Luscious and cookie relationship quizzes

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luscious and cookie relationship quizzes

@empirebbk empire fox Cookie Lyon Quotes, Empire Cookie, Chocolate . Cookie Lyon Quiz Empire Tv Couples, Deep Thoughts, Empire, Television, Tv Shows, Television Tv .. Or broom, or belittle you, cookie like to show too much favoritism, she only love Jamal and sometimes Luscious, Hakeem never had a mother. I think it should be a long term proposition, but I think Lucious and Cookie as co- CEOs is not smooth sailing by any means. The relationship. “Empire's” newest star, Taye Diggs, plays a character who appears bound for romance with Cookie, but Diggs isn't worried about the tendency.

I guess we can now cross Michael and Jamal off that list? Yeah, I think you can cross Michael and Jamal off the list. If I were writing it all over again, I could imagine a scenario where Michael and Jamal got married — but Hakeem and Laura are getting married!

It came to her. I think that would be safe to say. I think it should be a long term proposition, but I think Lucious and Cookie as co-CEOs is not smooth sailing by any means. The relationship between Lucious and Cookie will always be complicated because they will always love each other, but there will always be scheming of some kind.

luscious and cookie relationship quizzes

Harper finally had her big moment: How did she get those photos? She may have found out something while she was hooking up with Lucious that enabled her to get what she was after. She hooked up with him because she wanted to and she pursued her story — maybe with a little bit more of a vengeance because Lucious was such a dick to her! That hookup scene — why was there so much slapping going on?!

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I think you just found two interesting, twisted, dark people. How can I say this? Some people have predilections and when they find another person who shares their predilections, things just go that way. After Harper and Lucious hooked up, he really defended Cookie.

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If he does regret his decision, is there anyway he can turn back? Was she using Hakeem to take down Lucious? I think that up until the moment that Lucious banished Camilla, Camilla was ambitious and perhaps her relationship with Hakeem had in part to do with ambition. I think that she genuinely wanted to be with Hakeem and believed in their plans, and those plans were cruelly dashed by Lucious in our first season.

I think that her relationship with Mimi is the scheming, strategic relationship. Yes, they got together post Camilla and Hakeem. How did Mimi and Camilla meet each other? Is there any romance involved with Mimi and Camilla or their relationship is purely strategic? I would say that it was strategic. In the final boardroom scene, Mimi gave Camilla her proxy and said she was leaving for Rancho Mirage to undergo chemo and radiation.

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How much more of Naomi Campbell will we see in the second half of season two? Can we expect him and Jamal to get back together? Both were nominated for a major award against each other, and there seems to be a lot of tension. Should we anticipate bad blood between father and son when the show returns?

luscious and cookie relationship quizzes

The final scene when Cookie consoles Lucious seemed to go back to the old Cookie and Lucious. Is there any chance for a rekindled relationship? The way that the events throw Lucious and Cookie back together are with deep feeling.

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The scene in which she comforts him is a very big scene in our world, and one that I think reminds us of the deep bond between them and possibly marks the beginning of reigniting of some kind. Do you think Rhonda is dead?

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