Murdoch mysteries william and julia relationship counseling

List of Murdoch Mysteries characters

murdoch mysteries william and julia relationship counseling

William and Julia are married, with a family, and working together again as invoking anger and jealousy that must be dealt with for their relationship to grow. They followed the famous advice to never go to bed mad. All Living; Advice Ask Ellie; Autos; Food; Restaurant reviews; Health And Fitness Murdoch Mysteries is set in Toronto, but is often in Hamilton filming episodes William Murdoch (Yannick Bisson), Dr. Julia Ogden (Helene Joy) and . 5 and Brown said an American couple and four women visited the set. TV ShowsMurdoch Mysteries. Follow/Fav Why did Julia's father not walk her down the aisle when she married Darcy? Rated: Fiction K+ "Well, given their past romantic relationship." "Their what?" Jules told her she had spoken to Darcy about William. I very much doubt she'd want advice from me.".

List of Murdoch Mysteries characters

Further, I believe the body was kept some place hot, keeping the temperature higher than would otherwise be the case. There are strange marks on the chest, buttocks, and ankles — I think from where the body was attached to a machine used to rotate the body," she explained and then she finally took a breath, "I thought you'd want to know right away.

Truly a better partner could never be — so bright, enthusiastic He had to pull his eyes away from hers to focus on the case. He had an alibi for the original time of death. What is your estimated time of death now, doctor? Knowing the suspect no longer had an alibi he said, "Constable, please escort the suspect back to the cells for now.

Once they were in his office, William asked Julia to describe the marks she had found on the body. Julia used William's body to demonstrate the locations and expanses of the bruises and lacerations on the corpse. She never got to describe the marks on the ankles because as she slid her hands across her husband's upper chest and around behind him to his shoulder blades he pulled her in close and lightly kissed her.

The Inspector, Chief Inspector, and Mr. Meyers watched from the Inspector's office as the doctor dropped her hands to the detective's derriere and he responded by wrapping his arms even more tightly around her and kissing her much more deeply. The Inspector looked at the Chief Inspector with worry on his face, "It's not that uncommon, but I ensure you, they accomplish more, despite their distractions, than anyone else ever could.

Meyers shook his head sideways, sighed, and said, "Murdoch's not going to like this… We might as well get it over with. Call them in Inspector. They both became more anxious when they noticed the office's occupants. William softly said, "The Chief Inspector and Meyers, this can't be good. Meyers explained why they were all there. In the interest of national security, the Prime Minister had sent him with a letter requesting the assistance of Dr.

Ogden in obtaining essential data from a woman currently being held in a Russian prison. Ogden was to be acting as a spy — one that had to be a female of about 40 years old and one that could perform surgery.

Hence, the need for Dr. The plan was for Dr. Ogden to pretend to be Charlotte Perkins Gilman, an American feminist, sociologist and writer traveling to Russia with her second husband after a divorce, Houghton Gilman played by Meyers in order to interview female Russian prisoners for her latest book of poems. Once she got into the cell with "Angela Cranston" a Canadian spy who had a cartridge of data implanted in her abdomen, Dr.

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Ogden was to surgically remove the data cartridge and bring it to Meyers. The plan required Ogden and Meyers to be convincing as a married couple traveling from NYC to Moscow and back — a trip that would take about a month. According to the Chief Inspector, the constabulary intended to rise to the occasion and help Canada retrieve this much-needed information, and as Dr. Ogden was an employee of the Canadian government it was expected that she would play the part.

He added that as Murdoch was also an employee of the Canadian government it was expected that he would allow for his wife to participate. Murdoch's biggest concern was for Julia's safety. He argued that she should not go because she had a family — 3 children and a husband who needed her. Julia asked William if he would go if the situation were reversed.

Admitting that he probably would, Murdoch conceded and Meyers and Dr. Ogden left for NYC to begin the ruse. William would have to talk to their children when he got home that evening. He was most worried about the older of the two girls they had just adopted about six months ago, 4 year-old Katie. Katie and her little sister, Chelsea, had lost both of their parents, their mother dying only a year ago, before they were placed in the orphanage.

Katie already struggled with nightmares and anxiety about being abandoned. He was sure this would not help. Further, he would miss her terribly. He was worried that he would lose her — that she would be captured, imprisoned, or killed.

This worry was so prevalent that he hadn't dealt with the thought that Julia would be acting like she was Meyers' wife - yet. It turned out that he couldn't stop thinking about Meyers and his wife together. He became more and more jealous and more and more angry as the time slowly went by.

It was nearly midnight when the carriage pulled up to the Murdoch house. Meyers had insisted that he accompany Julia all the way to her house from the ship and then the train to ensure her safety, not to mention any future hope of a working relationship with her husband. He thanked her again for helping Canada and reminded her that she could never tell anyone about what had transpired in Russia under threat of being charged with treason and hung.

It was assumed that this did not include her talking with her husband about it. Julia was filled with worry as she entered their dark, peaceful home. She knew that there were two things that made her beloved husband angry — being jealous and being frightened of losing her.

She had just spent the last month acting, for all of the world to see, as another man's wife and risking her life by sneaking into a dangerous Russian prison to obtain secret information.

She knew William would be angry, she was not sure he would be able to be in control of that anger. She argued with herself in her head, "He should be proud of me for what I did, not angry at me. If anything he should be mad at the government, or maybe Meyers, for setting this up and asking me to take part… finally My God, I missed him so. Perhaps he will just be happy to see me back.

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All indications were that everyone, including William, was asleep. Although she knew it was not realistic, or even fair, she wished it would stay that way until morning. She tip-toed past their open bedroom door on the right William had not closed it as they usually did - having taught their children not to barge in, allowing for the couple's privacy during their active and passionate love life, and now strongly drawing attention to the lack of such lovemaking in her absence.

Julia continued past their son's bedroom she would stop in there on her way back and around the corner in the hall to the bedroom of their two daughters. She was most worried about Katie. Julia softly scooped the little four-year old girl up into her arms, covering her with kisses. All is well," she whispered to the partially-wakened child. She placed her back on her bed and kissed her goodnight. After reassuring herself that Chelsea was also well, Julia returned to their son's bedroom.

murdoch mysteries william and julia relationship counseling

He was a fairly sound sleeper, and slept right through Julia's soft kiss. Making an effort to stay quiet, she closed the boy's bedroom door behind her in the dark only to turn and find William standing behind her. He then softly embraced Julia… gave her a light kiss on the lips. And then released her and walked into their bedroom.

murdoch mysteries william and julia relationship counseling

She followed and closed the door. Although the room was dark, there was light coming in through the window from the moon. They could see each other relatively well. There was the smallest of pauses as they stood there staring at each other. Then William pulled her to him sharply. The whip of it made her gasp. He rested his head in her hair and took in a deep breath.

He reached up and as he removed the pins to let her hair drop he said, again devoid of emotion, "I can smell him.


She felt her heart race and she found it hard to breathe. She pleaded in her head for him to keep it enough under control to avoid regret while at the same time she knew he would have to get it out too. Her hair fell over her shoulders and William unbuttoned her blouse. She could hear his breathing — it was fast and deep. She was becoming aroused. She started to unbutton his pajama top, but he just reached down and pulled the whole thing over his head. She felt a pang of desire spread through her at the sight of his broad chest and wide shoulders.

She placed her hands on his chest and explored passionately. William lightly moved his lips over hers as he asked just slightly above a whisper, "Did he kiss you?

Julia's muscles were weakening, collapsing. She was fighting to stay tall and meet him. Never," she said holding her lips in place to tingle above his. With this William drove his tongue into Julia's mouth and kissed her more deeply than she remembered ever being kissed before.

She moaned in response. She felt the wall bang up against her back. William broke off the kiss and asked, "Did he put his tongue into you? He roughly unlaced her corset. He gets to live then," he said as she heard the laces slide and catch and jerk out of the corset before it was thrown to the floor. He turned her back around to face him — still pressed up against the wall.

It was impossible to separate her fear from her desire, thus she was not sure whether it was one of these or both that made her swallow and hesitate, before she said, "Yes, but sleep was all we did. William moaned in response. She lit more on fire with the sound. Our bodies never touched. They were so big and so dark. There was a little twinkle for a moment as he said, "Good. In Snakes and Ladder ep.

Control and trust are repeating motifs, if not lessons, for Julia. Next, we meet her sister Ruby for the first time in Houdini Whodunit ep. You should know when it comes to William, I will not be pushed around. Shades of Grey ep. You were born with a silver spoon stuck up your arse. Julia asking a question to which William has no immediate answer or answers with no perceived opening, and, second, they are interrupted mid-scene as duty calls.

Luckily by the last episode, Anything You Can Do ep. Ogden and Station Four cope the best way they can until the hero finally returns home at the end of The Murdoch Identity ep.

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Reunited and happily working together again until at the end of Victor, Victorian ep. By the end of Rich Boy, Poor Boy ep. Wells along with the Pendricks in Future Imperfect ep. Does she want him to ask for her hand in marriage? Once again, rather than allowing William time or waiting for him to come to terms with the new reality in his own fashion while crime fighting and possibly saving their world, Julia interprets his reaction, his rejecting her like with her father?

Julia Ogden can over-think herself into a self-imposed corner as well as William Murdoch can, just quicker. She follows through on her move to Buffalo, convinced William will find a woman who can give him the happiness he deserves— and that she can be content with that resolve and a new career elsewhere.

I always hoped to find somebody that shared my passion, someone that loved me in spite of my foibles, how tragic. In hindsight, perhaps, Dr. Ogden might acknowledge had she followed up on her earlier fascination with psychiatry in Me, Myself and Murdoch ep. Time, timing, and the times in which Julia lives will prove more challenging for her in the seasons to come.