Bt meet me help lines

bt meet me help lines

Configuring BT MeetMe Services with Cisco WebEx from the command line to aid IT administrators and desktop managers to install and distribute BT MeetMe. Help with BT Business services including broadband, phone lines, systems, You will need to activate the option when you customise your BT MeetMe account. Meet over the phone from anywhere without having to pre-book with BT MeetMe. Last minute conference calls without the hassle from BT Conferencing.

After the recording is stopped the recording file can be retrieved by the Chairperson only, for download to a local PC. This service is offered in English language only.

bt meet me help lines

If you would like to end the conference after you hang up, key then 9. Default setting is participant are able to continue the conference after the chairperson hangs up. This ensures that your conference ends when you hang up. You can call, speak in private and return to the meeting with or without the additional participant. Press then 3 which will temporarily remove you from your conference call.

Once dial-tone is heard simply key 00, country code followed by the phone number eg.

Security Advisory

When the call is answered you speak to them in private. Rejoin the conference Press then 4 to return to the original conference with the new participant. Press then 5 to reture to the original conference and disconnects the person dialled.

When you return to the audio conference with a participant, if the name recording function is set to on, there will be a small delay to them joining, as they are prompted to record their name. They can then unmute their line by pressing then 6 Be sure to keep your mobile phone a few feet away from your telephone as it can create a hum when active Take care not to rustle paper, type or make a noise that might disturb the call, unless your line is muted.

Press then 6 to mute and then then 6 again to un-mute Press then 0 if you need help from a Conference Co-ordinator At the end of your call, summarise the key actions and agree the next meeting date and time. How to keep your audio conference secure then 0 Co-ordinator Assistance If there is a discrepancy between the number of lines in the conference and the roll call, use this function and ask for the Conference Co-ordinator to disconnect the line not responding.

This way you are aware of who is on the call and you can determine if there are any unwanted participants on the call or whether you need to wait for somebody to join before you start.

TLS Security Notice

This is a quick way to establish how many participants are on the call Use this function to disconnect all participants at the end of your call. This feature is useful when you do not want additional parties to join your call after it has begun. Participants attempting to join a locked call will be directed to the Conference Co-ordinator.

Participants will be placed on listen only mode, enabling you to control background noise levels during your call, a great feature for when you need to present to an audience. Use then 5 to unmute your participants to allow everyone to contribute. This will reduce background noise levels in the conference call. They will be able to troubleshoot for you there and then. The service is easy to use, and it s available at any time, every day of the year, whenever you need to schedule a meeting.

BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice Desktop Client User Guide Updated

BT MeetMe enables you to speak to colleagues, customers and suppliers in your own personal meeting room, wherever they may be. It doesn t replace all traditional face-to-face meetings but complements them by bringing participants together without anyone having to leave their office.

bt meet me help lines

So whatever your role, less time is spent travelling, enabling faster and more responsive decision-making. Simply pick up the phone, dial the access number, enter your personal chairperson pin number and you ll soon be sharing your thoughts and ideas with colleagues wherever they are located.

What s more, with a few simple clicks, you can control, record or customise your meeting - all via the internet. This guide provides an overview of the service and a practical introduction to help you make your first call. If you have any problems, there is always a co-ordinator to talk to or visit our web site for on-line help: If you would like to find out more about how you can take your conference call online download the BT MeetMe Online Tools User Guide - which has all the details you need.

TLS Security Notice

This enables participants from the UK and over 55 other countries to join a conference call with a local dial-in number, saving them the cost of an international call. Simply follow the instructions below to start using BT MeetMe today. Invite the people you wish to meet with and share with them the following information: Date and time of the meeting Dial-in phone number Participant Passcode followed by the sign Step 2: At the start of your meeting, dial your BT MeetMe dial-in number and follow the prompts.

Enter your Chairperson s Passcode, followed by. Participants follow the same instructions and enter their Passcode, followed by. To prevent fraudulent use please do not share your Chairperson s Passcode. You will be joined together with your participants on the call and your meeting can begin. Please advise your participants if they enter the meeting before you, they will be placed on hold in the conference listening to music until you join.

If you or your participants are travelling, remind them to print out the dial-in details to take with them.

bt meet me help lines

Everyone has basic control over their own line while you, as the chairperson, have an extended set of features which includes locking the call for security and checking who has dialled into the call. You can even dial out and invite other people to join your conference call. A great feature for when you need to present to an audience.

For example, it won t play the names of the participants when they join. This ensures that your conference ends when you hang up. BT MeetMe Online Tool As a chairperson you have the option to call additional participants and ask them to join the meeting.