Kunimitsu and yoshimitsu relationship with god

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kunimitsu and yoshimitsu relationship with god

Kazuya raised his left hand in a powerful uppercut? the Thunder God Fist. . For some unknown reason, King was, like Yoshimitsu and Kunimitsu, hiding his face. His face was hidden by a But, in what relationship she is with Nina? Are they. Aug 21, Also Kunimitsu, Julia, King, Jack and facing DEVIL! .. "You may enter Lord Yoshimitsu. There were times their relationship had looked. better but those occasions were rare and this certainly wasn't one of those occasions. Jul 29, Kunimitsu - Rival of Yoshimitsu and also a master ninja. . Ogre - the god of fighting who transforms into True Ogre as the final boss.

He subsequently sets out to find the fabled weapon Soul Edge in order to have revenge against Nobunaga. In meditation, Yoshimitsu decides that if he were to give in to his hatred, he would be no better than Nobunaga or Nightmare. When he reaches the castle where Soul Edge is, he discovers it has been locked away with Soul Calibur. In the Soul series, Yoshimitsu uses his beloved self-named katana and the Manji ninjitsu combat style, handed down through many generations in the Manji Clan.

His weapon seems like a normal katana, but it has many unique features that accommodate the unique fighting style of the Manji. Since it was forged with secret Manji techniques, it cannot be replicated and is the last of its kind. After the massacre of his clan, Yoshimitsu swears an oath of vengeance to the weapon.

He also uses the sashimono on his back as a striking weapon. In Soulcalibur IIYoshimitsu discovers that his katana has been impregnated with corrupted energy from the castle, and so resolves to rid his blade of the evil. The katana was stolen by Voldo when Yoshimitsu was worn out from trying to fight its corruption.

Fearing what would happen if the weapon wound up in the wrong hands, Yoshimitsu sets out to retrieve the katana, and in the process discovers a fragment of the Soul Edge. Wanting to destroy the fragments spread across the earth, Yoshimitsu forms a band of chivalrous thieves, known as the Manjitou, in order to do good and to find the remaining fragments. The robbery fails as Tiraa servant of Soul Edge and Nightmare, ambushes the thieves and takes the fragment.

Later on, Tira murders one of his clan members, causing Yoshimitsu to seek her for revenge in Soulcalibur IV. This secret line of succession makes "Yoshimitsu" appear immortal to outsiders and is implied to continue into modern times with the Tekken incarnation of the character.

Other games[ edit ] Yoshimitsu has appeared in other Namco games. His Tekken 3 incarnation is a bonus character available in Anna Kournikova's Smash Court Tennis for the PlayStation and his Tekken 3 " energy sword " is one of the game's unlockable secret tennis racquets.

Yoshimitsu's sword is also an available weapon in the Tekken spin-off game Death by Degrees. Bison 's uniform, and Capcom stated that a "rumors says" that after defeating Bison, Yoshimitsu also took his Psycho Power ability as his own. While not posable, the PVC figure came with equippable clothing modeled after those in the game. In the Tekken series, Yoshimitsu's sword is usually depicted as a tachi. Although details of the character's biographies have varied in different games and other media, each Yoshimitsu is consistently portrayed as the leader of the honorable Manji Clana practitioner of ninjutsuand a master swordsman with a mechanical prosthetic arm.

The characters have been well received by both fans of the series and critics alike.

kunimitsu and yoshimitsu relationship with god

Appearances In video games Tekken series Yoshimitsu's first appearance was in 's original Tekken. Kunimitsu 's story in Tekken 2 reveals that Yoshimitsu's blade is passed down through the Manji Clan's leaders. The clan is dedicated to a mission to help the weak and fight the oppression. Upon the inauguration of a new leader, his or her predecessor is ritually sacrificed, and the blade absorbs the person's power and skill.

In the game's story, Yoshimitsu enters the first tournament as a decoy so as to allow other Manji to steal the tournament's funds unobserved. During the tournament, Yoshimitsu learns of Ganryua sumo wrestler whose disrespectful attitude in the ring cost him his promotion to the rank of yokozuna. His base disrespect for the sumo code infuriates Yoshimitsu, who defeats him. Later, Yoshimitsu leads a raid on Dr. Bosconovitch 's lab in order to steal his Eternal Energy device.

Though Yoshimitsu loses his arm during the operation, Bosconovitch helps him escape and fits him with a mechanical prosthetic replacement. Grateful for his help, he tells Bosconovitch that he may call on him whenever he needs help. In Tekken 2, Yoshimitsu learns that Bosconovitch has been kidnapped by the Mishima Zaibatsu and enters the second Tekken tournament to rescue him. Also, Kunimitsu, Yoshimitsu's former Manji Clan second-in-command, returns to the tournament in order to steal the clan's itachi.

Yoshimitsu defeats her and drops out of the tournament to rescue the doctor after learning his location. In Tekken 3Yoshimitsu visits Bosconovitch, who is suffering from a disease that he caught when he built the Cold Sleep machine. Bosconovitch tells him that the disease can only be cured using the blood of Ogrea god recently awakened from its deep slumber. During the tournament, he is targeted by Bryan Furya cyborg sent to kill him and capture Dr.

Yoshimitsu manages to escape Bryan. The outcome of Yoshimitsu's search for Ogre's blood is unknown, though he most likely succeeds. Two years later, during the events of Tekken 4Yoshimitsu realizes that the future of his clan is waning due to a lack of necessary funds and manpower. While Yoshimitsu is robbing the Mishima Zaibatsu mansion near the end of the tournament, he discovered an unconscious Bryan Fury.

Thanks to his encounter with the Azure Knight his katana had become the 'Devil Sword' that was unbreakable and able to steal the souls of his most evil opponents. Kunimitsu aided him in those times, helping him and his men to wipe out bandits and distribute wealth among the disadvantaged.

She had become his right hand after Ronimitsu had died. For hours he had guarded the throne room and protected the Manji Master, until nobody was alive but he and the Master but more enemies attacked and attacked. And thus the second most powerful Manji Warrior fell. Yoshimitsu returned to aid his friend but too late.

The new Manji Master, stronger than anyone had ever been and armed with many new powers however was left behind with a mystery. Ronimitsu had disappeared an hour after he had seemingly died. Xen, Ynamitsu and several others had died although a few Manji like Monamitsu had survived and aided in rebuilding the order.

Not longer after that when the Manji had regained and even surpassed the might they once had possessed, Kunimitsu had for some reason betrayed Yoshimitsu in several ways. She had stolen and several feuds returned. Yoshimitsu blamed himself for certain mistakes that had created a gap between them and he was forced to banish the female Ninja from the clan.

Kunimitsu swore revenge however. The first Tekken tournament was approaching and the Space Ninja would soon be born, the first and greatest mechanised ninja, a power unlike ever seen before. With upgraded sword and powers. Soon it would be time. Crossing the swords By: Hiring the best Somewhere Japan, in a recently created Manji hideout. Yoshimitsu stood there motionless. A few of his Manji Ninjas were training under his watchfull gaze. The man wearing Samurai armour and wielding an energy surrounded Magic blade had been leading the Manji for many, many years now.

After the first Tekken Tournament, he had his lost arm replaced by a cybernetic one. He had competed to divert the attention of Heihachi Mishima and the Mishima Corporation while his men broke into one of their labs. Yoshimitsu defeated all his challengers until he stood against a huge Sumo wrestler named Ganryu.

He had once shown the world that the Sumo was a honourless warrior and stole his money. The Sumo had forgiven him and had become honourable, so he said. He was defeated and went of to help his men steal technology and other valuables. The Manji did not steal for their own benefit but to aid the poor and defenceless. They found a certain Doctor Boskonovitch and freed him.

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But while doing this a prototype robot of the Jack series attacked. Yoshimitsu lost his arm but the good doctor deactivated the robot and gave him a cybernetic arm. In the second Tekken tournament he had returned with a vengeance and defeated Kunimitsu. A banished female Manji Ninja who wanted his powerful sword.

He then freed Boskonovitch who had been captured by Kazuya Mishima, the at the time leader of Mishima Taibutsu, to perfect the robotic Jack soldiers. After this he asked his friend Boskonovitch to Cybernetically upgrade his entire body, and so he became the superb warrior he is today. His beloved Manji Clan had modernised and become more powerful than ever, punishing the evil and supporting the poor villages that had been loyal followers of the Manji Clan, supplying men and other aid.

Now they needed the Manji Clan to obtain more wealth and technology. So they'd be able to modernise and get out of their financial black hole. The Cyborg Ninja put his hand on the handle of his beloved sword.

If Kunimitsu had only been able to see what he had become, what he accomplished. But his rival didn't dare to face him again, torn apart by grief and shame, hate and than there was the fact that his powers had increased tenfold since last they met.

He nodded in approval when one of his followers achieved a perfect victory over his sparring partner. Suddenly the door of the large training hall opened, a Manji warrior in black tights entered. He kneeled before his master and at his side hung a scimitar.

He has a business proposition that will be quite beneficial to you, the clan and many of those in need of our financial support. Yoshimitsu kept silent for a few seconds and then nodded. I will see what he has to offer as a reward for our services. Yoshimitsu sat in his throne, flanked by six Manji warriors. The Space Ninja, like many called him, did not require others to protect him, but it impressed visitors and had great ritual significance. The man in the expensive suit made a small bow and looked away from the frightening appearance of the Manji Master.

Yoshimitsu spoke with his bizarre voice "Tagoshi, told me you. The other answered "Yes, my name is Toyotomo Kiatzu, I come with an offer. I run a scientific experiment. But a last piece of equipment is needed. We're building a machine can genetically enhance foods and drinks to be healthier and in every way better.

But the Mishima Taibutsua powerful Corporation, once again in the hands of Heihachi Mishima possesses the needed part to complete the experiment. If it succeeds and it will, my corporation will have made a first blow to Mishima Taibutsu and Heihachi. We will become rich by selling it to the highest bidder. We already have found many, many buyers who are willing to pay billions for it. Of course Heihachy will never give us the piece of equipment they themselves invented for.

The man nodded and spoke once more "In this briefcase you will find a handsome prepayment, the location of the 'item' you must recover, info on your partner and. Yoshimitsu sprang up "Partner? The Manji work alone, my men are perfectly capable of. We'll pay you millions, millions if you steal it. The man held a note up before Yoshimitsu's eyes. The Manji's power would be doubled and we will be able to increase our donations to those in need of help.

But what if I help this man in stealing a weapon of mass destruction? Is she capable enough to keep up with a master of the advanced Manji art of fighting and stealth". The man smiled "Oh yes, she's an assassin, you've met her before in the Tekken Tournaments. This would be more interesting than he had imagined. She stood their completely nude in front of the mirror.

Her hand went through her beautiful blonde hair and she smiled while she looked at her amazing body. Her female forms were more than clear but they hid her deadly skills.

She turned around stepping over her clothes, a blue suit that showed all her female forms and long blue boots. She put her hand in the bathtub, the heat was exhilarating and a chill went through her spine.

She closed her eyes and relaxed for a moment. She opened them and saw that the knife was still there next to the tub. She took the black briefcase that lay almost out of reach of her soft yet deadly hands. She had accepted the job and the reward was well worth it. She didn't believe the cover-up story of genetically engineering foods and neither would the ninja.

The man in the suit refused to tell what the real use was for the requested item, and actually she didn't care. How long had it been since the two last tournaments? Yes but she had been frozen in time together with her sister, her eternal rival. Mmm my mind is so scrambled lately. But my soon I'll be completely recovered from the experience. Luckily the good doctor Boskonovitch had freed her and, her sister Anna Anna?

Mmm was she frozen too? She wasn't sure she wanted Anna to stay frozen or not, but she was damn glad she was out of it, after 15 long years.

Luckily she hadn't aged and she was still as deadly an assassin as she used to be, to bad Anna hadn't changed either.

They still vied for the first place, but the gap between them had gotten a bit smaller with what happened in the last tournaments. I'm drifting of she thought and she read the file from the briefcase once more. She didn't really know what to think of Yoshimitsu, that was is name, if she remembered correctly.

He had been a Samurai-like warrior who wielded a deadly sword and had a special robotic arm. He had defeated many opponents but as soon as he had been able to save that Boskonovitch, he left. She noticed that he had had a special training, the way he walked.

kunimitsu and yoshimitsu relationship with god

She looked at the file and read the information concerning Yoshimitsu. He was average weight, light, and. You gotta be kidding! He had been totally cybernetically updated, he was human, yet precise like a machine! He had the skills of an assassin, a sword wielding warrior and the advantages of the Jack Robot technology.

And his magic sword seems to have been updated too, now it was surrounded by green energy! Maybe he'll be some help after all! At the tournaments he had been an outsider, but unselfish, he fought only for his clan or to help others.

Remarkable trait for a ninja. So all I've heard is true after all.

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Nina Williams put her head slowly under the surface of the water. It was an immense refreshing feeling. Yoshimitsu was deadly and she was deadly, they would be unstoppable. But the Manji master was a concern for later for now, she didn't have a care in the world. After an hour or two. She stood up, her hair hanging loosely in a messy yet strangely attractive way.

The good-looking assassin for hire stood for the mirror and put her hair straight. She used some lip-gloss and mascara. After a minute or two she bend over and took a new outfit. Red and black were the colours she chose for her outfit and some black shoes with high heels. She took her usual accessories, a knife, gun, etc.

Ready for the task ahead she left her hotelroom. Anna, this time I'm gonna get the biggest reward. Titans everywhere In a wrestling ring, also in Japan.

Armor King stood there like a mountain, motionless, unmovable and unbreakable. The huge muscled wrestler with the supernatural powers and the mask of the Black Panther was watching his apprentice. Armor King was clad in black body armour, his chest and wrists protected by the black steel. His left eye glowed red, it was inhuman, probably robotic. The young King, following in the footsteps of his foster parent the original King, was doing well under the guidance of Armor King. The young wrestler with the leopard head stood before a gigantic fat mountain of power.

His opponent was seemingly unstoppable, he had been hit many times by King, but seemed unharmed. The huge opponent launched a punch towards young Kings masked face, sending the young wrestler towards the floor. King came crashing down without making a sound. Armor King shook his head, the young cub still needed to train his defenses, the blow could've been countered. King jumps up while producing a bestial roar.

He leaps forward with predatory swiftness. He does one of his favourite attacks, which is called Head First Lunge, it's a animal like jump forward causing great pain upon a startled enemy, or that should've been the case, but the big ball of blubber is only pushed back a step. The huge wrestler laughs at the young opponent "I'm going to rip that mask of your puny little body".

Armor King shook once more with his head and sighted. He should've chosen a weaker opponent for King, it seems as the cub wasn't ready for the colossus he was facing right now. He himself would certainly have no problem in dealing with the fat wrestler. King had talent, but no experience. He made an encouraging sign with his hand towards King. The young man saw it and encouraged by his master and former friend and rival of his foster parent. He uses a throw upon his adversary and he is able to send the man the ground than he used a move the original King used often.

Giant Swing, he took the still confused adversary, and with another terrifying roar he flexed al his muscles and threw the other man away.

The force unleashed by King was so great the wrestler ended in the audience, unconscious. The referee named King the winner of the tournament. The amateur championship was won! Soon he'd be able to compete in the expert level matches. King put his award in the air. The audience cheered, but King only cared about the approval of his master, he got it. Armor King was surprised to see the force the young cub unleashed upon the now former champion.

King had grown strong, someday he'd rival even his power, and he was the greatest wrestler left alive. The previous Tekken tournaments he fought against and alongside the only rival he had, King, the priest who became wrestler to aid an orphanage, the foster parent of the cub he just saw in action. Armor King still missed him, the wrestler had died in battle proudly, too bad he had not been able to fight alongside of him.

He had heard rumours of a new Tekken tournament being organised for the future. Heihachi must have a reason? He made an approving gesture towards King, he really liked young cub. A man came running in "sir? Mister Heihachi needs to see you! Armor King frowned and revealed his fangs.

Speak of the devil! Heihachi had been informed of a anomaly. Just when he was thinking of preparing a new Tekken to trap Toshin the Wargod, known to a few others as Ogre. Devil, the evil reincarnation, or something along that line of his son had returned once again.

The devil had freed a mystical being known as Shadow. By killing his treacherous son Kazuya, Heihachi had thwarted the plans of the evil manifestation known as Devil.

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Devil had manipulated Kazuya, made him stronger, aided him in deposing him as leader of Mishima Taibutsu. Now Devil wanted revenge and had unleashed a power unseen. Many of his best soldiers, entire squadrons of his Tekkenshu, his private army had been killed. Only the best warriors could defeat Shadow and. He had already recruited the first one, to help him stop the soon world conquering menace. Armor King was on his side and soon. The old man laughed, old but still King of the Tekken, the Ironfist Tournament.

He had proven himself many times to the world with his own special fighting Karate. And soon he'd do it again, after he deals with. Somewhere a purple man stood in the darkness of night.

His wings stretched out to full length, human shaped, yet far from being one, he looked down. Than he flew up followed by a dark creature, wielding a sword. Soon revenge would be his. Raiders of the night Outside of the hotel.

Nina walked fast, she was agile like a cat. But she felt watched, like someone was following her. She looked in all directions, she trusted her instincts and she knew that although she saw nothing, she was being followed. She almost met the meeting point, a park not far ahead.

But then she grew sick of it, she stopped and drew one of her small hidden revolvers. Come out wherever you are! Luckily nobody was in the area to hear her, an armed woman, yelling loud as she did would have attracted attention. There is no need for concern" said a voice softly, it was that of Yoshimitsu.

She heard the voice come from above, the tree! She looked up, but then she heard a noise behind there. She turned and first she saw nothing but the street. A glasslike figure appeared out of thin air, it became clearer and clearer and then she realised Yoshimitsu xas decloaking!

The Manji Master had followed her using his cloaking device. She held her finger on the trigger. She didn't allow herself to show any sign of weakness. Yoshimitsu was not impressed by her firearm. He had not drawn his weapon, he simply stood there, examining her from top to toe. I see the years in cryogenic sleep has preserved your looks.

You have barely changed from the last time I saw you. I suppose those technological gizmos are useful? Yoshimitsu looked at her and she heard a small laugh "They have their uses, miss Williams". The Mechanic Space Ninja spoke with an almost threatening tone "If I wanted to kill you, you would not have lived. You are an assassin but not skilled enough to match mine. I don't know if I'm to hate his guts or like his style? Yoshimitsu said softly "Continue, my. But Yoshimitsu activated his cloaking device and immediately disappeared.

Nina continued but then she returned. She went into an alley waiting for the one following them. Her knife ready to strike. Suddenly she heard a sound she jumped forward, the knife put forward. Her knife put straight against the armoured neck of Yoshimitsu. He held his sword in his left hand, it's blade shone a green light. Nina lowered her knife and smiled "I'm really starting to hate your guts, and really starting to like your style".

Yoshimitsu stood motionless, he moved his head a bit to the right making a clear state of amazement. Nina, couldn't believe it but she actually obeyed. The warrior said nothing he just put his arm in the air, his sword still holding in a tight grip. His wrist rotated making the sword combined with the rotating motion form a kind of helicopter movement. The two of them lifted of and they landed on the roof of a building. A deadly technique, that must have helped you liberate Boskonovitch from that Helicopter when.

This time he did amaze her, because he helped her up! Nina followed, she damned the fact she wore her high heeled shoes, but they were deadly in single combat. Nina could follow, but she still had a hard time. The female assassin for hire followed her unusual partner from roof to roof. Until they neared their objective. Yoshimitsu kneeled and looked at the building. I'll need to get closer to have a better look. And my night vision is meant for closer range. Yoshimitsu ignored her, the next two hours they studied the building silently.

Yoshimitsu broke the silence "Congratulations". Nina raised her eyebrow "Huh? Nina spoke "Thanks, I guess you see that as a compliment, you are after all the social talkative type". Yoshimitsu looked up, as if she just said he'd look great in a bikini. His attention turned away again. Let's go in, get what we need and then get out quick as hell! Yoshimitsu jumped from the building, activating his cloaking device.

The two guards talked loudly. There attention at an all-time low. The gate had two inefficient guardians this night. Nina walked towards them. Before they could say anything, the Irish beauty put the hands of the right guards on her thighs.

She was disgusted by them but it went with the terrain. The soldier had put of his helmet and she could clearly see him stare at her breasts. And then she so her moment to strike. Her hands moved upward hitting both guards in a fluent movement. Sending them staggering backward. She jumped up and kicked.

kunimitsu and yoshimitsu relationship with god

Both men were sent crashing down. The ruthless mercenaries and followers of Heihachi deserved it. She took two small knives and finished the job. Blood splattered out of their neck. Behind her she heard the sound of metal, was pointed towards her.

A soldier that does his job! She turned around and smiled "Goodbye! The soldiers face was hidden behind his helmet, so Nina never saw the pain in his face when the member of the elite Tekkenshu was stapped in the back. A blade surrounded or maybe even made out of pure energy pierced his chest and a hand stopped covered his mouth to keep him from yelling.

Yoshimitsu stepped out of the shadow "You knew I was there? Leaving a path of death behind them in the Mishima Zaibutsu facility. It was one of hundreds, thousands of facilities owned by Mishima Zaibutsu, but this small sting would still be noticed by Heihachi. They neared their target. The alarms had finally been activated. Time was running short. They entered the room that contained the item. It was a cylinder!

It must contain the plans! Nina went for it but she was stopped by Yoshimitsu. But than she sensed it too "Something's wrong! The doors on both sides of the room opened. Soldiers entered, they raised their weapons. Yoshimitsu tried to shield Nina. She drew her firearm and attacked head on "If I go down, I'll go down fighting! The soldiers in front of her opened fire before she even raised her weapon. Yoshimitsu landed between the two firing parties, his wrist rotated once more and the circling movement of his sword created a sort of shield.

But the projectiles couldn't all be fend of. They want us alive! Look at what they're shooting at us! Nina nodded but the soldiers behind them had opened fire too and Nina jumped aside, the enemy missed target. Yoshimitsu grew tired and more and more Tranquillising darts hit him, smost were fend of by his armour but some found weaknesses in his body armour and he couldn't hold on much longer.

Nina threw her entire weaponry at once, killing dozens of adversaries, but they were with too much. Nina wanted to try to escape but to her own surprise she found out she couldn't leave him behind.

She touched his arm and she heard him mumble "Flee! She herself was hit too and she fell on him. Heihachi entered "Excellent, now I have a chance! A deal with a devil to stop Devil Yoshimitsu woke up, Nina lay in his lap asleep. He liked the sight of her she was attractive and strong willed. Yoshimitsu forced himself to focus on other more pressing matters. Like how to escape, where was he actually?

He caressed her blonde hair, it was soft. She woke up and looked up at him while he observed his surroundings. She actually liked him caressing her hair and her cheeks so she kept quiet, finally he looked down on her. He realised with a shock she was awake. For the first time he seemed to have lost his cool. Yoshimitsu stood up and seemed to shrunk when she added "But because your so cute. It's been so long since I've been close to anyone. But he's so weird. But at least I can trust him, he is freaky, but honest and honourable.

The Space Ninja talked "Stop that miss. Nina gave him a mean look. We have problems to attend to. It seems our weapons have not been taken since I still have my sword" Yoshimitsu walked towards the door but before he could touch it, the steel construction unlocked and opened.

Heihachi and a few soldiers appeared. Armor King followed "and me". Heihachi ignored her and sat down "Silence! You know I can kill you easily!

The presence of Armor King and those three soldiers tip the scales in his favour, let's listen to what he has to say" Yoshimitsu ordered. Nina spoke "What do you want us to do for you? You three must join me in killing Devil and his new minion, Shadow!

And so Heihachi explained. Armor King stood there, leaning against the tree. He thought about King. He had told him to train extensively until he returned. The money from this. His glowing red eye ached again. Yoshimitsu ignored him and continued to check the ground for trails. Only he had the tracking skills to find Devil and Shadow.

Armor King seemed to have the increased senses of an animal but those weren't enough in this case. Nina growled back at the armoured wrestler "Leave him alone! At least he's doing his job!


The Irish assassin started to hate the entire situation. And than there was Yoshimitsu. They'd been out here in the wilderness for days now, with little baggage and a nasty climate.