Snake and meryl relationship problems

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snake and meryl relationship problems

"So, Snake do you have any issues you'd like to share with the rest of .. "Okay Meryl, What is your relationship with the Snake brothers?". Although Snake is very much a be-er as a quiet, introverted character, their relationship almost derails her relationship with Snake and caused her [this issue suits Meryl exceptionally well – she's not a soldier, she doesn't. The point is that in MGS1 ending Snake and Meryl seem eager to start a again in MGS4, both with troubled feelings about their relationship.

Fiction M - English - Humor - S. I don't own anything. Wouldn't mind owning Snake though. Stares off dreamily into space Therapy sessions Fri, 4: Big Boss considered to therapy after EVA told him it would help them with their not very natural family problems.

She suggested it to Big Boss after he copped on that Liquid, Snake and Solidus did a number off thing's each to highly piss him off. Snake sat on the left moping about the fact that Big Boss took his lighter, Solidus sat in the middle trying to poke out his right eye with a pen, and Liquid sat on the arm chair thinking of ways to piss off Snake in the next game.

Otacon the councillor leaned forward. I remember Liquid and Snake used to always bully Solidus.

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Are you going to apologize to Solidus? Otacon tightened his grip on his pen and notepad. How about I take each of your boys separately and I'll discuss their problems one by one? What relationship do you have with you're brothers? Otacon sighed as Snake made a long belch and threw his legs over the coffee table. Well I don't exactly understand the question. Well, Me and Liquid just never really got along, the only time we ever laugh together is when we're laughing at Solidus.

How do you feel about him? Eh, Snake why do you smoke? How did it start?

snake and meryl relationship problems

Was it like a… teenage rebellion kind of thing? Is it protecting you from things you don't want to face?

snake and meryl relationship problems

Otacon gave a long sigh. Liquid sat across from him quite comfortably drinking sparkling water.

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W…why have you wanted to kill Snake for so long? Suddenly, Liquid let out a strangled cry. Otacon jumped and grabbed the gun, shaking with fear, just like Snake had taught him to. He soon realised that Liquid did not want to harm him because he was too busy sobbing into his hands.

Otacon was wide-eyed in shock as he handed him a box of tissues. He set the gun back in it's place. I guess I just want to be loved!

I…I'm sure your father loves you. He straightened his jacket and rubbed his eyes.

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Otacon, I'd like your word that this discussion will never leave this office. Solidus raised his eyebrows. Why do you feel like you have to live up to your father's expectations? Otacon thought for a moment. In an attempt to rescue Meryl and complete his mission, Snake engaged in a sniping duel with Wolf and was eventually lured into an ambush by her where he was also captured.

Snake is then put through a series of torture trials by Revolver Ocelot ; at this point, the player's actions dictate Meryl's fate. If the player successfully completes the torture section, Snake rescues a wounded Meryl in the final section of the game and they escape the facility together before their jeep crashes with Liquid Snake 's, allowing them to have their deaths faked by Roy Campbell and Mei Ling.

When Snake informs Campbell of Meryl's death, Campbell reveals that Meryl was actually his biological daughter, conceived from an affair between him and his sister-in-law, and this secret was kept from Meryl by her biological parents and they never get the chance to tell her in this alternate ending the subject of Meryl's paternity is brought up again in Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance during "Confidential Legacy", one of the non-canonical Snake Tales missions.

Sons of Libertystates that Snake and Meryl escaped together.

snake and meryl relationship problems

At first, Meryl dislikes her subordinate Johnny due to his clumsiness and stomach problems, but forgives him after learning he does not have nanomachines in his body and falls in love with him after he saves her life on their missions and ends up marrying him at the end of the story. She also appears in Metal Gear Online as a playable character. Army recruit who is taken captive in order to coerce Colonel Campbell into leading the Gindra operation. Olga Gurlukovicha character resembling Meryl, appears in Metal Gear Solid 2 and plays a vital role within the story.

Hal Emmerich "Otacon" points her resemblance to Meryl in a radio conversation with Snake, which is emphasized further in the Japanese version by the fact that they shared the same voice actress.

WHy did Meryl leave Snake?

Meryl herself appears in Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance an expanded version of MGS2 as a supporting character in a '"Snake Tales" mission titled "Confidential Legacy", in which she takes Olga's place as the boss of the Tanker stage. Her new polygonal model was also used in Substance's "Missions"' mode, as well as in "Casting Theater" mode. This radio drama adaptation of Metal Gear Solid contained non- canonical storylines set after the Shadow Moses incident featuring the characters from the game, where Meryl is an independent covert-op agent working for UN Peacekeeping Force and is wearing the same type of sneaking suit Snake wore in the original game, which was depicted by character designer Yoji Shinkawa in the CDs' booklet.