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The fact that Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor appeared incapable Now Sally Burton, the Welsh actor's last wife, has spoken of her anger that The volatile relationship between the ill-fated lovers from history Then named Sally Hay she was a former PA in the current affairs department of the BBC. Richard Burton waited until his wife Sybil was asleep before, in the dead of .. health problems, Burton delivered the death blow to their second marriage by he was faithful to his two last wives — Suzy followed by Sally Hay. Burton and Taylor, private lives played out in public Theirs was a tempestuous marriage. Richard Burton weds Sally Hay, July

Taylor and Burton had divorced for the second time six years earlier. They had both made ill-advised new marriages — she to Virginia senator John Warner, he to model Suzy Hunt, ex-wife of racing driver James Hunt — which had also ended in divorce. It was no wonder that audiences thought Private Lives was about their lives. Now the story of that last turbulent year is to be made into a TV film starring Dominic West and Helena Bonham Carter But rather than a triumph the next year was to be a watershed.

For the first time Taylor — a consummate film actress but with virtually no theatre experience — seemed out of her depth and for the first time in the tempestuous 20 years he had known her, Burton found her irritating and boring. Most poignantly they were to be the last months they ever spent together for Burton died the following year. Now the story of that last turbulent year is to be made into a TV film starring Dominic West and Helena Bonham Carter in a BBC project that might be described as art imitating life imitating art imitating life.

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She was the producer as well as the star. Not so, recalled actor John Cullum who played her discarded spouse. Sir John Gielgud asked him: For the first time in his career he was coming to work sober. Taylor, however, was still drinking heavily.

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In his diary Burton recorded: Wine only, she says. That's like Laurel coming out for Hardy. Sally believes that the diaries, which she gifted to Swansea University infinally strip away the mythology of the marriages and allow the man she and his friends knew and loved to emerge. And it has been encouraged by the press, who due to a certain degree of laziness keep trotting out the same old stories," says Sally, who moved to Perth in to join her family and, she admits, escape the same pressures that afflicted her late husband.

She was infinitely important to him because she was there when he was establishing his career. It was two young Welsh kids off on their big adventure. They were not just a hot item in the gossip pages but also a singular cultural icon.

They were the first celebrities to play their life out in the public arena. The man with a blistering thirst for words was equally parched when it came to the vodka bottle. Time and again he charts his dissipations — sometimes happy, sometimes desperate — and the struggles he has to climb back on the wagon only so recently fallen from.

Other wives might have acted differently.

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Other wives might, I say. I get pissed off with all the talk of a great love story. Yes, they were in love — but they got divorced twice.

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That makes four teeth lost in the last five-six months. They married in Las Vegas mid-tour and travelled the country as a threesome.

But Burton now had eyes only for his new wife.