Rukia and ichigo relationship 2012 honda

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rukia and ichigo relationship 2012 honda

This is a short add on cunclusion story between Ichigo and Rukia's relationship in chapter I will forever believe this is what Ichigo and. Seeing the best pictures of my favorite characters and their relationships. | See more ideas about Bleach anime, Bleach orihime and Inoue orihime. - Updated: Jun 26, - Published: Jan 17, - Status: Complete - id: Rukia and Ichigo were both holding Mamoru's hand. It was a fairly new Honda CR-V. Renji opened the trunk then helped to load the luggage in " Maybe his girlfriend helped him go shopping" Rukia said out loud, answering the .

Those words mean a lot. The moon took over. Rukia took a deep breath, released it and stared at the reflection of the moon in the water with a look that said a million words. But never said allowed. Later that day, when night began to come around, everyone was starting to leave. Keigo, Tatsuki, and Mizuiro had said their goodbyes. Karin and Yuzu had left to go hang out with friends. Renji was passed out on the couch. Rukia was staring down at him with adoration.

Ichigo didn't interrupt her personal moment. He headed upstairs to see what the kids were doing in his old room. Opening the door, he sees Kazui and Ichika sleeping on the bed in their soul reaper uniform. He would let himself laugh at the cute sight, but he held it in, so that he wouldn't wake them. Closing the door and turning back around in the hall, Orihime meets him half way with a loving and knowing look.

I know there's something you have to say to her, get off your chest. I've been seeing it between you two all day. Ichigo felt bad and guilty. He never wanted to make her feel sad or upset with him. Orihime remained stern with her words and what she knew. I love you enough to let you go.

Ichigo felt like yelling and punching a wall. She knew… This whole time he had been hurting her. She still loves even still. He doesn't deserve someone as wonderful as her.

rukia and ichigo relationship 2012 honda

But she was right. He needed to talk to Rukia. They needed to close the door that's refusing to close. For both their spouses' sake. Walking down the stairs with this heavy resolve, Rukia looked like she was waiting for him. Just like three years ago. They sat down, under the moon light and the quiet surrounding with nothing but the soft sounds of water. Why did you cut your hair? He ignored her question and countered her with a different one.

Why are you bringing this up now? Who I am inside of the empty body that walked in. You gave me the purpose that I didn't know I needed to feel alive.

Bleach: Were [SPOILER'S] Marriages Always Meant To Be?

During those months of knowing you, it was easy to ignore the rain constantly pouring inside of me. But then you left. Not only were you taken away, but that purpose as well for the time being before I got it back. But I didn't just want that purpose. I wanted you as well. Without you, the world was a constant storm for me that I couldn't ignore anymore. And when I saved you.

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We do not receive or store your credit card or bank account information, and we do not want you to send us your credit card or bank account information. She happened to see Ichigo with Rukia one night by her apartment and confronted him about it. Senna was also her friend and she had been rooting for Ichigo and Senna for a while now.

Now he was dating some woman who had a child.

rukia and ichigo relationship 2012 honda

I may even lo-" "Ichigo Kurosaki, do not say love! You barely know this woman, you and Senna have been together for seven years, you can't compare that to two months.

Ichigo and Rukia- True Love

You got the cheating out of your system and slept around, now it's time to settle down with Senna" "I never slept with Rukia" Ichigo corrected. Ichigo sounded really happy when he said those words. She almost didn't recognize his voice.

Could this woman have changed her best friend? Ichigo suddenly heard a knock at his door. Ichigo looked t himself in the mirror before he went to open the door. Rukia was standing there in her waitress uniform smiling. She kissed his cheek and walked in. Yoruichi will surely tell him I left work.

Ichigo looked at Rukia who looked eager to hear what he had to say. Ichigo, however found it hard to say anything. He had really started to fall for this woman. He learned about Rukia's real heritage as Kuchiki and how she didn't want to bring shame to the family name.

He learned that she lived in Kyoto with her friend as she struggled to raise her child. All these things mad him like her more. Mamoru was also another attachment. He was such a great child and Ichigo was amazed on how alike he and Mamoru were.

He had grown to love the little boy and it didn't help his situation. I mean we see each other before, during and after work.

You met my family; you met Uryu and Nel who seem to like you. And for me I really have grown attached to Mamoru. Picking him up from school when I couldn't do it. You have been a guardian angel these past two months" Rukia said smiling. Ichigo was now stuck. That smile Rukia was giving him was messing with his head His emotions were beginning to cloud his better judgment.

rukia and ichigo relationship 2012 honda

He wanted Rukia to know he was in love with her. Rukia could feel herself tearing up hearing those words. She smiled and pulled him into a kiss. Ichigo responded by kissing her back with more intensity. He had never kissed her like that before, he actually had never kissed Senna like this. There was such raw emotion and power within the kiss. It was making it hard for him to not want to take her. Rukia began to go for the buttons on his shirt.

Ichigo stopped when he felt Rukia unbutton his shirt. I love that you respected the fact that I may want to wait but I'm completely ready to give my body to you" Ichigo didn't say anything after that he just claimed her lips and helped Rukia take her pesky uniform off.

Next Morning "Ichigo" Said man tossed in his bed as he heard him name. He whispered a yes but didn't open his eyes. That was Senna's voice?

It was his answering machine. Senna who seemed shocked by his abrupt answer, started to speak but he covered the earpiece and looked back onto his bed.

There was his lover Rukia sound asleep, naked in his bed. He silently thanked god that she didn't hear Senna on the answering machine.

Ichigo could hear Senna yelling at him through the earpiece, he slowly left his bedroom and closed the door behind him. He covered his mouth when he realized he was loud. Ichigo looked around and saw his cell phone on the coffee table. Didn't you realize my plane landed twenty minutes ago? How could he forget he had to pick Senna up this morning.

Senna seemed quiet, he wasn't sure if she believed him or not. But it seemed she did. Ichigo automatically felt like an asshole once she said this. He felt like the worst person in the world. Senna loved him and he loved her too but his feelings for Rukia were making it hard for him to be faithful. Ichigo sighed, his life was turning upside down and the violet eyed woman was the cause of it.

Ichigo walked back into his room and saw Rukia slowly rising out of bed. Ichigo felt nervous, he wondered if Rukia had heard his conversation.

rukia and ichigo relationship 2012 honda

There was an awkward silence between them. Ichigo didn't know how he was going to get Rukia to leave before he left for Senna. Ichigo decided he would just have to let Rukia leave on her own. He walked over to his closet and found a pair of sweatpants that he quickly put on.

rukia and ichigo relationship 2012 honda

Ichigo heart skipped a beat. Why did he feel this way when this woman was around him? Ichigo turned around and captured her lips. Rukia melted into the kiss. Ichigo loved that he had that effect on her. He grabbed a shirt and left the bedroom.

Rukia watched him walk out and felt a piece of her leave with him. She felt almost obsessed with his presence. The night she just spent with Ichigo could easily make her addicted to him. Every emotion they shared was raw and passionate. Rukia had never felt so complete in her life. Rukia heard keys jingle then the door slammed shut. Rukia smiled, she knew this was the beginning of something real. Ichigo gave her a smile and hugged her back. Ichigo did miss Senna.

She had been his loverfriend and supporter since high school. Senna kissed Ichigo on his lips. Ichigo smiled then pulled away, "Let me get your bags" As Ichigo walked over to her bags, she felt as if Ichigo had changed. It wasn't a bad change but she could tell there was something different. Ichigo loaded Senna's things in his car and he entered the driver's seat and Senna was in the passenger. Ichigo began to pull out the parking space and drove back towards the main city area.

Senna decided to just go along and tell him about her trip. Ichigo tried to listen as Senna spoke but he kept thinking about his situation. Senna had been his girlfriend since high school.

She loved him since then. She was there for him. Ichigo was never truly happy. Once he his mother's birthday or death anniversary would come up, he would become depressed. Senna helped him through. She was his distraction from everything. When he needed someone, Senna was there. His family loved her.

The End of Bleach…for now

He may have not loved her when they began their relationship but he grew to love her. On the other hand, Rukia was this woman who came and made him genuinely smile for the first time since his mother passed.

Rukia was feisty, independent and kept Ichigo on his toes. She surprised him every single day. Ichigo would get weird feeling in his stomach when he was with her.

He felt like he was on a high when he was with Rukia. Rukia had a mess of baggage with her but all he wanted to do was help her carry her load. How could he choose between the two? Was what he had with Rukia just lust?

Maybe Rukia was just a lesson or a tease. Maybe he needed to be with Senna. But how would he know? Who could he live without? And that's when the answer hit him.

Senna was so busy talking she didn't realize Ichigo had pulled up to her home. Senna smiled "I know, I love you too" "Why Senna, why do you love me? You always have been, helping me, I felt as if I had to love you" Ichigo said, still refusing to look at her. Senna looked at him confused. He knew he was beating around the bush with all the things he was saying. We have made it this far! Senna looked at him hurt.