Varun gandhi and rahul relationship with wife

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varun gandhi and rahul relationship with wife

Relations, See Nehru–Gandhi family. Children, 1. Mother, Maneka Gandhi. Father, Sanjay Gandhi. Residence, New Delhi, India · Alma mater · University of London. As of 16 May, Source: [1]. Varun Gandhi (born 13 March ) is an Indian politician. He is a member of Parliament for . He denounced Rahul Gandhi's infamous outburst against the controversial. Apr 3, Unlike their mothers Rahul Gandhi and Varun Gandhi seem to bond well. They were there to console Varun and his wife. Back in , there. Apr 29, Varun Gandhi, who is generally seen taking sharp digs at his cousin the subject of giving medical and legal aid to women married to NRI.

She would often come to my house and my nani, mother and aunt grew very fond of her. I asked me mother how she liked Yamini and she said she found her very cultured. Then I asked if she wanted Yamini as her daughter-in-law. I saw tears of joy in her eyes.

varun gandhi and rahul relationship with wife

I decided to propose to Yamini then itself. I am overjoyed that I am marrying my best friend. I had gained so much weight eating what she made.

varun gandhi and rahul relationship with wife

I love the arhar dal, baigan bharta, sweet-sour potatoes and baigan raita she makes. Rahul and Priyanka are not going to Varanasi It would have been nice if Rahul and Priyanka attended the wedding. Rahul and I spoke on the phone and he told me he had a hairline fracture on his right foot. Priyanka is down with viral. I personally invited my aunt Sonia for the wedding.

We had to cancel the reception on March 8, otherwise she was sure to attend it.

varun gandhi and rahul relationship with wife

We will come back to Delhi after the wedding ceremony in the morning. The wedding will be at Shankracharya ashram The muhurat is at 7.

Yamini will wear the same sari my mother wore for her wedding. The sari was then bought by my nani for Rs 1 lakh.

Varun Gandhi-Yamini Roy tie the nuptial knot

I will wear a cream-coloured Rohit Bal ensemble. You tell me when I am marrying. Why is marriage so important for the heir apparent and PM-in-waiting?

Will Rahul Gandhi Ever Marry?

The bloodline that runs the Congress and has controlled the government for over 50 years of independent India's year history must continue. In dynastic politics who you marry is important, even for minor dynasties, as was evident in the private unease which greeted Sachin Pilot's unorthodox marriage to Sara Abdullah, Farooq's daughter.

Sociologist Shiv Viswanathan says "marriage is a microcosm of Indian politics. The young dons have been presented as technocrats, but if one thing qualifies them for their work, it is family, which is still the idiom for a lot of our politics.

Her parents are Spanish but she has been living in Venezuela for a long time. Nehru warned Indira that "marriage may make or mar one's life". On Feroze, he was careful but also cutting: As for Maneka, 17 to Sanjay's 28 at the time of marriage, she wrote to her friend Dorothy Norman, "I had some misapprehensions about the whole thing as Maneka is so very young However, she seems to have fitted in and is a gay and joyous person to have around.

In an interview to the Jeddah-based Saudi Arabian daily Arab News inwhich the government machinery then scrambled to deny, she had said how Maneka had been put there by "some forces from the very beginning". She did not explain who those forces were, or what they wanted to do. In contrast, Sonia's children have had comparatively unheralded private lives.

Priyanka Gandhi married Robert Vadra in and has stayed married, despite the jewellery exporter's occasionally embarrassing family mishaps and even more embarrassing commitment to bodybuilding. Priyanka, who dated Vadra for six years, has always been the more public of the two, having first been spotted in the front row at her husband's British School buddy Ashish Soni's debut fashion show where Arjun Rampal first walked the ramp.

varun gandhi and rahul relationship with wife

Vadra is a friend's friend. Rahul, two years older, is now part of the extended brotherhood but is not so bubbly.

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A warm and loving uncle to Priyanka's children, he seems in no hurry to have a child who could become the Congress candidate for prime minister in Historian Ramachandra Guha notes that once upon a time, not to marry was regarded as a real act of piety and patriotism.

But now I think we are comfortable with politicians not just being married, but also having many affairs. Certainly, there is no shortage of speculation in Delhi society about who could be dating Rahul. Or indeed if he is dating at all. With marriage the recognised rite of passage to adulthood in a country that sniffs at adulterythe Indian bachelor is the odd-man-out, and expected to stand in loco parentis, bringing up brothers and sisters, forsaking his own householder role.

That's not the case with Rahul, either in kinship terms or politically, notes sociologist Patricia Uberoi. So waiting for Rahul, the international man of mystery, to commit to anything, has become as much a national sport when it comes to his politics as his personal life. It must be a welcome relief then, in an era when British Prime Minister David Cameron has three children, that the new Labour leader Ed Miliband, at 41, has never married.