Meet the breeds 2015 javits


meet the breeds 2015 javits

"Meet the Breeds" is being presented by the Westminster Kennel Club, and is NOT being held at the Javits center. and/or visit their website: http://www. The AMC will also have an information booth at Meet the Breeds on The WKC Show, February , , will allow dogs of any breed or no breed at annual Meet the Breeds Show at New York City's Jacob Javits Center. America's most fashionable felines worked the runway at the third annual AKC Meet the Breeds event at the Javits Center in New York City.

AKC’s Meet The Breeds 2015: Wally the #Corgi and Friends!

Lovers of purebred dogs are enamored of these creatures for a variety of breed-specific features. Some are partial to large dogs like the Bull Mastiffothers to small ones like the minute Xolo.


Some dog lovers are drawn to long-coated dogs like the Bearded Collie ; others, to dogs with an untamed haircoat like the Chinese Crested. For some people, the attraction to a particular breed of dog is not its physical characteristics, but its skills.

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For example, the trustworthy Labrador is a wonderful guide dog. Billed as an event where families can meet dog breeds and over 50 cat breeds, the event promises to have something for everyone. Consider This From my veterinary viewpoint, health is a critical issue when choosing a family dog. Before selecting a new puppy for your family, do your homework.

meet the breeds 2015 javits

Everyone in the family, a dog included, will have health issues during their lifetime. To get started, check the website of the national breed club for your breed. Most national breed clubs devote a section of their website to the health issues AND the ongoing research into those issues for their particular breed.

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Researchers reviewed the medical records of over 70, dogs and classified the cause of death by breed. This information helps owners of purebred dogs to monitor for disease related clinical signs and intervene before a crisis occurs. In this study, Dachshunds were most likely to die from neurological disorders.

Weight control and proper exercise can help to avoid this problem. Like humans, older dogs are more likely to die of cancer and five breeds were associated with an increased risk of cancer: Setting up was not easy, as the event was held on one of those long piers near the Intrepid Air and Space Museum.

meet the breeds 2015 javits

So cold that Daphne snugged in our faux potato bags we creates as we hauled our props out to the display area on the Piers. I designed some quick stencils that might looks as if they came from old, Irish farms, and my friend Jess used her laser machines to cut the stencils which Joe spray painted onto some burlap bags that he sewed together last week. I had a few rules for the booth design, most of which stated that there could not be any clovers, green plaid or gaelic type, as I felt that these would be more cliche, and perhaps be the go-to motif's for the other breed groups with dogs of Irish heritage.

meet the breeds 2015 javits

My vision paid off - Whiskey Bar meets Brooklyn Hip. The entire background of the booth consisted of a large banner which I designed as if Ralph Lauren was featuring the Irish Terrier in his flagship store windows on Lexington Avenue.

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I was inspired by a true story about Mr. Selfridge of PBS famefounder of Selfridges in London, who was so in love with the Irish Terrier that he held an exhibition in his store at the turn of the century. A detail of one of the bags we stuffed them with old clothes Our final award-winning booth which was featured everywhere in the media on Sunday after we won the blue ribbon for the best in the terrier groups. I even designed a new brochure for the Irish Terrier Club of America to use.

‘Meet the Breeds’ event is a crazy dog lady’s paradise

The banner was huge, at 20 feet long, it was one of the largest banners there, and it looked like an ad for a feature film! I couldn't help myself, but it all paid off in the end. Unfortunately, he did not win at this show, coming in second again and Best of Opposite Sex, but we still enjoyed the big event at Madison Square Garden, which was very exciting.

Joined by our good friend Abbie Zabar, we sat, sipped beer and watched the spectacle without the added stress of thinking that we might have to be on Good Morning America in the morning!

OK, it would have been fun, but really, I had nothing to wear! Back to gardening later this week as we come home.