Ocala marion county chamber and economic partnership in relationship

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Ocala/Marion County Chamber & Economic Partnership - Get to know the local business community. A great place to get involved and build relationships. The area thrives with award-winning dinning, top rated schools, affordable housing and Named Florida Chamber of the Year by the (FACP) Florida Association of The CEP is great about engaging partners within the community who need. Hernando County Chamber of Ocala/Marion County Economic This relationship carries forward as the total amount of in-migration by.

Do they need capital?

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Do they need a new site? Do they need someone to return their call from city hall or the county? How can we help troubleshoot that? The other piece of innovation is getting our small businesses to think about new channels. Chick, some locals who lost their jobs are looking at retraining and going back to school. That probably started early in this process. Quite a few dislocated workers are going through some retraining through our credit programs, and there are still very good jobs in a lot of areas.

Even though the demand has decreased a little bit for nurses, there is still a need. The entire college system across the state has absorbed aboutstudents in the last couple years. Describe the past year. Our general revenue dollars—the dollars that we spend on the three major drivers: These are very challenging times.

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In the aftermath of its sudden closure, you saw everyone working together to try to find a way to help those people as quickly as they could, but how much more can we take locally? Are we looking at another round of cuts? Well, the reports from Tallahassee are not necessarily good news. At the end of the day, we have to balance our commitments, so there will be cuts in certain areas, no doubt about it. Right now every company is trying to do more with less. I bet everyone at this table thought last year at this time that in March and April ofthings would start to turn around.

I owe it all to the partnership that we have at this table. As I look at local government across the country and Florida, most are balancing their budget by raising fees and taxes or cutting positions or services.

ocala marion county chamber and economic partnership in relationship

We have to live within our means as a government just like every household. When they have to tighten their belts, we have to tighten ours. The only thing that can make us better is the citizens. When they engage with us, we are as close to what democracy and society and community is supposed to be as we can imagine. That propels me—and everyone around this table, I think—to work harder and push forward.

To your point, Rick, who is the ideal citizen? One of the things we spoke about just last night is a three-year process to solicit the input of the community so we can have a unified mission. We need to continue to promote our community. Our plan has 12 major parts to it see sidebarand there are probably 10 or 12 under each one of those, so every group is working together to bring jobs. In some ways, we already have. All of us sitting here are, in one way or another, big promoters of Ocala and Marion County.

People say that the sense of community here is palpable, that if people want to get involved they can get civically engaged. There are no barriers to being involved. I came from a community in Utah that some would consider Utopia—beautiful, new, high income—so what attracted me to Ocala?

Do we have a ways to go? But the foundation is as good as it gets. But, obviously, I came. The synergy of being positioned where we are in the state between Gainesville and Orlando, all those things come into play. Every time we have a hurricane, we look better.

And we have great natural resources. So no one thinks that after some normalcy is restored to the economy that the Ocala brand has been damaged? We have that color. A quarter of the county is the Ocala National Forest; we have three first-magnitude springs, five second-magnitude springs; we have quality water. You could go to a new place every weekend for a year and never repeat one. Our brand is going to be even stronger when we can offer a city dwelling opportunity with lofts, condominiums, green markets, and urban walking trails.

Let me share some personal thoughts on that because my son went to school here and wanted to go away… Jaye: I was one of those people.

NetPerking @ Arnette House - Sep 11, - Staff | Ocala CEP

That is a very different posture than we used to see. It has proven exceptionally successful with spectators, competitors and vendors alike. My sister Juliet and I host this event.

ocala marion county chamber and economic partnership in relationship

We are members of the next generation of the Weber family, the owners of Live Oak Stud. All four of us siblings were born in Ocala. I have been a leading combined driver in the four in hand division for many years. Representing Team USA is critically important to me and I have been fortunate to do so for more than 20 years. Competitors and spectators alike travel from around the world to take on the best of the best at Live Oak.

The Federation Equestrian International oversees and regulates this show, the worldwide governing body for equestrian sports. There are multi year sponsorships in place with major international firms such as Longines watches. We also have many leading local businesses that are sponsoring this event and showcasing their products and services.

Significant charity partners benefit from Live Oak each year as do the hundreds of volunteers and tens of thousands of spectators. Whoever created these proposed alignments that would destroy Live Oak International must not have ever attended one of its annual Saturday night parties!

On April 26 five alternatives for the proposed Coastal Connector through southern Marion County were released publically for the first time. We oppose all five of those routes. Two of those routes would permanently destroy the show grounds for Live Oak International. The C2 and D1 routes would bring an end to what is currently a very successful business that has made a substantial investment in infrastructure at that site. Live Oak International is currently bringing millions of dollars in direct economic impact to the local economy annually.

We also know that hotels, restaurants, and many other vendors also enjoy millions of dollars more in substantial indirect benefits each year. We do not accept the supposed justifications for this roadway whatsoever. Assisting evacuations from the Tampa area in the event of hurricanes?

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Florida Turnpike Enterprise will never be able to make case that these supposed benefits come close to a justification to destroying the many current business in the way of the new toll road, including one of the most successful equestrian events in the USA at Live Oak International.

These proposed toll road alignments are not economically feasible. These areas are not appropriate for eight lane interstate toll roads. The limestone and excellent soil, water and climate combine to create special grass that horses thrive on.