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Mayawati vacates govt house in UP, not the one she lives in as 'caretaker'

Be it alleged love affairs or money scams, these leaders from around the world have given the gossip mongers lots to talk about. Here are some of the most shocking, unspoken, unheard and scandalous love affairs of politicians around the world. Mayawati & Kanshi Ram's Love. to appear on India's most watched TV quiz show — and walked away a millionaire. .. In the last two years, since his marriage, the lack of money had marred his Pictures of Ambedkar, Kanshi Ram and Mayawati in such locations, and .. me Ramua, but after Behenji's government they started calling me Ramji.”. ly in support of the people arrested in connection with the .. 'Ramji' in Dr. B R Ambedar's name, UP Governor Karamyogni (Kaushalya) Mayawati Raina W/o Kumar Kotwal S/o Sh Kanshi Ram safety quiz competitions.

During this term, the new districts of Ambedkar Nagar district and Udham Singh Nagar district were created.

A drive under her government allotted pattas or gram sabha lands on lease to thousands of landless residents. Six IPS officers were suspended for failing to maintain law and order, while 24 officers were warned to improve.

The party placed third in terms of national polling percentage 6. She announced an agenda that focused on providing social justice to the weaker sections of society and providing employment instead of distributing money to the unemployed. Over 18, policemen lost their jobs for irregularities in their hiring, and 25 Indian Police Service officers were suspended for their involvement in corruption while recruiting the constables.

InMayawati launched, Manyawar Shri Kanshiram Ji Shahri Garib Awas Yojna, a scheme for building low-cost housing colonies for urban poor with 90, low-cost homes under the first round of construction in different towns and cities across the state while a second and a third round were still underway when government ended in and next government scrapped the scheme including cutting down electricity of these colonies.

The event was hailed as flawlessly conducted salvaging some of India's prestige when compared to minor embarrassments in Commonwealth Games Before opening ceremony conducted in Delhi.

In a special drive 74 FIRs were filed and 88 people were arrested for illegal occupation from agricultural land. Kanshi Ram praised Mayawati at her 47th birthday celebrations for her fundraising activities on behalf of the party. He stated that the party's eventual goal is to gain power at the national level, and that Mayawati's efforts had helped in that quest. At Kanshi Ram's funeral ceremonies inMayawati stated that both Kanshi Ram and herself had been, and she would continue to be, observant of Buddhist traditions and customs.

She has stated her intention to formally convert to Buddhism when the political conditions enable her to become Prime Minister of India. Her act of performing the last rites traditionally done by a male heir was an expression of their views against gender discrimination.

The increase in her personal wealth and that of her party[][5][] have been viewed by critics as signs of corruption. The project was soon riddled with problems, including funds being released for the project without the submission of the required detailed project reports to the environmental authorities. It had filed a First Information Report against her and seven others two days earlier. Rajeswar said that there was insufficient evidence to prosecute her.

In his page order, he said: The Taj corridor case was effectively ended before going to trial. Earlier the CBI filed a case against her for owning assets disproportionate to her known sources of income. Mayawati described the CBI investigation against her as illegal. Mayawati accused the Congress of being "anti-Dalit". Our ultimate goal is to become the rulers of this country. Write this goal on the walls of your houses so that you will never forget.

Our struggle is not for the few jobs and concessions but we have a larger goal to achieve. That goal is to become the rulers of the land.

On 18 th March, in a public meeting at Ram Leela ground, Agrahe said that the highly qualified people belonging to SCs have betrayed us.

They are occupying the key posts in government and doing nothing for their poor, oppressed brothers and sisters. It was a great loss for the movement when Dr.

Babasaheb unexpectedly died on 6 th December, Ambedkar was formed on 3 rd October, But from the party began to split up under various leaders.

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The biggest set-back to the party was that, it became a party of Maharashtra and the Mahars later converted to Buddhism after and the other sub-castes remained the supporters of Congress and others. The clash of personalities and personal political ambitions took the caravan in a reverse direction rather taking ahead.

He started working with Republican Party of India. After near about eight years of working with Republican Party of India, he became disillusioned with its functioning. His dream of Ambedkarite movement was completely shattered when Dadasaheb Gaikwad joined the hands with Mohan Dhariya from Congress for a petty one Lok-Sabha reserved seat and few lakh rupees.

Kanshi Ram

This event was the beginning of his dissociation from Republican Party. Manyawar Kanshi Ram Ji decided that he will develop a society which will work to spread the thoughts of Dr Ambedkar and other social reformers and will never sell themselves for a small gain. He traveled all over the India along with his few activists to know why Caravan of Dr Ambedkar was brought back rather than taking ahead. During these days he never bothered about his health, food, transport and worked tirelessly to awaken the educated employees.

Organization of employees of Backward Class and Religious Minorities, after doing a necessary preparatory work within a period of five years decided to float an organisation in As a result of it, and as per the vision of Dr. Kanshi Ramji decided to take the Caravan of Dr Ambedkar ahead and he considers it as his responsibility to fulfill the same.

Then he started working among educated employees and awakens them to work for the upliftment of the downtrodden. In this process he was successful to a large extent in awakening, realizing and transforming the expectations of Dr Ambedkar from educated class.

After the necessary ground work and positive response from some employees in PoonaNagpurDelhi and other places Kanshi Ramji decided to launch an organization for pay-back to society. During this time, he conducted several cadre camps, meetings, seminars in different parts of the country to awaken the employees. Basically it has been the organization aimed to build up the non-political roots for the success of Dr.

Ambedkar's political vision and action. BAMCEF's typical feature was that it was an organization of the employees, by the employees but not for the welfare of the employees.

The first concept given by Kanshi Ram Ji was "people who should succeed politically must have strong non-political roots" He witnessed the failure of Ambedkarite movement in MaharashtraKanshi Ramji had realized that the people whose non-political roots were not strong were bound to fail politically.

They can have their political party, but they cannot succeed politically. BAMCEF created a new missionary political conscience among the backward caste educated employees and also established a national network for further Kanshi Ram's movement. After spending 20 yrs of his young age Kanshi Ramji realized that merely organizing employees would not be enough to fulfill the dreams of Dr Ambedkar.

Unless they get power and cannot become rulers. Therefore he created another concept, i. According to him, "not that our people were not struggling. They were struggling, but not for themselves. They were not struggling for their own cause. They were and are struggling for somebody else as stooges.