Custom airsoft mask maker meet

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custom airsoft mask maker meet

Save Phace Reckage Custom Full Face Airsoft Mask - CUSTOM PAINTED . FROM THE MANUFACTURER: TOP 15 REASONS WHY SAVE PHACE TACTICAL Our lenses meet or exceed ANSI and ASTM Paintball Standards for impact. This sweet Airsoft mask will protect your face and looks stunning! Airsoft Bundle Builder Airsoft Sniper Custom KWA KM4S Airsoft AEG Rifle (Newest 2GX 9mm Gearbox Version) | Ik zou graag dit jaar beginnen met boogschieten. As a custom stencil maker, we can produce other mask sizes to your .. Airsoft masks - Find the largest selection of airsoft mask on sale. Masks. The finest quality custom masks and works of wearable art handcrafted to meet your desires .

Comfortable adjustment bands make this mask universally fit virtually all face sizes! Save Phace mask, visor, vent plugs, spare yellow tinted lens, stuff bag Note: Eye protection is a must for any Airsofter.

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Always play responsibly and keep distance. It's ALL about Fogging! Or should we say not fogging! Our lenses are coated with a patented Military Grade Anti-Fog coating that prevents fogging down to10 degrees and up to degrees!

This Anti Fog coating will last many moons if cleaned properly! So instead of buying lenses per year, all you need is one or two different colors thus saving you money! We've spared no expense in making our Lens design to give you the BEST peripheral vision with no eye strain and we use the world's best Anti Fog, Anti Scratch and UV Coatings to give you the best quality eye protection known to man! Quick Change Lens System! It takes about 10 seconds to pop our lens out and 10seconds to pop a new one in!

That's right, we said it! We have one of the fastest, quickest and easiest lens system in the market!!!!

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No more throwing away your mask after the foam falls apart! Again, saving you money!

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And it takes about seconds to change the foam! If you've ever tried to replace your strap, which is probably one of those straps that wear out after months with our Mask you simply snap the strap clip out and snap a new strap in, takes about seconds! We use high quality multi-layered non hypoallergenic wider foam that hugs your face like no other!

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Some of my clients have occasionally come to me with casts of their own faces which they had previously made. While I'm willing to work on a cast you provide, please be aware that in the process of shaping leather over a plaster cast, the cast will inevitably become stained and dirty as you can see in the photo aboveand it may even get chipped or scratched it's not likely, but it is possible.

If your face cast is a prized possession, and you don't wish to put it at risk, I can make a new cast from the existing one. If you want a new custom cast made from your own face, and you are in the New England area, we can set up an appointment to make a cast. Alternatively, I can point you to a number of websites with instructions for face casting, and there are kits for doing this yourself available at many art supply and craft stores.

Ultimately, a face cast is a good idea, but is not absolutely necessary. I can also work from measurements. Making the Mask When we're agreed on a design and a price, and I have your cast or your measurements, once I receive a deposit for one third of the total cost of the mask, I'll begin work on the mask itself. At this point, I can give you a estimate on delivery time as well. The time it takes to complete a mask depends on a number of variables, including the availability of any special materials like antlers or hornshow many orders I am currently working on, and even the time of year - if you want a custom mask for Halloween, please don't write to request it in the first week of October, or for Mardi Gras, don't wait until February 1.

custom airsoft mask maker meet

Plan on at least weeks from the time you approve a final design. Delivery The balance of payment is due on completion of the mask, and when I've received the balance, I'll ship the mask to you. As with regular mask purchases, I normally ship UPS ground. Overnight UPS and Federal Express shipments are available at an additional charge, write or call for more information.

COD shipping is not available on custom masks.

custom airsoft mask maker meet

Once your mask ships, I'll email you a tracking number Other Considerations: Most of my masks are fitted with ties of acrylic cord. For masks intended for theatrical use, I reccommend elastic instead. I use 1" wide elastic straps, with a friction slider sometimes called a slider buckle for adjusting the tension.

The elastic strap is not only more secure, but requires less muss and fuss for the performer to get in and out of the mask quickly.

custom airsoft mask maker meet

People with vision problems are of course best advised to obtain contact lenses for use with masks, but some of us just can't wear contacts for one reason or another. If you need to wear glasses with a mask, there are several options, depending on the style of mask.

Some masks can have small openings cut at the temples to allow glasses to be worn over the mask. Allowing space for glasses worn inside the mask can be done, but tends to distort the shape in ways which make it difficult to make the mask look right if it's an animal or human face style - allowing space for glasses inside the mask works best with abstract or decorative masks or headdresses.

Of course, the smaller your glasses are, the easier this works.

custom airsoft mask maker meet

If you really want to go this route, you will need to measure your glasses precisely, and send me a closeup photo of them. Alternatively, you could also make a photocopy of them, laying the glasses face down on the glass of the photocopy machine.

One other alternative for glasses wearers, if you have an old pair of glasses or if you want to have an inexpensive pair of lenses made at WalMart or another discount lens provideryou can send them to me, and I can mount the lenses right in the eyes of the mask.

Please be aware that if I do this, they will not be removeable - once the lenses are mounted in the mask, they're there for good.

You should also be aware that this will not assure perfect vision. Optometrists have to grind and set lenses very precisely for specific frames so the lenses will be exactly centered over your field of vision. Mounting the lenses in a mask, the centering will not be as precise as in a pair of glasses frames, so your vision may not be quite as good as it would be with a normal pair of glasses.