Tk and rachel relationship

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tk and rachel relationship

The winners, much like their predecessors, I found to be bland, however I prepared for a TK & Rachel win since most of TAR's winners are very. 'The Bachelorette' Pair Started Their Relationship Amongst A Lot Of The finale was tough to watch, as Peter and Rachel seemed like a better. Hometown: Huntington Beach, Calif. T.K. Erwin and Rachel Rosales are hoping to put their new relationship to the test while enduring the rigors of the "Race.".

Rachel could barely stand on her to feet without some ones helps. Ivy was kickass powerful with a need for love.

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And Rachel was a weak ass earth witch who made choice with her heart and not brain. They balanced each other Ivy was the sword and Rachel was the magic and Jenks the mirror. Ivy fixed Rachel and Rachel fixed Ivy, and who gets the prize? Rachel did what she wanted and Ivy picked up the pieces, Ivy did what she wanted and Rachel picked up the pieces. They understood each and by the end they were working amazing together without the fall out.

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The scene where they took out the coven it was like the finally they figured it out. And then I think about Trent and what he did for her to make her a better person, I come up empty. And I tried to force myself to like Trent so that I could continue reading without gagging.

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But he locked her in cage, put her in a ring to fight to the death 1st attempt to killhunted her down like an animal 2nd attempt, which severely traumatized the women if you've forgottenslammed her head into a tombstone 3rd attemptblackmailed her, killed in front of her, lied, cheated, and a released demon in my hometown Las Vegas, I loved Margaretville that killed thousands of innocents, oh yeah and he abducted his kid from her MOM, it what universe is that okay?

In what universe is any that okay to do someone you love? I mean gosh Nick was nicer to her then Trent. At least he only tried to kill her once with a knife, and when he hit her at least he had the courtesy to use his hand and not a freaking tombstone. I honestly believe the book was rigged because of someone homophobia, around book 6 I could feel the books slowly starting to force feed me the Trent crap.

I mean making Jenks apologize for not liking Trent red flag anyone? She is flipping through a book of Lionel Richie sheet music when Jesse approaches her saying, "Lionel Richie, huh? One of my favorites. James was speaking to her as she already knows him as the lead singer of their rival Glee Club, Vocal Adrenaline.

He critiques her performance of Don't Rain on My Parade at Sectionals, claiming it lacked the emotional depth of Barbra Streisand's version; however, he takes her sheet music, smiles, and admits that she is talented.

He also admits he often comes to the music store to "flip through the autobiographies to pick up some lifestyle tips. After they sing the whole music store applauds them, and he asks her out. Later, we see that Rachel has a picture of Jesse in her locker, and when Finn asks Rachel to take him back after he dumped her for Santana and Brittanyshe rejects him. She tells him about Jesse, and Finn claims that Jesse is playing her, as he is lead of their competition at Regionals.

She defends their relationship however and says that their love and respect for each other's talent will carry them through their Romeo and Juliet relationship.

In an act of jealousy, Finn tells Mr. Schuester and the rest of the Glee Club about Jesse and Rachel's relationship. The other members of New Directions are uneasy about the relationship and threaten to kick Rachel out of the club if she doesn't break up with Jesse.

Rachel would much rather be with Jesse. Later, we see Rachel in Carmel High 's auditorium where she encounters Jesse once again. She expresses her concerns about their relationship and tells him that if he is just playing her, she'll be heartbroken.

Jesse kindly laughs at her dramatics and eases her worries.

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He reintroduces himself, not as her competition but as "Jesse, the guy who's nuts about [her]. The guy who would never hurt [her]. He then kisses her, and Shelby CorcoranVocal Adrenaline's coach, sees this kiss. Rachel tells the rest of New Directions that they are broken up.

When Jesse suggests that they should have sex, Rachel is hesitant. Jesse appears surprised that Rachel is a virgin and claims that sex is "no big deal. When Rachel discusses this incident with the other girls in Glee Club, Santana realizes that Rachel and Jesse are still dating and informs the other members of New Directions.

tk and rachel relationship

Rachel finds Jesse in the Sondheim biography section, as Jesse claims only Sondheim can "properly express his melancholia. Jesse looks surprised and hugs her, and they both smile. When Jesse comes over to 'do the deed,' Rachel frets in her bathroom. They share a dream sequence where they sing and dance to Like a Virgin along with EmmaWillFinnand Santanabut at the end of the sequence, the camera cuts to Rachel who is still in her bathroom.

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Jesse knocks on the bathroom door asking Rachel to come out so they can talk or sing about their situation. Rachel leaves the bathroom and admits that she can't go through with it as she feels that she's be betraying her team and is, in fact, truly not ready to do "it. He claims that he was worried that being on opposing teams would hurt or damage their relationship, so he transferred to avoid that problem.

tk and rachel relationship

When Rachel asks why he's doing this, he tells her. Rachel is happy that Jesse transferred, but many of the other members of New Directions are upset about him joining, as they fear he will steal their solos. Finn, upset about Rachel and Jesse's relationship, approaches Rachel and expresses his annoyance that Rachel chose Jesse over him.

Upon seeing them, Jesse approaches Rachel and challenges Finn to a sing-off over Rachel, but Finn instead welcomes Jesse to New Directions and claims that he will try not to interfere with Rachel and Jesse's relationship. Jesse smiles and say that Rachel's "a keeper. At the end of the number, Rachel jumps into Jesse's arms, and he swings her around in a big hug while both smile excitedly. While Jesse and Rachel make out at the beginning of the episode, the introduction to Hello Twelve, Hello Thirteen, Hello Love is played in the background.

Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff recorded this song for the previous episode. It did not make the final cut and was replaced by their duet of Hello. They are shown sitting together during various rehearsals, and they skate together when the Glee Club visits April's skating rink.

When Mercedes becomes light-headed, she imagines several characters as food, including Jesse as a hamburger and Rachel as a cupcake. In her fantasy, they are walking through the cafeteria together and chatting happily about Funny Girl. During Mercedes' introduction at the school's pep rally, Rachel is sitting on Jesse's lap looking content.

Jesse hugs her around the waist and sings happily with her as the rest of New Directions join Mercedes in her rendition of Beautiful. Bad Reputation After Mr. Schue 's performance of Ice Ice BabyRachel says it was good, but Jesse could have done a better job. When Rachel discovers her reputation at school is worse than she thought due to her very low ranking on the Glist, she decides to make a music video to Run Joey Run. She triple-casts Puck, Finn and Jesse as her boyfriend in the video, and when she shows the video to the Glee Club, the three are very angry with her.

Jesse tells her he's mortified and is extremely put off by the video. Later on, he confronts Rachel by her locker.

Rachel tries to get him to understand by telling him she has a pathological need to be popular and would expect him to understand as a fellow star in the making. He agrees on that level, but as the guy who gave up everything to be her one and only, he can't see past this. Rachel is disheartened and sadly tells him she knew he'd break her heart. Jesse humorlessly tells her that even though everybody thinks he's the big heart-breaker, she broke his heart first.

He straightens up and puts on a strong show face, asking her to not talk to him in ballet club. Rachel is sad and seems like she doesn't know what to do, but she knows she messed up. It seems as if Jesse is also saddened by the situation, but he doesn't forgive Rachel and ends up walking out at the end of the performance along with the rest of New Directions.

This is seemingly the beginning of when Rachel and Jesse 'take a break' in their relationship, although they don't actually break up. Laryngitis Jesse does not make an appearance in this episode since he goes away with some of his Vocal Adrenaline friends who are on spring break. He leaves because he is still upset about the Run Joey Run fiasco.

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When Rachel catches laryngitis, Finn takes her to the doctor. She finds out she might need surgery, and when she asks Finn for his opinion on the matter, he angrily replies, "Why don't you ask your boyfriend?

Oh wait, you can't because he's not here. It is never acknowledged whether or not Jesse finds out about this. Dream On In the beginning of the episode, Jesse returns from spring break.

He watches her practicing a Laurie's big ballet routine from Oklahoma, and she stops dancing when she realizes he is there.

After exchanging casualties things are still tense between them since Jesse left for spring break right after the Run Joey Run ordealhe asks her what she's performing. When she tells him, she also confesses it's her dream to play the title roles in Evita and Funny Girl and Laurie in Oklahoma. Jesse slowly approaches her telling her that isn't a dream: The one thing that you know if it came true, all of the hurt would go away. You singing Don't Cry For Me Argentina in front of a sold out crowd isn't a fantasy—it's an inevitability.

tk and rachel relationship

Rachel confesses she thought he wouldn't come back to which he replies, "And miss all your drama? They walk down the hall, and Jesse asks Rachel what she wants most when she lies awake in bed at night and what's missing from her life, and Rachel simply replies, "My mom.