Lee dong wook and kim sun ah relationship tips

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lee dong wook and kim sun ah relationship tips

Would you like to know more about actress Kim Sun-a? that there was something going on with her and her co-star Lee Dong-wook on the set her love life, she actually has said that even if she is in a relationship with someone, Kim Sun Ah's nose now looks slimmer with much better defined at the tip. Now, my soldier juniors tell me they are watching my drama for the same reason. It gives me an odd and strange feeling,” Lee Dong Wook admits. South Korean stars Kim Sun-ah and Lee Dong-wook not only heat Broaching the subject of relationships involving an older woman and younger man, Kim not advisable and recommended others to adopt healthier ways.

Most of the dramas in this list are runaway hits, others have sweet chemistry between the main leads. This is my first dose of contract relationship and it endeared me a lot as it left a love lesson that no matter how extremely different a man and a woman is, spending time together and getting to know each other in the process would warrant a leap of romantic emotion that can result to a sweet love declaration.

We get a contract marriage plot in this love story which pushed the romance between a man and a woman who seemed unlikely to fall in love with each other. The bickering scenes and the eventual falling in love were the strongest points of Full House. My pillows suffered a lot from strangulation on the emotional and heart fluttering scenes. This is one youth drama you should not miss as it is one of the kdrama staple classics.

Contracts are often part of kdrama plots. The strong second leads supported well the romantic development by playing well the annoying ex-girlfriend and the how-could-you-not-love-him second lead man.

lee dong wook and kim sun ah relationship tips

I think this is where I first saw that lead-man-following-drunk-lead-girl scene which became a guaranteed cute scene on rom-coms. This is a must-watch grandpa classic that will not lose its appeal even after a few decades from now. Finally adapting the famous Japanese manga, the Korean version gave a pretty depiction of the rich-boy-poor-girl love story by projecting an elaborated presentation of the wealth disparity of the main love couple.

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Sprinkling it with the flower boy bromance and their side love stories cemented a victorious run for this youth drama. It is feel-good, buoyant and everything sweet perfect on movie marathon sessions and rainy days. When a nine-tailed fox was released from a painting she was imprusoned to, she sealed a deal with a free spirited guy who does not have any dream but to become an action star. The arresting face and portrayal of Shin Min Ah made Mi Ho one of my all-time favorite kdrama characters.

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Hong sisters blended the supernatural and folklore premise in this drama in an innovative approach to complement the modern setting. This is where I first saw the reversal of roles for the lead couple. The always curious heroine took charge in taking care of her lead man in the most part of the story. The quirky interaction of the lead couple until reaching the eventual love zone was something you would root for while you are watching the narrative.

Having spent most of her time in the convent Mi Nam worked hard to adapt in a new world of cohabiting with her fellow band members. The second lead also made an impressive showing to shake the official love pairing. I think this is also was the start of me stalking Hong sisters dramas.

The refreshing tone and the campus romance drew smiles and sigh in me as Lee Shin suited up to his campus hearthrob role effortlessly and effectively. The music, the youthful vibe, the college setting dates endeared this drama to me. Maybe because it just went free flowing and did not exert effort in placing overly conceived central conflict. Yeorum is a furniture maker who was caught between her present boyfriend and her first love.

You will thank me later after you watch it. They make my favourite couple of all ro-comedies of all time. As this drama is my favourite ro-comedy! While on the mission; emotions get in the way.

Scent of a Woman Lee Dong Wook & Kim Sun Ah

But nothing can possibly stop the invincible Chun Jae In from achieving it all. I loved her fighting and bullying scenes.

The way she talked back to her superiors was so adorable. And her romance with Gong Yoo completed the awesome role. S Diary After Jinny gets dumped by her boyfriend, she feels blue and wonders if her three ex-boyfriends actually loved her at all. She finds everyone busy with their life and they brush her aside. Hurt and discouraged, she goes back and reads her diary of the three lovers.

After believing she was the only one in love; she seeks revenge.

lee dong wook and kim sun ah relationship tips

The comedy and love scenes are priceless. The revenge is so funny but so meaningful and the ending is a masterpiece. Kim Sun Ah did a great job portraying the conflicted and insecure Jinny. I started and finished it trying to understand what they wanted to relay. Kim Sun Ah was the only reason I finished it. I liked her haircut, tattoo and outfit.

And I cried because of her. Byung Chul is a cold careless teacher who gave up on relationships.

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Yoo Ri advances, Byung Chul retreats and their four teenage students observe the relationship while fantasising about their female teacher. Yoo Ri is timid but desperate for love so her advances are adorable. Kim Sun Ah is so cute in this.

Put the funny Kim Sun Ah aside and face the desperate woman living for revenge. Eun Ah is a happy wife and mother but she loses her husband and daughter in front of her eyes. Disabled after the crime, she has nothing to wager but her organs. She gathers people desperate for her organs and they plot a plan for revenge. The pain and abhorrence in her eyes, the desolation in her voice and the despair in the hands that clutch the wheel chair present a woman whose number is up.

She just cannot die before she kills the devil with her own hands. I hope Kim Sun Ah was okay after filming this film. If I needed some time to recover from it; what would have happened to her? Kim Sun Ah plays Min Kyong; a young woman working in a bowling alley. She lives the last days of her life trying to make it up to her husband and kids. Oh Yoo Ran is strong, strict and family-oriented.

When she finds about her illness, the feminine side wins over. Though the film is nothing new, Kim Sun Ah did a wonderful job. And I wept buckets.

Girl Scout When Cho Mi Kyong loses her last hope to receive the custody of her daughter; she loses her sanity and gathers her friends to chase the woman who ran away with their money. Kim Sun Ah here yells, runs, fights and hits. I loved her and the film completely. And I noticed that not many watched it!