Nick fallin and lulu archer relationship

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nick fallin and lulu archer relationship

The Guardian is an American drama series which aired on CBS from September 25, to Simon Baker as Nicholas "Nick" Fallin, a lawyer sentenced to community Another central protagonist, they do not have a close relationship. Wendy Moniz as Louisa "Lulu" Archer, Nick's de facto boss from mid-season one and. Jake leads the charge in having Nick's position at Fallin & Fallin put to a vote after . Lulu (Wendy Moniz) struggle to define their relationship and disagree over. Nick Fallin Simon Baker Burton Fallin Dabney Coleman Alvin Masterson Alan Rosenberg Louisa "Lulu" Archer Wendy Moniz Jake Straka Raphael Sbarge.

Nick represents her son when he is caught with drugs in his car. Amanda Michalka as Shannon Gressler, a troubled child.

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Shannon's mother dies in the season 1 finale, and her grandmother in season 2; Burton Fallin comes to care for her. Erica Leerhsen as Amanda Bowles, an ambitious but caring associate. She leaves midway through the first season. Kathleen Chalfant as Laurie Solt, a hardworking social worker who provides guidance for Nick.

nick fallin and lulu archer relationship

Notable guest stars[ edit ] Farrah Fawcett as Mary Gressler, a troubled grandmother and love interest of Burton Fallin. Appeared in four episodes in season 2. Lolita Davidovich as Victoria Little, a social welfare advocate and love interest of Alvin Masterson.

nick fallin and lulu archer relationship

Appeared in two episodes. Zac Efron appears in episode 15 of season 3. Bethany Joy Galeotti as Claire Stasiak.

Appeared in two episodes: Erik Estrada made a cameo appearance in a restaurant in season 3, episode 18, "The Bachelor Party". Joseph Campanella as Ralph Longo, the sick grandfather evicted from the home he had squatted in for 21 years, in season 3's episode 9, "Let God Sort 'Em Out.

nick fallin and lulu archer relationship

This was her first ever acting role. This basic melodrama was played out amid numerous shorter stories of fights over children, all of which required plenty of screen time for child actors, and here it must be said that The Guardian found some of the most talented young actors to be seen anywhere.

nick fallin and lulu archer relationship

Among the best performances was one by a young actress playing a year-old girl dying of a fatal illness I don't remember what whom Nick decides to adopt. The girl dies in surgery, but before going in for the procedure gave a world-weary, mature but optimistic speech to Nick; it was a splendid piece of acting, and also pointed up Nick's essential lack of maturity. Other good things about the show, in addition to the fine regular cast — Alan Rosenberg, Charles Malik Whitfield, Raphael Sbarge — included the wonderful cameos by Rita Moreno, as Lulu's mother, Henry Gibson he of the flower and doggerel on Laugh-In as a cold-hearted industrialist, and Farrah Fawcett, as a deeply troubled mother of a deeply troubled kid.

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There was even a very brief cameo by Will Ferrell as an earnest, talented but doomed guest lawyer at the agency. Excellent actors, an involving story that continued over numerous episodes with a cool theme song by The Wallflowersset not in L. Show creator David Hollander, I read somewhere, is also a playwright, and he knows how character drives drama, and he made sure his characters were absorbing and realistic. It was a fascinating show to watch, beautifully acted and paced, and blessedly free of the moralizing, hero-making or humiliation you see in every other show.

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These were regular people, mostly trying to resolve their major life issues and be happy. Just in that — in being a drama that tried to be entertaining and yet be true to life as it is really lived — it was uplifting, in spite of the often-somber story lines.

The Guardian showed it was possible to write a weekly TV drama for mass audiences that is full of loose ends, unresolved problems, and ambiguity.

nick fallin and lulu archer relationship