Are you ready to meet allah

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are you ready to meet allah

(And what reason do you not have to fight in the cause of Allah, to rescue the . meet them again. . The Prophet and the Muslims were getting ready. I knew. Najeeb connects the last two wires. “Your package is complete, Abdar. Are you ready to meet Allah and dance with the virgins?” “I am, Abu,” Abdar says. Najeeb . Home Islam Teaching Are you ready to meet Allah Now according to our age, do you think that we've worked for Jannah yet or not yet and if.

Note here that each word you say will be recorded. Here is a great reminder for one of the most common major sins we commit: Whenever you feel tempted to speak about someone in a wrong way, visualize the angel sitting next to you, ready to write each word down. Deal justly with others. But wait— the people you wronged will come and take away your good deeds!

Ask Allah to make you of the people of the Quran.

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Ask Allah to make you of the people of the Quran, of those who recite correctly, understand and apply its lessons and instructions, and work for it. Spend at least each day a certain amount of time on the Quran. And strive for intercession of the Prophet. By reviving his sunnah! Make it a mission to learn a new sunnah at least each week, practicing it and conveying it to others.


Let the earth testify good of you; move around to make sujood. That Day it the Earth will declare its information about all what happened over it of good or evil [Quran, A beautiful example is how the earth will testify of where you prostrated. Study the names of Allah and learn to live by them. The word Muslim is derived from the word Peace.

The traditional Muslim greeting is peace be unto you. Allah is The One and The Only God who created the worlds, Angels created by lightJinn created by FireSatan devil is an outcast Jinn, man created from sounding clayanimals and contents of the universes. Allah is One, there is no God other than Him, without any partners, He is eternal without a beginning and enduring without end, Absolute, Self-Sufficient, Self-Existing, never dies, not borne nor gives birth, has no companion and nothing is comparable to Him.

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He never sleeps nor slumbers. Nothing happens except what He wills. He gives life and death. He is intensively and continuously merciful to his creatures even though Non Muslims do not believe in him. He is far above from any created being. He is The Creator of everything in the universe, heaven and earth and its content.

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He will never perish or come to an end. When Allah wants anything to happen he says "Be" and it is.

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Muslims do not believe that Allah assumed Human form and came down to this earth. Human body form has animal properties and animal characteristics are created by Allah. Allah is high above all the creations. Creation of Mankind The first Man's Adam body was created from sounding clay. His companion woman "Hava " was created from Adam's rib.

are you ready to meet allah

All his descendant's bodies are created by sperm of man and ovum of women. Jesus was a human prophet and not son of God. He was not crucified but taken up alive Holy Quran. Allah breathed into the body of man part of His spirit called Ruh Soul. When the soul enters the body it becomes alive.

When this soul is withdrawn from the body it dies and the body decays, putrefies and is eaten by microorganisms. Every day man experience temporary death at night when he sleeps and resurrects when he wakes up.

Allah keeps his soul in a safe place during his sleep.

are you ready to meet allah

Allah has appointed angels as guardians to the right and left side and allowed satan to disturb humans. All these facts are described in Holy Quran. Life in Lau Ho Mahfuz. Allah created all the souls of the descendants of Adam and Hava who were predestined to come to this earth.

are you ready to meet allah

Everything about the universes and our soul before and after creations are documented and recorded in the tablet book board in heaven Lau Ho Mahfuz. Allah once asked all the created souls, "who is your Lord?

All the souls said "You are our Creator our Lord". But souls forget the covenant when they descend to the earth. Some have faint or vague memory of Allah God in the inner core of the heart. At times of life threatening danger man will automatically shout "Oh God! But who is that God?

are you ready to meet allah

If no one tells him he will not know. At that time they usually do not address false gods. If they say that many times they will forget false gods. That is the inner instinct of Humans. Life in the mother's womb. The soul is sent down to this earth into the body of fetus developed in the mother's womb and the fetus becomes alive. The fetus was swimming in the amniotic fluid inside the uterus like a fish. It does not breathe air. The fetus was fed by the blood through the placenta of the mother and supplied to the body of the fetus by means of umbilical cord.

In pregnant women there is no menstruation until the baby is born. Do we remember how we lived 9 months inside the mother's womb? Life in this world.

are you ready to meet allah

At the fetal age of 36 to 40 weeks pregnancy the baby is born. We live with death on our doorstep. Literally any moment a bomb can drop on their houses. If so, how did you act on this thought? Are you Scared of Death? Fear of death is a feeling affecting most people. We fear the unknown, and Allah swt made death a part of the unseen, a thing having to do with the soul, which remains a mystery to us. An example is a youth, full of energy, who all of a sudden drops dead.

His limbs come to a complete standstill and his book of deeds is closed. He is the Accepter of repentance. Why Life and Death? How do we know this? Because Allah swt tells us this in His book.

But what is the reason why Allah created life and death specifically? Allah says in Surah al Mulk, ayah 2: He who has created death as well as life, so that He might put you to a test which of you is best in conduct, and [make you realize that] He alone is almighty, truly forgiving. What is one of the differences between this world and Paradise?