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Dennis Quaid brings the heat in ''The Rookie'' Actors are like candy wrappers — you buy a candy bar, you want to know what you're going to get. out and there's that Saturday phone call with the funereal voice on the other. The Rookie is a American sports drama film directed by John Lee Hancock and produced by Walt Disney Pictures. It is based on the true story of Jim Morris, who had a brief, but famous Major League Baseball career in – The film stars Dennis Quaid, Rachel Griffiths, Jay Hernandez, and Brian Cox. In September, Jim is told that the Major League club has called him up, and. The Rookie begins with showing Jim Morris' youth as a part of a military family that moved around a lot. as Quaid's great reaction to receiving the news that he was called up to the majors. As the film goes on, Dennis Quaid starts to open up more and talks "You know what we get to do today Brooks?.

He later gets a chance when he is drafted by the Milwaukee Brewersbut he tears up his shoulder, ending his hopes of achieving his lifelong dream. Years later inJim, married with three children, is a high school science teacher, as well as head baseball coach. His team, the Big Lake Owls, is very unsuccessful with many of his players skilled, but unmotivated, especially with very little community support. One day after practice, the team catcher offers to play catch with Jim. There it is revealed that Jim may still have his fastball, and it is soon displayed to the rest of the team.

The Owls believe that Jim could possibly pitch in the major leagues and offer him a deal: If the Owls can win district and make the state playoffs, Jim will try out again, which Jim accepts. Furthermore, the team urges him to throw his fastball in batting practice, which immensely improves their hitting. The Owls end up winning district and after their final win, the team tells Jim that, since they kept up their end of the deal, it is now his turn to do his part.

After the Owls' season ends with a loss in the state tournament, Jim is told of a tryout nearby for the Tampa Bay Devil Raysand Jim goes, without telling his wife, afraid that her fear of him re-injuring his shoulder would keep him from going.

After his tryout, the professional scouts discover his ability to repeatedly throw a baseball at 98 miles per hour. The lead scout tells Jim that he could be signed to a minor-league deal. Morris writes in "The Rookie" that in Big Lake had 55 players try out for the team, "of whom 15 were legitimate varsity baseball players. In real life, they were coming off a season. The story hinges on a promise -- if the hapless Owls "win district" and go to the state playoffs, Morris will go to a major-league tryout.

Morris "reminds" his team they had only one win in each of the last three seasons. Reagan dropped down to a division for smaller schools inand was coming off a season, with the core of that team returning. The team won the District A championship, making the playoffs for the first time since Morris pulls his pickup off the side of the road near a speed display board.

He throws a pitch past the board in order to measure its speed. A speed display board can measure anything that goes by in a straight line.

However, a roadside board wouldn't pick up a baseball, unless its sensors were adjusted to pick up something that small. Morris has some difficulty deciding whether to leave Big Lake, where he lives and has lived since he was a boy, for a better, more lucrative job in Fort Worth. His wife, Lorri, also works at Big Lake as a counselor, although we only see her at the school in an early scene.

Because he didn't have a teaching certificate, Morris could no longer teach at Reagan County after He had to leave the job. And Morris never lived in Big Lake -- his home was 70 miles away, in the town where Lorri worked and still works in admissions at Angelo State University. Grass won't grow on the Owls' home field because deer are eating the seed that has been spread on the dry, dusty surface.

In order to get the grass to grow, sympathetic locals drive the deer away by spreading human hair, collected from the local barbershop, all around the field, to scare away the deer, who presumably would be frightened by the scent.

It works, and the grass grows. There was grass on the field when Morris arrived in Big Lake, according to Roy Levario, the father of one of the real Owls.

Jim Morris was with a 4. In his book, Morris does write of spending much time nurturing the field, saying it "looked like an abandoned tract gone to seed.

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But could that have been why the field, within a few weeks, went from a desert-like surface to a lush, green one? The Devil Rays hold an open tryout in San Angelo -- which, it appears from a road sign in the movie, is 97 miles from Big Lake.

San Angelo is 70 miles from Big Lake.

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But the tryout Morris attended was in Brownwood -- which is 97 miles from San Angelo. At the Devil Rays tryout, Morris shows up wearing blue jeans and pitches wearing blue jeans -- which is pretty much all he wears throughout the film, although he does don an Owls uni during games. Morris, who'd been playing competitive softball for years, wore his softball pants while trying out.

Morris, the last pitcher to take the mound at the tryout, throws 98 mph, and later he tells Lorri that the scouts thought something was wrong with their radar guns. At the tryout, Morris did throw 12 straight at 98 mph, and the scouts did, indeed, double-check their radar guns. Morris returns home from the tryout the same day and there are already messages from the Devil Rays, saying they want another look.

After many, many, moves the family finally ends up in a small West Texas town. The movie then fast-forwards to show Jim Morris grown into a family man who is fully settled in this small Texas town and is coaching the high school baseball team as well as teaching science. Through conversations we learn that he was drafted by the Brewers while in Jr. College, but had to give it up due to an arm injury. - Page2 - 'The Rookie' in reel life

One day, while playing catch, he shows that he can still throw the heat. Then, during a pep talk after a loss, he makes a deal with the kids: And they do, and he does. Morris impresses the Devil Rays scouts with his 98 MPH fastball and he eventually makes it to their AA team, then their AAA team, and finally the majors where he will pitch for the next two years before finally calling it quits due to his arm.

The first half of the movie deals with Morris in Texas before he tries out for the Rays, and it's good if a little slow. Once he goes to the try-outs, the movie really picks up. It doesn't get any worse than pitching for the Jiffy Lube team.