Kim soo hyun and jun ji relationship trust

kim soo hyun and jun ji relationship trust

Aug 16, Confirmations are in: Kim Soo-hyun and Jeon Ji-hyun are getting back .. and hope for a better ending for their relationship than they had in Thieves. .. The plot doesn't really make me interested, but I trust the writer and the. Kim Soo-hyun is a South Korean screenwriter and novelist. Contents. 1 Career with the subject of same-sex relationships, but she wrote without hesitation, about a smart and highly educated single mother played by Uhm Ji-won, was a "I've been stabbed in the back by someone I trusted [and] have no mind to go on . The wildly popular series “Man from the Stars” has recently revealed some intriguing behind-the-scenes and casting secrets such as how Jun Ji Hyun convinced Kim Soo Hyun to join the cast, Park Hae Jin‘s last minute role change and more. Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun’s.

This show is basically geared towards young women and it provides a very non-threatening view of relationships accordingly.

kim soo hyun and jun ji relationship trust

There's nothing wrong with this, but, I think anyone expecting otherwise should be aware of this from the outset. The female lead basically serves as a proxy for viewers to identify with; she lives the lavish fantasy life-style complete with various trials and tribulations to overcome.

In an indication of how "safe" this show is for young female viewers, the alien love interest is still a virgin and can't even kiss a woman without fainting. He can't handle alcohol either, but he does happen to have chivalrous values, super-powers to protect our heroine, and a rockin' set of abs.

kim soo hyun and jun ji relationship trust

The childhood friend represents Plan B for our heroine if things don't work out with the alien. He's walking a very fine line between "nice guy that will always be there for her" vs.

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This guy's older brother portrays the villain from central casting; he's good looking too, but in a fashionably evil way. Gianna Jun is a hugely successful Korean film star, but her presence and style of acting does seem somewhat ill-suited for the small screen; she's a movie star that should be starring in movies, not playing stock KTV "damsel in distress" roles.

Kim Soo Hyun is a star in the making, and seems to be a capable enough actor; he's given a predictable K-drama male part as the "stoic white knight".

As such, he's allowed few opportunities to show much range that are afforded these types of roles. The two of them have worked together previously, and they complement each other nicely here. Acting, overall, was solid throughout. As expected, production values are quite good, and this show comes complete with loads of stylishly beautiful people. Cohesive storytelling is sometimes lacking however; it's clear the writers were just making things up as they went along which is not really all that uncommon for these showsbut they really pushed the limits on occasion here, and I found this to be quite irritating.

Random side characters come and go too, without ever being appropriately developed within the overall story; the estranged father shows up just in time to donate blood to save his daughter, then he just disappears again for a while, and, I question the need to tie any of this story into the alien's first encounter with an earth girl.

Kim Soo-hyun (writer)

Personality and controversy[ edit ] Kim is also known for her fiery and outspoken personality. She is called by insiders as "a Godzilla " on set, for controlling actors' depictions of her characters.

Famous for her intense but meaningful dialogue, ad-libbing is forbidden and actors are required to say their lines exactly as her script dictates, word-for-word, down to her trademark fast tempo.

Production on the TV drama Snow Flower was delayed because Kim, who had written the novel it was based on and had casting approval, opposed the proposal to cast singer Lee Hyori in one of the major roles Go Ara was eventually cast.

[Interview] Kim Soo Hyun talks about working with Han Ga In & Jeon Ji Hyun

Kim had previously adapted her same-titled novel, which portrays the affection and conflict between a mother and her only daughter, into the film Flower in Snow starring Yoon Jeong-hee and Lee Mi-yeon. Kim had been hired to write the script for a remake of the classicand after the director initially attached to it quit, Kim recommended Im to the producers. After Kim finished her script, Im made changes, reportedly to suit his provocative style, and Kim expressed her dissatisfaction, saying, "I was shocked when director Im returned the script to me.

It was not edited but completely rewritten. Enraged, Kim withdrew from the project and later posted on her blog, "I've been stabbed in the back by someone I trusted [and] have no mind to go on with my work. People in the industry have a responsibility to maintain high standards for the viewers, not bring the bar down. But her work ethic has been lauded in the industry, as one of the few drama writers who turn in their scripts on time.

kim soo hyun and jun ji relationship trust

She said, "All the characters are basically an embodiment of me. I get inside each and every character and write about their lives. If this is done only with your head, the characters fail to come to life and viewers don't want to know any more about them.

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