Ossie davis and ruby dee open relationship

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ossie davis and ruby dee open relationship

I feel like I was built for open relationships just because of the way I . Hollywood legends Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis were married for Some years back, our beloved Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis Ossie and Ruby thought it was necessary for them to have an open marriage in. PHOTOS: Iconic Love: Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis' Love in Pictures Ruby, you both discussed having had what was called an open marriage.

Black Love: Actors Ruby Dee And Ossie Davis Married for 57 years (Appreciation Thread)

And, it would be such a topsy turvy affair - in terms of family, property and all kind of things. But, we both came to realize that we were very fortunate that, in all of the deep profound, fundamental ways, we really, really only wanted each other.

It was like a rediscovery of something from the beginning. It's not something that you'd recommend to everybody. But often Ossie has said - and I've though too - the best way to have somebody is to let it go. If it doesn't come back you are free in another kind of sense - in that you find the strength to let go and wish somebody well. So, we thought an open marriage was appropriate for us but it turned out not to be.

But then that's what we're all about Talent, intellect, activism, black love, greatness, and open-marriage? In their autobiography published inOssie had this to say about their experience: So we decided to give ourselves permission to sleep with other partners if we wished — as long as what we did was honest as well as private, and that neither of us exposed the family to scandal or disease.

We had to be discreet and, if the word can be apt, honorable in our behavior, both to ourselves, to whomever else might be involved, and most of all, to the family.

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And for the most part, we were. By this time, they were almost two decades into their marriage with children. Their marriage obviously survived this time period, but it does leave to question is fidelity possible in a practical sense.

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There will be those who say yes, and site moral and religious reasons as just grounds. And yes, morality and character are just grounds for being moral.

We also must look at the blueprint those with real living experiences and testimonies leave us. According to scripture Jesus was never married, so he is not an example in this regard for Christians. In Islam, I believe the prophet Muhammad had many wives, and modern day muslims still practice polygamy when religiously aligned. In light of all of this, what example do we have to commit to fidelity in marriage?

The year-old model married the year-old Playboy founder on New Years Eve, And he made sure I didn't feel that way anymore and that was what the wedding was all about.

Hefner wanted to marry Crystal inbut she got cold feet.

ossie davis and ruby dee open relationship

After reconciling, Hugh made Harris sign an ironclad prenup and did not add her to his will. It's worse to leave your partner and talk badly about him afterwards… Neither Brad nor I have ever claimed that living together means to be chained together. We make sure that we never restrict each other.

ossie davis and ruby dee open relationship

Smith actors had been together for 5 years but had yet to marry. But 2 years after their wedding, news dropped that they were divorcing. But inThe Chronicles of Narnia actress and the playwright were cohabiting with their 2 children when Kopp moved in.