Saya and hagi relationship

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saya and hagi relationship

In the present time, Diva had her chevaliers, but Saya had Kai and Riku, her This could be because Hagi was not as helpless as Riku, or the connection. Saya and Haji's relationship also develops further. HajixSaya. Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance - Hagi, Saya - Chapters: 7 - Words: 12, But when Saya learns about Hagi's plight, she shows sympathy and reveals her friendly side. Hagi clings to this and their relationship develops.

It had been twenty five years since Saya went into her deep slumber. Many things had changed in these years and Haji observed them all from afar.

Haji and Saya?

Saya's older brother had been a great help to the Red Shield in destroying the remaining Chiropteras who did not receive the enzyme produced by Julia. Along with David, Lewis, Julia, and Joel, they managed to track down and kill every single Chiroptera across the world. The Red Shield was then disbanded again. Kai returned to Okinawa once again to continue on his fathers business at the Omoro. David, Julia, Lewis, and Joel all decided to return to England to stay with Glay and help out with his orphanage.

It was there that David and Julia's son, Ken, was born. Although they lived very far away, they would always find time to visit Okinawa. They still continued to live in England, waiting for the day when Saya would wake up. Okamura started his own photography shop in Okinawa. Mao grudgingly went to university to continue her studies and Lulu decided to stay with Kai and the twins. The twins were exact mirrored images of each other, except for their eyes of course.

Mizaki was the girl with the red eyes and Mizuki was the girl with the blue eyes. The twins went to elementary school just like every other child. Mizuki seemed to be more interested in athletics, much like her aunt, whereas Mizaki loved to sing. While Mizaki was more outgoing and expressed her feelings outwardly, Mizuki was shyer but sweeter. However, they both had a fierce protection for each other and the people they loved.

The twins had a peaceful childhood, just as Saya had hoped for. They were both very mischievous and often got in trouble. Mao had to constantly help Kai talk to the principal when he was busy with the restaurant. It was then their relationship began to get serious. Mao often helped Lulu with babysitting when the twins were little so she saw Kai often.

saya and hagi relationship

However, she never stayed long because of her studies. When she finished her studies and went into commerce for a job, she had more time to visit Kai and the twins. Although Mizuki and Mizaki got along fine with Lulu, Mao seemed to be more of the motherly figure. As time went on, Kai finally proposed to Mao when the twins were just starting middle school. They were married within the same year at the beach, with only the closet people to them present. There was a point when the twins could no longer attend the same school because they had stopped aging.

This was exactly sixteen years after Saya had gone to sleep. The twins then decided to go traveling around the world. Lulu went along with them since she had already done some traveling in the past and wanted to see more of the world.

Although Kai was sad that the twins left, he was comforted by Mao, especially when she announced she was pregnant. So twenty five years later, Haji was still guarding Saya and watching Kai's family.

Kai and Mao had twins—one boy and one girl. The boy was name George and the girl was named Irene. Their faces would have been identical if not for their different genders.

George's hairstyle resembled Kai's, except its colour was brown which was inherited from Mao, while Irene had long dark red hair which flowed to the middle of her back. The twins had been attending elementary school for a few years now.

They had just turned nine a few days back. This is where Hagi first meets Saya just a year after her awakening in Okinawa. Soon after, Hagi briefly attempts to approach Saya, but she doesn't recognize, him.

He, in turn, realizes that she is happy, in a way she never was with him. Soon after, however, on of the regular's of Georges bar, a man named Forest, is exposed to Delta and begins turning into a chiropteran. Saya goes to school later that night to collect her forgotten shoes, she is attacked, but Hagi counters it. He offeres Saya his blood to awaken her, she looks at him horrified.

In response, he takes the blood into his own mouth and feeds her his blood with a kiss. Saya awakens temporarily and slays the chiropteran, in time for Kai to come see a blood-splattered Saya.

Appearance Although Hagi is over years old, he maintains the look of a 25 year old man because that is the age at which he became a chevalier. Despite his origins being a complete mystery, he is said to be of Eastern European descent.

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His eye color is pale blue which turns crimson when his Chiropteran powers are unleashed. He usually keeps his hair tied in a ponytail at the nape of his neck with a blue ribbon. In flashbacks, he is shown to have let his hair remain unbound. Attire Hagi is nearly always seen wearing a charcoal suit that has two front and two back tails of equal length. The jacket has a narrow black band at the waist and a black buckled band on his Chriopteran arm.

He pairs the jacket with a white Barrymore shirt, charcoal trousers and black shoes. In the flashback to the Russian village sequence, he is shown bare-chested with a towel around his lower torso.

He is also often seen with his cello case, both a genuine instrument vessel as well as storage for Saya's sword. Characterization Personality When Hagi started living at the Zoo, he was rather taciturn and occasionally rude, partly because Saya herself was spoiled and selfish. It was only after revealing his true circumstances namely, that his parents had sold him to the original Joel for a loaf of bread that they gradually became friends.

While Haji was still living with Saya in France as an adult, he was charming, kind and chivalrous, even parental. These attitudes only grew stronger after Hagi became her chevalier. Hagi is shown to have a rather calm, solitary, stoic and quiet personality for the majority of the series, rarely showing his feeling or talking. When he does, he only says a few sentences and speaks rather monotonously.

It is revealed that he actually gave up showing his emotions after being shocked and disappointed during the Vietnam incident, coming to believe that as Saya's chevalier, his duties are to obey her orders and look after her well-being, keeping his deep feelings for her to himself.

He even goes so far as to avoid ever using his full power, as he ended up frightening Saya the first time he did it.

Hagi is also shown to greatly appreciate his immortal life, as it allows him to watch over Saya during her year periods of sleep. Although considered to be a doormat by several people, Amshel in particular, Hagi is in fact far from it; his number one priority is fulfill Saya's wishes, but he also isn't against voicing his opinion on what he thinks is best for her and does so more and more frequently as the series progresses, particularly after the one-year timeskip. This is notably makes him the complete opposite of Diva's chevaliers; they all spoil Diva rotten, but the majority of them are secretly following their own agendas, with only James being completely loyal to her.

Nevertheless, there are times when Hagi's loyalty can get the better of him, as he would have stood back and let Saya kill herself had Kai not intervened. Throughout his life, even prior to becoming a chevalier, Hagi has always been loyal, not only to Saya, but to her friends and family.

The one time he disobeyed her was when Kai had convinced him to confess his love for Saya and what he wished for. He wished for her to live on because at that point she would no longer have to fight. The two soon kissed afterwards. In his fight with Amshel, in fact, he says that in spite of everything he's been through, he has no regrets whatsoever, just because he was able to meet Saya.

Relationships Saya Hagi did not get along with Saya when they first met at the Zoo. Although obedient, he was taciturn and occasionally rude, partly because Saya herself was spoiled and selfish.

Blood plus - Haji and Saya [Love]

It was only after revealing his true circumstances that they gradually become friends. The fact that she attacked him so violently and without hesitation caused a dark, almost melancholic change in his personality.

One reason on his personality change could be that he blames himself because it was his blood that caused what happen to Saya and what she did in the war. Shortly after the incident, Haji left the Red Shield and his whereabouts were, for the most part, unknown. Although initially distancing himself from Saya following their reunion, he gradually became more affectionate towards his queen again, like when they were in the Zoo.

Their relationship also grew stronger with a year-long absence from the Red Shield, although Saya's personality had considerably darkened, Hagi was still very much in love with Saya. Many speculate that Hagi's personality is quiet and calm because Saya's brutal attack, however it has been shown mutiple times throughout the series that Hagi understands what had happened when she attacked him and Saya has apologized several times. Throughout the end of the series it was shown that Hagi was still in love with Saya until the very end, and Saya, who had lost her memory and had begun regaining it, and was falling in love with him again.

Riku Hagi is shown to have gotten fond of Riku especially when Riku became Saya's chevalier. It was shown that they were always together, and he may have served as an example to Riku on how to be a good chevalier. He encouraged Riku a few times on how he can be of use to Saya, and also taught Riku how to play the cello.

Kai Hagi is jealous of Kai to some extent, since he can make Saya laugh while Hagi seems to upset her many times. This jealousy is more prominent in the manga version rather than the anime.

saya and hagi relationship

He even goes so far as to push Kai into the helicopter, as well as not letting Kai touch Saya. Despite this, Hagi is willing to listen to Kai on occasion, particularly when Kai convinced him to be honest with himself and confess his deep feelings to Saya.

Diva Hagi is not shown to commune with Diva who has a constant disliking of him. Hagi plays the cello, a skill he learned from Saya and later taught to Riku. He usually carries his cello in a large black case that bears a heavy resemblance to a Victorian-era coffin.

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As with most chevaliers, Hagi doesn't need to eat or sleep, and he stays awake while Saya eats, sleeps, or goes into long periods of hibernation. But he does need to feed on human blood, something that he does not succumb to doing.

Throughout the series, Hagi displays great proficiency in close quarters combat, being able to perform swift movements with not only his bare hands but also maneuvers such as leg sweeps and roundhouse kicks. Hagi's chiropteran hand Both hands transformed Blood Attributes: Hagi's blood is capable of healing self wounds.

However, if the wound is inflicted by the queen who has made him chevalier, the regenerated part is likely to take permanent chiropteran form. Saya was forcefully awakened during the Vietnam war by injecting Hagi's blood.

This indicates that Hagi's blood is a source of his queen's chiropteran strength. It can also awaken her chiropteran mode. Saya is shown to consume Hagi's blood several times. Hagi with wings Transformation: Unlike Diva's chevaliers, Hagi never makes a full transformation into a chiropteran form; however, this is by his own choice rather than a limitation of his power.

He only fully transformed into his chiropteran self when he first became chevalier. After seeing him kill people in that form, Saya was frightened, so he never fully transformed again.

saya and hagi relationship

Hagi rarely resorts to using his chiropteran form, unless it is absolutely necessary. He keeps his right hand bandaged most of the time to hide the fact that its form is permanently chiropteran since Saya injured it while going crazy from being forced awake decades ago in Vietnam. Although Chiropterans can heal themselves simply by sticking their severed limbs back on as Solomon did it seems as though Hagi simply left it detached from his body for too long, leaving it unable to change back into human form.

After returning from the battle with Amshel on the final episode, his both hands are shown to have transformed. In the opening credits of the final season, Hagi is shown with bat-like wings, but he does not use them in the series until Episode 43 where he uses them to save Saya from falling off of a building.

During the fight with Amshel, when he uses his wings again, one of his wings is torn by Amshel during the fight on top of the Chrysler Building. Hagi uses his cello-case as a blunt weapon and a shield, and the case also holds Saya's sword. His cello case looks like an old Victorian coffin with a hard metal coating of a odd design and a black lacquer finish. He also fights with a handful of silver daggers that he keeps on his person.