Line and staff relationship definition for kids

Line and Staff Relationship in Organization (with Example Diagram)

line and staff relationship definition for kids

For running organization properly both line and staff member's contribution is required and their relationship must be well defined in organizational structure. Staff and line are names given to different types of functions in organizations. A " line function" is For example, human resources, accounting, public relations and the legal department are generally considered to be staff functions. Both terms. “Line elements provide decision authority and a central means for the flow of communication through a scalar & chain of authority; staff elements facilitate the.

Staff and line

A few of them are: Handling complex managerial functions The necessity of having the advice of qualified staff specializes in various areas of an organization can scarcely be overemphasized, especially as operations become more and more complex. Assisting in decision-making Managers are now faced with the necessity of making decisions that require expert knowledge in matters like environmental issues, strengths, and weaknesses of the organization, so on and so forth.

Relieving an over-burdened top executive Staff specialists devote their time to think, to gather data, and to analyze them on behalf of their busy superiors.

line and staff relationship definition for kids

It is a rare top level executive, who has the time, or will take the time, to do those things that a staff specialist can do so well. An escape clause for staff specialists Staff specialists only propose a plan; others must make the decision to adopt the plan and put it into operation. This creates an ideal situation for shifting blame for mistakes. The staff will claim that it was a good plan and that it failed because the operating manager was inefficient and ineffective.

line and staff relationship definition for kids

Line authority being undermined Operating line managers represent the main line of the organization and they also gain a degree of indispensability. The staff specialists may, however, forget that their value lives in the extent to which they strengthen line managers and also that they are to counsel and not to order.

line and staff relationship definition for kids

They need to remember that if they undermine line authority, they risk becoming expendable. As a matter of fact, if there is an expendable person in an organization, it is most likely to be the staff specialist.

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Impracticality of staff recommendations Since staff people do not implement what they recommend, it is possible that they may think in a vacuum, thereby making their recommendations impractical and which in their turn, often results in friction, loss of morale and sabotage. Disunity in command Unity of command is unavoidable for the management of any organization to reach its goal.

Line and Staff Relationship in Organization (with Example Diagram)

So, multiple authorities, created out of the use of staff specialists, may create disastrous consequences. Complicacy in leadership and control The chief executive of a large organization may be so busy dealing with the advice and recommendations of a large number of staff specialists that he finds little time to devote for operating departments. Line authority is responsible to run the organization according to is a strategic plan.

line and staff relationship definition for kids

Organisationally, the line is the chain of command that extends from the Board of Directors through the various delegations and re- delegations of authority and responsibility to the point where the primary activities of the company are performed. Line departments are those that are directly engaged in producing or selling the goods or services.

All other activities are staff activities. Staff refers to those elements of the organisation which provide advice or service to the line.

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When one position exists primarily to provide advice or service to another, it is a staff position. Staff refers to those elements which have responsibility and authority for providing advice and service to line in attainment of objectives. For example, the production manager in a factory is a line manager since he is directly responsible for achieving the production targets of the organisation.

Similarly, the marketing manager is also a line manager since he is engaged in selling products of the company. But, an industrial engineer is a staff man.

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He is not directly entrusted with the task of production. He is required to give specific advice to the production manager. His job is to review the various production methods, incentive plans, quality control techniques, etc. Similarly, a market research manager is a staff manager.