rumours about TV actors Karan Patel and Ankita Bhargava's married life going through troubled waters has caught everyone's attention.

They were seen getting cosy during the shoot of their adventure reality show, but things got worse soon. Payal accused Karan of making an indecent proposal, which Karan denied. There were rumours of Patel landing outside Payal's hotel room at 2 a. Payal took this incident to Twitter by calling him a rapist.

Kamya Punjabi admits slipping into depression post split with Karan Patel

Things ended soon between the two. There were rumours about the two getting close to each other.

kamya punjabi and karan patel relationship with god

While they maintained that they were just good friends, sources told about the couple spending too much time together. After the show got over, they were never seen together. Priyanka was linked to Karan Wahi, too. Apparently, Pratyusha and Kamya fought over Karan. Kamya suspected Pratyusha of liking Patel and confronted her. The ladies denied the rift and remained cordial in public. They bonded well as friends and started seeing each other eventually. According to reports, Karan's parents didn't approve of Kamya as she was a divorcee and a single mother.

kamya punjabi and karan patel relationship with god

Their relationship ended in when Karan broke the news of his engagement with Ankita Bhargava. Well, Neerushaa is a close friend. She called me one evening and said that she wanted me to shoot for this film, the same night.

I went into a tizzy, but I did it for Neerushaa. When I reached the sets, I realised that my role had been done by someone else, but that actress was not able to deliver the right emotions. Had Pratyusha shot for the film? Pratyusha's boyfriend alleges that you are using Pratyusha's death to make commercial gains for yourself Does it matter what he says? He floated a story in the media many months ago that he is sending me a legal notice because I have defamed him.

Ex Kamya Punjabi slams Karan Patel; wife Ankita stands by him - Times of India

That legal notice never reached me. What he says carries no weight at all.

kamya punjabi and karan patel relationship with god

Frankly, I don't want to give Rahul any importance. Now, let me divulge on SpotboyE. The earnings from the Pratyusha short film will go to Pratyusha's parents. Does that answer Rahul's charge that I am releasing a film on Pratyusha to make money? Trust me, I still can't forget the depression that Pratyusha was undergoing in her last days.

I myself underwent a depression around the same time because I had a heartbreak. Your man deserted you. He simply walked out on me when my world revolved around him.