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What is the relationship between lelouch and euphemia

well, that's easy a relationship is love, romance, friendship, and other In season 2 episode 25, Suzaku Kururugi kills him with the sword Zero uses and. What I'm referring to is how Lelouch refers to Euphie around Suzaku and It's because I cannot honestly write a relationship essay without mentioning the . although there are still those already-mentioned lingering possessive issues on all. about the relationship Suzaku has with his the princess, Euphemia li Britannia. AKA: I read a few RP Advice Meme threads and didn't agree with what I saw.

He launches an operation to capture Suzaku and the Lancelot at a Britannia military base on Shikine Island. It almost succeeds, but Second Prince Schneizel el Britannia appears and orders his floating battleship, the Avalonto bombard the island, intending to sacrifice Suzaku in order to kill Zero.

Inside, Zero begins reorganizing the positions of the core members of the group. He places Tohdoh in charge of military affairs and Diethard in charge of intelligence, espionage, and public relations; Chiba and some others object to the latter, but Zero says it does not matter who they are as long as they can work together. He then places Ohgi as the Deputy Director to the joy of the original resistance members and Rakshata as head of Research and Development.

He then announces the Zero Squad, his elite personal force, and puts Kallen in charge; he then has AsahinaSenbaand Kagesaki be in charge of the first, second, and third divisions respectively, and puts Tamaki in charge of Second Special Forces; Kallen feels honored, but questions why C. Diethard then brings up another matter. Meanwhile, Suzaku 's Knighting ceremony begins. As he walks down the aisle, the people around him begin exchanging racial slurs about him with each other, questioning why an Eleven should be Knighted, why they need to broadcast it, and even wondering if Euphemia has sexual "needs" for Suzaku.

At Ashford Academythe other students become outraged at the idea of an Eleven also instantly becoming a Major in the army, with Nina cowering nearby. After this, he turns around to depart, but no one claps for him except Lloyd as Cecile reveals, it is because he will still be with them ; however, when Darlton also claps, everyone else reluctantly follows suit. Diethard later explains to Zero that now that Suzaku is a Knight, he is seen as a symbol for Japanese that support Britannia as well as Britannians who want to pose as Eleven supporters, and requests that he be assassinated.

Rakshata agrees with him, but Ohgi and Tohdoh, not wanting to kill the truly innocent under impossible circumstances, oppose him. Diethard decides to leave it to Zero. Zero takes time to reflect in his room, and C. Zero admits that it is because of pride and friendship, and C. Euphemia later contacts Cornelia after she appears to shut her out following Suzaku's ceremony. Cornelia acknowledges that it was Euphemia's decision, but that she should have discriminated per Britannia's national policy.

Euphemia, however, affirms that, due to Suzaku's Honorary citizenship and capabilities, he is more than worthy, and she is willing to go against the system. Cornelia retorts by saying she can only ever do that if she is Empress. Charlesmeanwhile, is overseeing construction on a floating palace-like piece of architecture called the Thought Elevator when someone named Schneizel appears behind him, and Charles tells him to stay put against "him".

However, Nina is still in the Student Council room, and is shown to be extremely jealous that Suzaku has become Euphemia's Knight, and Knights are typically lovers of the people they serve, resorting to looking at pictures of her again.

Just then Lloyd appears in the room wanting to take part in the party, and sees that Nina is researching Uranium and how to replicate it. Amazed at Lloyd's intellect, Nina quickly begins rambling about her research. As Milly and Shirley wonder where Nina is, Kallen arrives at the party, prepared to use her pouch to stab Suzaku to death. Ignoring Shirley's request for help serving pizza, Kallen raises the pouch, but her hand is grabbed by Lelouch, who makes the excuse that Shirley wants help.

He offers to help with Kallen's thing, stalling her enough for Suzaku to see them. As Kallen leaves making Shirley suspiciousSuzaku goes up to Lelouch to ask him what he wanted to say the other day; Lelouch asks him to forget about it.

At that moment Lloyd and Nina arrive, the former saying that Suzaku has work, and Suzaku tells Lelouch who he is. Milly approaches him and asks if anything is wrong; when Nina asks about their relationship, Lloyd bluntly states that he and "Honey Bunch" are engaged essentially announcing it to the worldmuch to Milly's embarrassment and everyone else's shock except Suzaku who knew all along.

I Order you, Suzaku Kururugi (episode)

Rivalz then approaches them and, after learning who Lloyd is and hearing from Lloyd that they are already "betrothed" screams in dismay.

Lloyd then informs Suzaku that he has duties with Euphemia, who is meeting with someone else, which Lelouch catches on to. The mission takes them to Shikine Islandalthough they have no idea why exactly it is on the island, and everyone now being fully aware thanks to Lloyd's announcement of the events leaking onto the Internet. Underneath the waves, the Black Knights' submarine makes plans to capture Suzaku, to Tohdoh and Kallen's relief, and Zero announces he will deal with Suzaku himself once he's captured.

A resistance that would have cost countless lives on all sides as it would have brought the Chinese Federation and the EU into the mix. Having already planned his deed out and with his protests falling on deaf ears, Suzaku committed patricide with a hidden knife. Without a leader, Japan fell into confusion within the month and quickly surrendered its territory, honor, and identity to Britannia. Suzaku had wanted to tell Lelouch about the truth of his father's death but was unable to in the end 1.

Suzaku's crime was kept secret and though he lived free of punishment, his guilt of killing his own father and selfishly deciding the fate of the Japanese continued to torment him. However, he does not choose the coward's way out. Suzaku later joins the Britannian army as an Honorary Britanian foot soldier - number When a "poison gas" bomb was stolen, it was he who discovered its whereabouts as well as Lelouch's - a young man whom he had not seen in seven years.

When Suzaku was commanded by his commanding officer to execute Lelouch to hide evidence of C. However, he had been saved from the fatal shot by his father's watch which he keeps at all times on his person.

Through a twist of fate, Suzaku was quickly assigned to be the pilot of a new Knightmare frame named the Lancelot despite his lack of proper title. His skill was made apparent as he is deployed in the Shinjiku ghettos, skillfully fighting off the terrorists and insuring the safety of Japanese civilians.

But instead of getting his laurels for his achievements, he finds himself getting accused of and framed for the murder of Clovis la Britannia.

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He refuses to lash out for the wrongful accusation though he knows that the justice system is flawed, stating that if the system decided it was just for him to die, then it was no system to continue living within.

During his transport to his trial, Suzaku is saved by Zero who took full responsibility for the murder and then simply told Suzaku's captor to release him. More unusual was the fact that Zero then asked Suzaku to join his side - the Order of the Black Knights. Suzaku refused out of distrust for the man and went to his trial out of a personal sense of obligation to the people, trusting that the truth would come out.

Because of Zero's public declaration, Suzaku was quickly acquitted. As he left the building, a young woman suddenly fell from the sky and into his arms.

She urged him to accompany him while "fleeing bad people" and so he did. He spends the day sightseeing with her though he quickly figured out that she had been lying about being chased but failed to realize her true identity until she used her status to stop a military squabble. Realizing that he had been accompanying a Britannian princess the whole time, he pledges to help her.

Euphemia helps Suzaku enroll at Ashford Academy shortly after, saying that he should finish high school. He is pleased to see Lelouch and Nunnally safe at school but convinces Lelouch to deny any previous relationship with him, feeling that it is best to hide it for Lelouch's sake. Without Lelouch's support, Suzaku was shunned at first for being the suspected murderer as well as being a second-class citizen but he quickly gained acceptance after saving Lelouch from falling off of a roof.

Suzaku continues piloting the Lancelot, giving Britannia a great advantage in their campaign to stomp out the new rebellion. He finds the Order of the Black Knights deplorable and his frustration with them built with each confrontation. He fought as an anonymous pilot but was identified when the top of his pod was sliced off in battle and exposed him to the world. Though he was helpless in his situation due to the lack of an ejection seat, Zero and his men retreated in an unexpected turn of events.

More unexpectedly, was Euphemia's sudden decision to make Suzaku her knight. His knighthood was frowned upon by many Britannians but Lloyd and the students of Ashford Academy showed strong support. During the more light-hearted celebration at the school, Suzaku unknowingly and narrowly missed Kallen's assassination attempt. Lloyd showed up midway through the party and gave Suzaku a sudden mission - to accompany Euphemia to a military base to await her older brother Scneizel.

The mission soon became complicated as the Order of the Black Knights also arrived at the base and Suzaku was sent into battle. During the battle, he was lured into a trap that shut off the Lancelot's main power. He was then instructed to step out of the knightmare to speak with Zero and asked again to join the Order. Zero pulled out a trump card when Suzaku refused, discretely revealing that he too knew about Suzaku's crime of patricide.

Suzaku became wary of Zero, gaining an inkling of an idea of just who he could be due to the fact that only two people alive knew about the truth of Gendou Kururugi's death. Suzaku soon received an order to restrain Zero as Britannia fired from all sides. Though it would mean giving up his life, Suzaku followed the order faithfully, successfully restraining Zero and keeping him trapped inside the Lancelot. The two men argued back and forth and when it was clear that Suzaku would follow his order to the death, Zero used his geass and commanded Suzaku to live.

Though Suzaku didn't remember a thing while under the influence of geass, he piloted the Lancelot through cannon blasts and falling missiles, eventually doing something that caused him, Zero, Kallen, and Euphemia to wind up on the beaches of a mysterious island.

He discovered Kallen's identity and places her under arrest. Though she was his prisoner, he treated her kindly and with respect.

He attempted to convince her to leave the Order with little progress. The next morning, they ran across Zero and Euphemia. After a scuffle between the four, the ground suddenly gave way, revealing a cave with archaic runes and a fully-powered Knightmare.

Zero, Kallen, and C. Scneizel's men soon arrived only to place Suzaku under arrest for disobeying orders. The perplexed Suzaku heard a recording of his own voice disobeying direct orders and became conflicted, not remembering the incident at all.

Though Euphemia helped clear his name, Suzaku gave up his knighthood because he was unable to live with his selfish transgression. As Euphemia tried to dispel his uneasiness, he spoke of killing his father.

He said that it was unfair that he was continuously being protected after what he did when others suffered in his place and urged her to take back his title.

He resumed his piloting duties without his knighthood, keeping on a happy face despite his inner turmoil. During the next battle Suzaku was in, Euphemia established a private communication channel with him. To Suzaku's surprise, she ordered him to love her so that she could love him back to the fullest. Suzaku agreed to do so. Still, he could not open himself completely to her, telling her to erase any trace of his existence if anything happened to him, preparing himself to die alone and unattached to anyone as he found himself in an impossible situation - surrounded and out of fuel.

Euphemia unknowingly triggered Suzaku's geass command as she cried out to him to live and Zero showed up soon after to restore his energy cell. The two of them worked together to quash their mutual opponent. Alive and well, Suzaku fully accepted - and shyly - Euphemia's proposal and resumed his position of being her knight. It seemed to be a bright future for Suzaku and Euphemia, their relationship seen as "perfect" by Nunnally.

Their shared view on life and their gentle natures bound them together and it seemed as if that resolve would bring happiness to the Japanese with the establishment of the Special Area Zone - a place where Numbers could be Japanese and live equally. But tragedy struck during the ceremony. Suzaku once again encountered C.

A flood of strange images entered his brain when he touched her and he passed out. He awoke to the sound of screams and gunfire - Britannian soldiers turning the peaceful ceremony into a genocide of all Japanese. Under the orders of Princess Euphemia herself. Finding himself targeted, Suzaku could only run. But he still had faith in Euphemia and used the upgraded Lancelot equipped with a Float System to try to find her in the chaos.

He found her after some time and was relieved to see that she was fine. In the next second, she was shot before his very eyes by Zero. In a rage, he dove forward, pushing the Lancelot to its limits as he retrieved the injured Euphemia and flew back to the Avelon. Despite his best efforts and the efforts of the medical team, it was too late to save Euphemia. During her last few minutes, Suzaku spoke to her, asking her why she gave the order [to slaughter the Japanese].

He was surprised that she did not recall anything. She then asked if the Japanese were happy with the SAZ. Faced with the look of purity on Euphemia's face, he could not tell her what had happened, telling her that they were happy with everything instead.

When he realized that Euphemia was fading away, Suzaku grasped her hands and spoke of how they could attend Ashford Academy together - a desperate attempt to cling onto their impossible future together.

Euphemia simply smiled and told him to carry on at school for the both of them as she passed away. Shortly after her body was taken away, a mysterious boy named V. Heartbroken and distraught, Suzaku found himself consumed by bitter hatred for Zero - a hatred that he knew would consume him and even drive him to kill in a way that he detested.

He spoke of this hatred to Lelouch though he suspected his friend to be Zero and then asked him to tell the students to not look up at the sky for they might see Suzaku as a murderer up there. During the next battle with the Order, Suzaku found himself in the same trap as on the mysterious island. However, he managed to escape death once again thanks to Arthur, a stray cat that he had saved, when the cat diverted a bullet meant for Suzaku.

As Zero fled the battle scene, Suzaku followed. He found Zero on the island in the same room that they had discovered, firing a warning shot as he confronted him. As Zero tried to spin a lie about Euphemia, Suzaku coldly told him that he knew about the power of geass and that it is clear that he believed Zero put Euphemia under its power to simultaneously smear her name and to push his own agenda at the expense of hundreds of thousands of Japanese as well as hers.

Aware of Kallen's presence, he still fires another shot at Zero, cracking open the mysterious mask to reveal what Suzaku had suspected but did not want to believe: The leader of the Order. The murderer of many. The backstabbing "best friend". Lelouch's words only confirmed that as well as the fact that Lelouch would do anything if it meant the outcome was in his favor. He then asked Suzaku of proof that Suzaku was any different and then asked for his help to retrieve Nunnally once more.

Infuriated, Suzaku raised his gun again, unable to trust Lelouch after everything that had happened. Even when Lelouch threatened him with a Sakuradite-powered bomb, Suzaku was not swayed, proclaiming that Lelouch was something that should not exist and that he would be the one to save Nunnally.

Lelouch then raised his own gun and the two shouted the other's name in rage as two shots fired…. The other grazed the barrel of Lelouch's gun. Suzaku managed to subdue Lelouch quickly after that and he yelled to Kallen - as he rips off the Sakuradite bomb - that Zero is Lelouch and that Lelouch had been using her and all the Japanese.

He allows her to escape in distress but takes Lelouch captive. He brings a bound Lelouch before the Emperor, asking to be made a Knight of the Round as a reward for capturing Zero. When Lelouch asks bitterly if Suzaku would even sell out his best friend to achieve his goals of changing the system from within, Suzaku answers yes with a cold expression.

Charles agrees and then gives Suzaku his first order as a Knight of the Round: He holds the thrashing Lelouch still as Charles rewrites Lelouch's memories with his own geass power, erasing his memories of his past as a prince, his mother, of being Zero, and even of his sister Nunnally. After the Ashford Student Counsel is also effectively geassed to have their memories rewritten, the geass-user Rolo Lamperouge is placed and the Secret Intelligence Service is underway, Suzaku leaves to aid in the conquest of the European Union.

A year passes between then and the second season when Suzaku learns of Zero's sudden return to create the United State of Japan while he was off subduing forces in the European Union and aiding in conquering the territory. Unlike before, he is not afraid to use lethal force and he uses it quite well, leading to the Emperor dubbing him "Kishin" 2. His desire to kill Zero remains strong and he swears to Charles that he would be the one to kill Zero.

Suzaku returns to Area 11 as a student in Ashford Academy soon after to see if Lelouch has regained his memories of being Zero. Unable to find clear evidence, Suzaku tells Lelouch that he plans on becoming the Knight of One in order to have the privilege of ruling over any territory that he wanted and that he wanted to chose Japan. He then lets Lelouch talk to the new governor of Area He knows that Lelouch could not ever lie to his sister and that if his memories had returned, then Lelouch would be trapped.

The plan ends in failure due to Rolo's interference with his geass that froze Suzaku in place while Lelouch talked truthfully to Nunnally before pretending that he did not know her. When Lelouch attempts to kidnap Nunnally as she is being brought to Area 11, Suzaku snatches her away and flies her to safety, ironically fulfilling the purpose Lelouch had originally envisioned for him.

He makes certain that she is safe upon arrival and is surprised when Nunnally announces the re-establishment of the Special Administrative Zone of Japan.

When Nunnally asks Suzaku if what Euphemia had tried to do wasn't wrong, he truthfully answers that it wasn't Euphemia who was wrong. He later leads the Briannian navy against the Black Knights to ensure that Nunnally's plans of re-establishing the SAZ will not be dismantled. Instead of tearing down the SAZ, however, Zero announces that he and the Black Knights will cooperate with Nunnally in exchange for being exiled from Area 11 and thus gaining pardon.

They agree that it would be the best thing to do and Nunnally agrees, saying that there are some sins that even she cannot forgive. When the SAZ is reopened with over a million unidentified attendees, the deal for exile was exposed as clever ruse for Zero to take a million of his followers with him.

Zero has all the Elevens participating dress exactly like him, leaving Suzaku no choice but to exile the entire group to prevent another massacre from taking place and to prevent the loss of the people's faith in the new government.

He orders Zero to make a promise that he would protect those who would be exiled. In turn, he makes the promise to protect the Japanese that remained in Area Standing on an empty stage, Suzaku realizes that Zero must know him very well, having banked on the fact that Suzaku wouldn't allow a massacre to take place.

Suzaku is then deployed to the Chinese Federation where the First Prince Odyssus was to marry the Empress who is only a little girl. He does not interfere when Zero appears there with Kallen but steps in when Nina attempts to stab Zero to avenge Euphemia with a knife. The weeping Nina asks him why he was stopping her from exacting justice when he had been Euphemia's knight and an Eleven.

Suzaku wonders sadly why he was doing what he was and that it truly was a great tragedy. Later, Zero kidnaps the Empress during the wedding ceremony and Britannia aids in the recovery of the Empress.

Suzaku personally transfers a captured Kallen transferred into Britannian custody before heading into the battle. He returns to Area 11 soon enough and is called out by Shirley who wished to discuss something with him.

Euphemia li Britannia

But before she could tell him that she wanted to talk about Lelouch and how that she knew that he was Zero, Lelouch showed up. They ended up on a tall building and after a close call with Shirley falling off a ledge, the three of them talk about the time Suzaku saved Lelouch from falling off a roof a year ago. The two boys start becoming like their old selves before they close off once again. He bitterly chides himself for acting so happy when Lelouch had murdered Euphy.

He decides to question Lelouch after the other receives a phone call but Shirley drags him away under the guise of discussing things with him.

She tells him that she loved Lelouch but asks him why he did not like him when they used to be friends. Suzaku replies that he did like him once but that he did something he could not forgive.

Shirley counters with telling him it was only because Suzaku did not want to forgive him, knowing full well that Lelouch had killed Euphy. She then continues to say that she had forgiven Lelouch long ago, hinting to Suzaku that she had regained her memories of Lelouch being Zero and that she forgave him despite the fact that her father had been a civilian casualty. Before Suzaku can be certain, a terrorist threat arrives and Suzaku leaves Shirley in the care of some officers while he went to help with the police and fire department.

However, Shirley winds up dead after that and her autopsy showed that she had most likely shot herself in a fit of despair. In reality, she had been murdered by Rolo. In the aftermath of Shirley's death, Suzaku investigates her "suicide" and comes to the conclusion that Lelouch murdered her. He decides to question Kallen about Zero's true identity, stating that he would use any means necessary to extract the information; even through the use of Refrain if she chose to resist.

Kallen refuses to cooperate and Suzaku responds by asking if she could vouch for Lelouch's innocence while swearing upon Shirley's dead body. He smashes the vial of Refrain and leaves her. Frustrated, he goes to confront Lelouch personally and discovers that the Intelligence Agency is under the effect of Geass, confirming that Lelouch has regained his memories. However, he is hesitant on reporting this information to Charles because he knows Charles will use Nunnally as a hostage.

Anya joins with him and asks him if something was troubling him. He responds that all he did was worry and that he had thought that he knew what he wanted to do eight years ago. Anya ponders the validity of eight-year-old memories, stating that all memories were worthless.

He disagrees and Anya says that many of her own memories do not match up, leading Suzaku to believe that Anya's memories had been tampered with but could not figure out a reason why. Bradley shows up then, flinging his trademark knife at Suzaku and giving him a riddle about what was most important to a person life. He then mocks Suzaku, stating that warming up the ladies was still his forte and started to insult Euphemia to which Suzaku responded by threatening a duel if Bradley dared to continue his statement.

Bismark shows up as well, scolding the lot of them for bickering and announced that they were to join forces with Schenizel in the case of an invasion from the Black Knights 3. Bradley leaves, calling Suzaku mere Honorary who knew nothing about lineage. Suzaku then meets up with Lloyd and Cecile, and learned that he was to be piloting the Lancelot that was now fitted with a F. A bomb a very powerful new weapon created by Nina.

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Cecile protests while Anya remarks that it would be genocide against one's own people. Nina asks Suzaku if he still feels kinship with Elevens and if he could weld the weapon against them as Euphemia's knight if she entrusted it to him.

He does not answer her. Lelouch contacts Suzaku right after the creation of the United Federation of Nations is cut short by the Emperor's appearance. Suzaku asks Lelouch was truly Zero and Lelouch confirms it, angering Suzaku. Lelouch pleads with Suzaku to protect Nunnally during the upcoming battle of Tokyo and from the Emperor out of pure desperation.

Suzaku agrees to his request, but only if Lelouch meets him alone at the Kururugi shrine. Lelouch shows up and Suzaku shows Lelouch the pin of knighthood that Euphemia gave to him. While holding it up, he questions Lelouch about all the things that bothered him: Euphemia's madness and Shirley's death.

When the other takes the blame for both while not explaining himself, Suzaku stomps on Lelouch's head, forcing the boy's head to the gravel. With tears in his eyes, Suzaku asks angrily of Lelouch thought he'd forgive him just because of that. If anyone - those manipulated by Lelouch or killed because of Lelouch - would ever forgive him. When even Euphy had been killed.

He grinds his heel harder against Lelouch's head and states that in order for him to be able to forgive Lelouch, that Lelouch had to bring Euphy back from the dead and to save the world, bitterly mocking Lelouch for proclaiming himself to be a so-called "man of miracles".

When Lelouch belabors the point that he could not go back in time and fix what he did, Suzaku angrily yanks him up and throws him backwards, demanding to know why Lelouch put the "live" geass upon him, tainting his convictions with that wretched curse. He asks more and more questions concerning actions that saved those close to him: Why did he save the Student Counsel when they were hostages? All of Lelouch's answers drew blame only to himeslf and Suzaku recongized the look in Lelouch's eyes as one who was hiding something by taking all the wrongful blame to protect someone else.

They were the eyes of his dying father when he was protecting Suzaku from blame and that was the reason why Suzaku had joined the Britannian army…to make sure such a tragedy would not happen again. He calls Lelouch out on it and says that the only way to atone for his sins was to make his lies real. In short, Lelouch had to truly become the ally of justice as Zero and to make the world a better place via peaceful means.

Suzaku promises then that he would take care of things on his side and protect Nunnally, doing everything once again for Nunnally's sake. As Lelouch was about to agree, Britannian forces appear, including Schneizel's right hand man, Kanon who tells Suzaku that he did a fine job in ending the war.

The last of Lelouch's trust shatters from one betrayal too much. Kanon tells Suzaku that they had been keeping an eye on him because Schneizel ordered them to do so: A few moments later after Lelouch was taken into custody, he escapes.

Suzaku is brought in to be questioned by Schneizel about information that only he knew. Once again, his loyalties were questioned as was his conflicting identity. Kanon admonishes Suzaku later saying that if only Suzaku had told Schneizel about Lelouch earlier that the war did not have to happen. Unable to punish Suzaku, he leaves, saying that Suzaku should find a way to punish himself. Suzaku is once again at a loss, wondering if he truly did have to bear F.

Suzaku attempts to reconnect with Lelouch over the skies of Tokyo before the start of battle, warning him that he was carrying a very destructive warhead and that it was best that the forces draw back before he was forced to use it. But Lelouch had cast away their friendship and any lingering trust he had in Suzaku's words and the battle commences. Suzaku is forced to battle the escaped Kallen in her improved Guren.

Though Lloyd advises him to flee, Suzaku insists on dealing with Zero and remains in battle. Because of the heavy upgrades to the Guren by Lloyd and Cecile, the Guren had become far more powerful than the Lancelot. Kallen easily outmatches Suzaku, damaging the Lancelot severely and soon goes to deliver the killing blow.

Driven to the edge, Suzaku realizes he cannot win and comes to terms with his death as an atonement.