Mukuro and chrome relationship advice

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mukuro and chrome relationship advice

Pairing: Mukuro Rokudo/Chrome Dokuro, Kyouya Hibari/Chrome Dokuro. Never asking first hand about the relationship between the two males, it was a . only two days had she ventured to Namimori Middle School for advice—though. Mukuro does care though, we've seen that with Chrome and Ken and of her connection with him so she could offer tips about him and stuff. - of Bookmarks in Chrome Dokuro .. He could barely talk to a girl never mind actually get into a serious relationship with one. Include the fact.

Women in the Estraneo Family who have children are forced to give the babies, upon birth, to the Estraneo Testing Facility, where the children are secretly tortured and tested on until they reach adulthood.

He took the abuse silently while trying all the while to plot out an escape in his mind. At age 10, he massacred all the Estraneo scientists.

He also freed some of the other children in the testing facility, and killed the ones who were in too much pain from the experimentation to go on with quality lives. He set out after escaping with two other Estraneo test subjects, Chikusa Kakimoto and Ken Joshima, to wander Italy in search of justice. Mukuro separated from his two friends for a few years and found himself adopted by a young member of a mafia family in northern Italy.

He possessed that man, named Lancia, and committed several murders using Lancia's identity. Lancia was arrested by the Vindice Prison and sentenced to death for Mukuro's crimes. While in prison, Mukuro met back up with Chikusa and Ken, who were imprisoned for other crimes against the mafia. He also met a girl in the Vindice named Marielle Marseilles, M. M for short, who used her parents' influence to start a bloody civil war within a large French mafia family, as well as a pair of twins that had been tortured by the prison guards and an old man who was obsessed with birds.

Mukuro in Lancia's bodyalong with Ken and Chikusa, carried out a fatal prison break the day before Mukuro's execution was set to occur.

M, the twins and the old man followed. They made their way to Japan, where Mukuro had a plan in motion to destroy the human world.

In Japan, while he quickly built an empirical gang in the town of Kokuyo, he met a female, Schizophrenic, Italian exchange student from another middle school in town. Her name was Luana Diluca.

mukuro and chrome relationship advice

Following his advice, she murdered her parents one night in a bloody rampage. He helped her cover up the crime, and afterwards appointed her his second-in-command of the gang, sensing that he would probably return to prison soon and would need someone to keep things running while he was gone. An epic battle with Tsuna Sawada ensued, yada-yada. He was sent back to Vindice and put in solitary confinement, yada-yada.

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Other stuff happened, yada-yada. Mukuro Rokudo is 17 now. He has been released from prison though the Vindice is watching his every move very closely and is living in Namimori, Japan in a small, two-bedroom, one-bathroom house with Ken, Chikusa, M.

mukuro and chrome relationship advice

M, Luana and Chrome. He and Luana still run the Kokuyo Gang, which has become quite large and reputable over the past two years, and is closely aligned with the Vongola mafia family. Mukuro and Chrome have started up a romantic relationship as well, which so far has been going strong for almost five months.

When he spotted you with your friends ahead of him in line, he smiled softly. Yeah, maybe your laughter would wake him up too. As he collected his melon bread, he turned to leave, only to see a notebook standing against the foot of the machine. Picking it up, Yamamoto instantly recognized the familiar sketchbook in his hands. He supposed that you had left it while you were collecting all your drinks and snacks with your friends.

Since he knew what class you were in, he might as well give it back to you, he supposed. Instead of wondering why he was drawn in your sketchbook, all Yamamoto could do was admire the beauty of your art.

Each line seemed to have been light and fleeting, though as he continued to stare, he could see how your expertise pulled them all together into a stunning image.

He might have just fallen in love with you even more. Sasagawa Ryohei Ryohei was curious, he had to admit as he held your sketchbook in one of his hands.

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Kyoko was in your class, and she had given him the artbook to return since you and Ryohei were both in sports clubs after school. The third-year was a bit nervous about nearing you at all since you were his crush and all. At some point during training that day, he had wished that Kyoko had just given you the sketchbook, but then he shook his head.

You were so talented at sports, he wondered if you were also good at art. Carefully, the boxer had flipped open your sketchbook and seen drawings of plants and books and the interior of a sports shop. However, once he turned the third page, he saw the boxing club room, and not only that, but himself as well, as he trained. Yup, it was him. Ryohei felt a silly smile grow on his face as he read the note at the bottom of the page.

As Hibari examined what was in the stack, he hummed in questioning upon seeing your sketchbook. You were an excellent student who abided by the rules, was studious, and never made much of a ruckus. Perhaps that was why Hibari had taken a liking to you. However, maybe there was some defiling and inappropriate information inside your artbook? Hibari found himself proven wrong.

There was a certain predatory glint that you had captured in his eyes, and Hibari subconsciously tilted his head in amusement. He had immediately gotten over the surprise of a sketch of himself, and he was instead wondering what he would do about you.

So you observed him that much?

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Hibari planned to make full use of this situation. According to what he remembered of your schedule, Hibari knew you had afterschool kendo. Chocolate and caramel In which by gossip and malicious scheming did Hibari find the guts to shallow his damn pride and propose to Chrome…Hibari-style. Dedicated to Aubrey09, who requested this and to Maverick no Knight! Beta-ed by deadly-chronicles's android.

In which by gossip and malicious scheming did Hibari find the guts to shallow his damn pride and propose to Chrome…Hibari-style.

mukuro and chrome relationship advice

A few months after Rumors II up to 10 years later. After constant nagging from both Juudaime and Haru and having his entire cigarette stash plush out by his girlfriend, Gokudera tried his best to cut down his smoking habits.

He failed miserably though. I'm surprised someone managed to persuade Hibari-san, what with all his devotion to Namimori Chuu.

mukuro and chrome relationship advice

I told you Hibari was a kissing monster! Dino, who was walking past them, immediately dropped the box he was carrying and started to wail loudly. Don't think I'm away from Namimori means you guys can break the rules, herbivores!

The others turned away to give the couple some privacy. The others watched flabbergasted, wondering how bad Hibari was going to beat Dino up. Hibari-san must have persuaded her to get sick, that bastard.

She's down with flu right now. I will bite any idiots who breaks the rules no matter where I'm.

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No one, I repeat no one touches Chrome Dokuro or will be bitten to death. Whoever tries to flirt, touch, or even make her cry will be send to the deepest pit of hell.

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I repeat Chrome Dokuro is mine, me and my alone. You're all grown up now. For a prideful young Italian, it must be embarrassing for you when your 16 year old student got a girlfriend before you do. Dino thought about it for a moment before starting to wail loudly.