Relic hunter sydney and nigel relationship

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relic hunter sydney and nigel relationship

Sydney and Nigel. Sydney Fox. Unorthodox the men Sydney was interested in, leaving her confused and unable to sustain a relationship. A dynamic teacher. In the TV series Relic Hunter, Sydney Fox is a Professor of Ancient Studies, Fox has an on-screen connection with Nigel Bailey. By prioritising sex, in the Sydney-Nigel relationship, sex is Sydney & Nigel, Tia Carrere & Christien Anholt, Relic Hunter,

He had loved Sydney a long time, and his life had built itself on the belief that Sydney would never settle down. Through all her changes and her fated to fail romances, Nigel himself seemed to be her only constant. He found comfort in this, and he hadn't expected it to change. Now, suddenly, he felt as if his legs had been cut out from underneath him and his whole body ached from the fall.

She held out her hand to him, and he took it gently. A part of him thrilled at the feel of her skin. It was warm and firm, feminine but slightly calloused. Sydney had the strong, capable hands of a working woman. Her fingers were long and slim and as nimble as a thief's. The small ring looked dainty but out of place on the finger he knew so well.

He didn't want her to know that his impulse was to rip it off. A small smile danced across her face. But, it's special this time, Nigel. I know I said that about Gray too, but this time I really mean it. I think Jeremy's the one. He loves me for who I am. He'd never try to change me. He likes that I'm strong and independent, and he even likes that I hunt relics. Every other man in my life has tried to tame me. That's why I wanted to tell you first. Here was his chance. All the things that he could say to make Sydney doubt herself flashed through his mind like lightning.

With a few simple words, he could sabotage her engagement. His eyes met hers and, in that instant, he knew that he couldn't do it. He could not bring himself to betray her trust in him. He loved her too much for that. You're the one who matters.

With a sigh, she reached out and pulled Nigel to her in a crushing hug. Nigel tried not to notice the way she smelled or how her body seemed to perfectly fit against his. His fingers ached to tangle themselves in her hair.

His lips wanted to gently brush her neck. She looked so happy that the only thing he knew to compare was when she first lay eyes on a newly discovered relic. He didn't know what to say to her. Luckily, he was saved the trouble by the opening of the outer office door. Even though her face was calm and she wasn't fidgeting, the signs were there for someone who really knew her.

Nigel couldn't help but wonder if Jeremy would notice the way her body tensed and her eyes danced when she was in suspense. Nigel felt guilty for the flash of satisfaction he felt knowing that it would probably take Jeremy years. Sydney coyly put her hands behind her back as Karen opened the inner office door.

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Karen laughed easily at the thought, and Nigel felt a pang that it could be brushed off that easily. Usually, he kept his feelings for Sydney well buried and well hidden, even to himself, but Sydney's declaration of engagement had brought them all to the surface. He didn't want to see the look on either woman's face when Sydney showed Karen her ring. He'd rather remember the both of them looking at him with amused affection. At least Jeremy couldn't take that from him.

XXX Nigel wasn't exactly himself when he walked back into the office the next morning. A night of sleeplessness had haunted him as thoughts of Sydney and Jeremy tumbled around in his brain.

He agonized over whether he should reveal his feelings, even though he knew he probably couldn't—especially when she looked so happy. Every misshapen spot on his ceiling was etched into his mind. He thought he might be able to draw each subtle swirl from memory.

What tortured him the most was wondering if telling her how he felt when he first realized his true feelings would have made any difference.

Would she have given him a chance or would she have laughed in his face? He would never know. As he made his way to his desk, Nigel heard voices. They were enough to make him want to turn and walk back out. He briefly considered leaving and calling in sick. He even got as far as turning towards the door before his common sense told him that he was being foolish. Sydney loved and was marrying Jeremy, and the sooner he got used to it, the sooner his life would move on. Scowling, he made his way towards his desk.

He could still hear the voices, but they were speaking too low for him to understand. That was something at least.

relic hunter sydney and nigel relationship

He was just sitting down when Sydney's office door opened. She came out first, light laughter floating ahead of her. Behind her stood a man who was only slightly taller than she was, with long black hair and a face and body that could grace romance novels. Nigel's scowl deepened as he threw his bag on his desk with a loud thump. Sydney, who was usually so alert, jumped at the sound.

She raised an eyebrow at him as she moved to the side to let Jeremy leave her office.

relic hunter sydney and nigel relationship

We all have a right to be grumpy once in awhile. Before Sydney's news, Nigel had liked the man. Being soft spoken and kind, he was easy to like, but now he just represented opportunity lost. Nigel would never be able to look at him the same way again. The serious look dissolved into chuckles as she wriggled away. He settled in his chair, trying to ignore the fact that Jeremy's arm had snaked around Sydney. Out of the corner of his eye, Nigel could see her lean into the embrace intimately.

It made his skin crawl. How will I survive? She pulled him closer and their lips met. Nigel's eyes were riveted to them, and he felt as if he couldn't breathe. It was one thing to watch Sydney in lust, but quite another to watch her in love. He had never seen her look at anyone the way she looked at Jeremy when they pulled apart. He painfully forced air into lungs that wanted to refuse to comply and looked down quickly so Sydney couldn't see what he knew was nakedly written on his face. Would it always be like this?

Nigel forced himself to meet her gaze squarely. He was determined to show no signs of distress. Instead, it seemed to get worse. Jeremy was at the office almost every day, and he and Sydney were always touching or kissing.

They didn't even try to be discreet. Every look, every touch, every kiss cut Nigel like broken glass. He tried to reason with himself, telling himself that he'd seen Sydney in relationships with lots of men. His heart refused to listen because it knew none of them had been like this. He knew she couldn't see it yet, but he felt it.

No matter where they were or what they were doing, Jeremy's spirit was there with them. That also would get worse as time went on, and Nigel could see a time when Jeremy pushed him out of the picture completely. It didn't take long before losing Sydney a little bit at a time became more than he could stand. Nigel woke up one morning and knew that he had reached his limit. With sadness in his heart, he sat down to write the letter he thought he'd never write. It was the hardest thing he'd ever done.

The words didn't want to come out, and he had to force each one. It took so long that he was almost late for work. As he finished the last word, he glanced at the clock and let out an undignified squeak.

In a rush, he dressed and brushed his hair while his letter was printing. He barely had time to brush his teeth and had to forgo breakfast altogether.

He ran into the office in a hurry, and the morning was so busy that he hurried through everything else as well. It gave him no time to think of the letter he had thrown unceremoniously into his bag. Then, as usual, Jeremy arrived at eleven thirty to take Sydney to lunch. By that time, Nigel was almost regretting the words he had written. The regret vanished as soon as he saw Jeremy's smiling face. While Sydney and Jeremy were gone, Nigel worked up the courage to dig his missive out of his pack.

Karen had just left for her own lunch, and Nigel was glad she couldn't watch him. He stood behind his desk for several minutes with the envelope in his hand. His eyes studied Sydney's office through the window, and he felt a lump come to his throat. His hands trembled a little but he was able to will them to stop. It suddenly hit him how much his life was going to change. He wondered if he were strong enough to go through with his plan.

After several minutes, he cleared his throat and forced his feet to move forward. They felt heavy and numb. The first few steps were the hardest. After that, a fragile confidence came over him.

relic hunter sydney and nigel relationship

By the time he had reached Sydney's office, he was once more certain of his course of action. He was just placing the envelope on Sydney's desk when he heard the knob on the door to the outer office turn. Panic seized him, and he all but ran back to his own desk. He sucked his breath in sharply as he clumsily banged his hip on the corner. The physical pain was almost a relief as it gave him a bit of respite from his inner turmoil.

Sydney entered and, by the look on her face, Nigel could tell she had heard the noise his body made as it slammed into the desk. Her eyebrow lifted in doubt but she didn't ask more about it. Nigel noticed thankfully that she was alone. He didn't know what he'd have done if Jeremy read the letter over Sydney's shoulder.

Did you get some lunch? It dropped right back off again as he realized this might be the last time he ever heard it. An impulse to run into her office and snatch the letter off of her desk gripped him.

It was almost too strong to fight. It was suddenly hard to look at her. She left fifteen minutes ago. He watched her step through the doorway. The window showed her go to her desk. He saw a puzzled line appear on her brow as she spied the envelope. He didn't think she knew he was watching as she picked it up and broke the seal with her thumb. Nigel could not turn away. He had to see her reaction for himself. As Sydney took out his letter and began to read, the expression on her face changed.

He saw her eyes widen and her mouth tighten. It gave him no satisfaction to watch the flash of pain that washed over her features. It was naked and raw and it cut him to the quick. Nigel's breath caught in his throat as he saw the accusation of betrayal there. Her hand lifted slightly and, with the barest motion, she beckoned him. As if on a tether, he obediently got to his feet and moved towards the office.

He stopped at the doorway, leaning against the frame for support. Even now, he didn't want to make it real. What did I do? I thought you were happy here. He should have left before she got back. Did something happen on the last one? Are you afraid I won't be able to protect you? Listen, it's nothing like that. I'm not letting you quit without an explanation. She still didn't move.

It hurts too much. He still didn't dare to look into her face, but he heard the sadness in her words. If she finds out I've not chosen yet…' Sydney's convivial, wide eyes, once again conveyed more than enough. I take it she's picked her bridesmaid's dress? She just couldn't decide! Wear them all at once or keep changing?

At this rate, tomorrow will resemble a Paris catwalk more than a wedding! Weddings and Paris catwalks are two of Claudia's favourite things, and a combination of the two…' 'Claudia's idea of heaven!

Right' is, and want to spend the rest of my life with him — now, that's a bit different. And I could hardly turn you down when you proposed, could I? Granted, this was not a holiday island but an isolated, godforsaken sandbank in the middle of the South Pacific, where they had been dumped by an irate rival relic hunter. And, yes, the tide had been coming in fast. Nigel had been pretty sure they were both about to drown, but the characteristic 'we're about to die' speech, which he'd delivered so eloquently on that fateful night, had taken on a life of its own.

It may have been fuelled by a fatalistic, romantic impetuosity, but it swept them both away to isles of sublimity that no tide could ever reach… 'I wasn't really thinking about the long-term consequences,' admitted Nigel, the recollection of that incident causing his stomach to clench with a mixture of ecstasy and dread - in addition to the lurching caused by the current continuous swerving of the car.

But it was so beautiful and romantic — I'll never forget that low-hanging, Polynesian moon!

relic hunter sydney and nigel relationship

I'm glad you're always right! I just hope I have been right about this wedding venue. I came here a few years back for a conference on Minoan culture, but I just haven't had time to check it out again since Karen booked it for the wedding. I remember it was wonderful, though — Carraghmount Castle was moved, brick by brick, from County Waterford, Southern Ireland, by a motor millionaire in the s, before the Wall Street crash.

Its origins are mediaeval, oh…. The opening was flanked by two formidable, castellated gatehouses, each two storeys high; both roofs were surmounted by a pair of large, stone lions, their jaws frozen open in mimicry of earth-shattering roars.

At the end of the drive, tucked beneath the American mountains, was Carraghmount Castle. With her high facade, and soaring towers, she stood every bit as proud and austere as she had done, in various guises, for over a thousand years in her native Ireland.

I'm glad you like it,' said Sydney warmly. How many people have you invited? Oh, this is where I wanted to stop.

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It was an ancient cross, standing about six foot high, crudely hacked out of granite. His fingers were already on the door handle, and in a second he was out of the door, desperate for a better look. This is from that era,' he murmured. I don't think this cross is Irish Celtic - it lacks the characteristic circle that intersects the branches of the Cross and the granite is of a variety that I'm fairly confident was found only in Cornwall.

The script was ancient, nearly rubbed away completely, but had apparently been made visible by a recent attempt to clean it — or, possibly, the morning's heavy rainfall. She squinted to read the timeworn words, which she identified as in an early form of mediaeval Latin.

relic hunter sydney and nigel relationship

Here lies Tristan, son of Mark, and his wife Iseult. Despite their two kingdoms being at war, they fell in love and their affair spawned a saga with more twists and turns than the road to this castle! It was one of the legends my father told me, when I was young. I wonder if there is any chance that this cross could be authentic?

A gut feeling caused her to straighten and poise her hand above the knife that still nestled in her calf-high leather boots, despite her otherwise casual garb of a tight, pencil-cut green skirt, and matching jacket.

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Hairs pricked on the back of her neck: Would you like an aperitif? She took a glass with thanks, and handed one to Nigel. Relieved at the apparent false alarm, he also acknowledged the man gratefully, before asking him: The butler regarded him serenely. I will find someone suitable to answer the inquiries of such eminent guests. While I am doing so, would you like to see your rooms?

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Still, she mused, it would be nice to see the bedroom, and she could think of a few things that might entertain them until they could find out more… ………………………………. Not half an hour later, a tall, blond Englishman strolled into the grand, wood-panelled castle lobby, his tartan travel bag in one hand and a large hatbox in the other.

Putting down his luggage, he donged loudly on the service bell at the desk, completely oblivious to the leather-jacket-clad gentleman, who was peeping at him doggedly over the pages of last Tuesday's copy of 'Le Monde. I'm here with the wedding party. You must be the bridegroom's brother? Obviously, I have a lot of crucial, brotherly duties to perform…huh? He turned, startled, to find himself face-to-face with a particularly fiery looking man, nearly as tall as he, with closely cropped, curly hair and two days growth of roguish stubble on his chin.

The receptionist, assuming that they knew each other, said 'One moment, Sir,' and disappeared back through the heavy wooden door to locate Preston's key and find somebody to carry his luggage. As soon as the door slammed behind her, the second man shoved his face close into Preston's. You are the brother of the stable-boy who presumes to marry my Amazon Princess!

What did you just call him? The edges of the older brother's mouth twitched in amusement. That's a new one on me! Can't say I can imagine Nigel mucking out too many muddy stables, but if you mean that the delightful Sydney Fox orders him around like a stable-boy — well, you could have a point there!

The Frenchman, however, introduced himself anyway. He decided, bravely, to try repelling him gently. Don't you think just about every fellow this side of Outer Mongolia has given it a good batting?

But, the amazing thing is, the lovely Professor really has been bowled over by old Podge! And well, you know, he is my brother…' 'Yes! Nigel … Podge… whatever you call him, is your brother! He certainly had not been asked to be Best Man. However, he had selflessly stepped in to fulfill the role of Nigel's bachelor party organiser and, seeing as his brother's archaeologist friend, Joel, still had not emerged from the forests of Peru, there was a small chance that a request might come his way.

He swallowed and answered half honestly. You could not conceal that from me - you are as weak as your brother! That would mean that you have the wedding rings, huh? The Frenchman fixed a steady glare on him, as Preston clanged the bell again, this time in slight panic.

Did this strange foreigner really want to rob him, right here in the hotel lobby?

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He doesn't have the rings! In her left hand was a neat, black suitcase. Her right fist was rested, in a no-nonsense fashion, on her hip. Preston, are you okay? Before she had time to speak, he dashed for Karen, seized her hand from her waist, and kissed it. Karen, despite her wariness, given little gasp.