Wade and shaq relationship

Shaq “Jealous” Of Dwyane Wade’s Farewell Tour

wade and shaq relationship

Shaq rants at Barkley with rift that touches on Riley, Wade, Heat '06 title If you don't have a great relationship with your best player, you're. Personally, I think it's because Wade was just a smoother baller and shooting guard. WAY more willing to distribute than Kobe. What y'all think?. Whatever bitterness Dwyane Wade might have had toward Shaquille O'Neal - the although he had a good relationship with coach and executive Pat Riley.

It's tough to make a decision when you know you get a couple days to make this decision and it's not gonna be the most popular decision because of X, Y and Z. It's about doing what I want to do at this moment. Not saying I didn't do what I wanted, I always did what I wanted, but it's continuing to have the ability to do that. I put myself first for once. I didn't say, hey, I waited on Miami to come to me.

At the end of the day, I could've come back to Miami and made great money. The contract they offered me was good.

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By the time it got to me, my heart was somewhere else. The players come and go laughs. That's just not who I am, I've seen this business early on. I'm not that cocky guy like that. I knew it was a possibility, either they might've gotten rid of me or I may have gotten an opportunity to go elsewhere. I did everything in my power to be one of those guys, and that's all you can do. And then it got to a point where, you know what, it was no more I could do.

I had to go and do what's best for myself and my family and my future when it comes to my happiness. I want to feel wanted as well. Who doesn't want to feel appreciated? I love that guy. I know how he is. He's stubborn just like I am.

I wanna see those young kids grow. I'm focused on here and what I can do here. I'm not focused on anything else. I don't know how I'll feel, what it'll look like. I'll get ready when it comes.

wade and shaq relationship

The coaches would also tell the team they did not see the selfishness in Bryant that the players saw. Winter even put together a video for O'Neal to show that Bryant was playing his role correctly.

Inthe Lakers won the title again; however, O'Neal and Bryant began feuding during the season. O'Neal came into training camp out of shape, which disappointed Jackson and also Bryant, who worked hard over the offseason to improve his game.

wade and shaq relationship

Bryant was leading the league in scoring as began, and Jackson said Bryant was playing the best ball of his career. O'Neal was shooting below 50 percent during stretches, and his free throw shooting was in the 20 percent range. And now we're 23— You figure it out I don't know why anybody else would want to change — other than selfish reasons.

It doesn't display my talent I'm the one who has to get into shape, I'm the one who has to be ready for the second half run. I'm the one who has to close the middle down like I did last year.

He's not blaming everybody else. The Lakers won their last eight games to finish the regular season with 56 wins. Bryant, upon returning from an injury, was willing to build off of O'Neal now that the center was in shape and playing defense. After the lone loss, which was in the opening game of the NBA Finals against the Philadelphia 76ersJackson criticized O'Neal for his lack of defense. O'Neal finished Game 2 with 28 points, 20 rebounds, 9 assists and 8 blocks. O'Neal missed training camp due to surgery on an arthritic toe.

He opted against a more involved surgery to return back quicker.

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Combined with the September 11 attacks on the World Trade CenterO'Neal said it would be hard for basketball players to be divided by pettiness. The team was several games under. O'Neal was sidelined with hallux rigidusa degenerative arthritis in his toe.

Still, the relationship between O'Neal and Bryant remained peaceful. Jackson had ordered Bryant to be more aggressive. They defeated the Minnesota Timberwolves in six games, but were eliminated by eventual champion San Antonio Spurs in the conference semifinals. O'Neal said his and Bryant's past barbs in the press was "almost like a game. Bryant responded that he knew how to play the guard position, and O'Neal should worry about the low post.

O'Neal added that he would voice his opinions as he saw fit because the Lakers were his team. He said that if Bryant, who would be a free agent at the season's end, didn't like what O'Neal had to say, Bryant should just opt out since O'Neal said "I ain't going nowhere. Bryant claimed that O'Neal came into training camp "fat and out of shape", that O'Neal blamed others for the team's defeats, and that O'Neal previously exaggerated the degree to which injuries had affected his game as a cover for simply being out of condition.

Bryant criticized O'Neal's public lobbying for a contract extension when "we have two future Hall of Famers Malone and Payton playing here pretty much for free". He also criticized O'Neal for only taking responsibility when the team won. He accused O'Neal of threatening not to put forth his best effort if he was not passed the ball more often. Bryant was also upset that O'Neal did not personally contact him amidst his legal troubles in the summer.

Shaw reprimanded O'Neal for yelling "Pay me" at Buss after dunking during a preseason game. Bryant, still disappointed at the support he received over the summer, told O'Neal, "You're supposed to be my friend. However, the Lakers lost Malone for three months to a knee injury during the winter. Jackson had a contract offer outstanding from the Lakers, but he had not acted on it.

The Lakers had hoped O'Neal would take less money due to his age, physical conditioning, and games missed due to injuries. Injuries hampered Los Angeles, keeping them as the fourth seed in the Western Conference midway through the season. The team never came together defensively. Winter said, "Even though Shaq was a big presence, he was not a great shot blocker. And he didn't like to play the screen and roll, so he put his teammates in jeopardy.

He didn't like to help [on defense]. He scored 37 in the second half and tied a team record with 24 in the fourth quarter as the Lakers won in overtime. Against Sacramento in April, Bryant took just one shot in the first half against tight defense.

He finished the game with eight points. An anonymous teammate told the Los Angeles Times, "I don't know how we can forgive him. He played way too passively. He had one big game He's always interested in being a scorer, but he hasn't had nearly enough concentration on defense and rebounding. At the news conference after the final game, O'Neal addressed the uncertainty around Coach Phil Jackson's now-expired contract, and Bryant's impending free agency, which meant either or both might not return to the Lakers the next season.

With regard to the issue of people possibly leaving the team, O'Neal commented that he understood that everyone would need to do what was best for themselves, then adding "including me". Many sports analysts and spectators assumed that this was because of Bryant, who had at times voiced displeasure with Jackson's offensive scheme. Bryant said he enjoyed playing with both Jackson and O'Neal, and he said he did not influence the Lakers' decisions regarding the two. Regardless, newspapers the next day criticized Bryant for his alleged manipulation of the team.

He could have said something.

wade and shaq relationship

He didn't say anything. There was no way ownership could give him what he wanted. Shaq's demands held the franchise hostage, and the way he went about it didn't please the owner too much. According to reports, Bryant stated that he should have paid off his women so that they wouldn't say anything, like O'Neal.

It also was reported that investigators had told O'Neal of Bryant's supposed statements shortly after the investigation had begun. O'Neal denied these claims, stating that Bryant had no idea about O'Neal's personal business since the two of them rarely spent any time together.

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O'Neal went as far as to say that he "[wasn't] the one buying love, [Bryant was] the one buying love", a reference to Bryant's purchase of a multi-million dollar diamond ring for his wife in the aftermath of the revelation that Bryant had been unfaithful to her. The game registered the NBA's highest regular season television ratings since and would hold its spot until a Christmas Day meeting between the Lakers and the Boston Celtics.

During the game, Bryant was fouled by O'Neal several times but the contacts were not excessive. O'Neal fouled out late in the fourth quarter but the Heat still won the game in overtime, led by up-and-coming star, Dwyane Wade. Bryant missed a potentially game-winning shot as time expired.

When asked about the brick wall comment, Bryant said, "I knew there was a lot of talk about the brick wall and all that. But I think that was kind of just to hype the game. Hopefully, this is all behind us now.

It's old news to me. Bush after his fourth championship. In the following season, Bryant and O'Neal did not engage in further public attacks. However, hard feelings were apparently still present when they refused to refer to each other by name while talking to the media. The Lakers and the Heat faced off again on Christmas Day inwith the Heat winning the second time. Unlike last year, Bryant and O'Neal did not shake hands nor make eye contact with each other before and after the game.

Shaq “Jealous” Of Dwyane Wade’s Farewell Tour

O'Neal said, "It was just another game to me. It is what it is. The two shook hands and hugged before tip-off. In his autobiography, Shaq Uncut: