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whoa whoa whoa:D it's a japanese car meet mascrat manor is a pub the car park aint even big enough to swing a cat never mind do a. Any one go the Jap Car meet 1st tuesday of every month at the Mascrot Manner Just Mascrat Manor is on the roundabout at Jn 21 off the M6. Most of you wont know me, Ive been part of the Japanese Modified and Jap Northwest (anyone remember the Mascrat Manor Meets off the.

Carried on regardless as I didn't have any tools with me and it was getting pretty darn late. By the time i got off the M6, something sounded like it had fallen off the front and clattered its way through the bay and off onto the road behind, so pulled in with the belts squealing, to realised that the tension bolt on the alternator had riggled it's way loose and dropped off!!

So there I am on the hardshoulder of the M58 at gone midnight after a day of currently miles, 6 matches of football and 6 hours driving, so I bite the bullet and just motor on slowly home with it squeeling away. Moral of the story, always carry tools! So tighten up and all is fine. However, mega oil spills underneath, quick inspection, looks like its the oil seal that i'd replaced leaking more than before, even after coating it in fresh oil before replacing it. After all that, my bays back covered in oil, a new genuine seal is on order for Thursday for me to strip it down and do it all again!

Lesson learnt, genuine seals from now on! All part of the learning process i suppose, live and learn! After all that disappointment i decided to put on my newest purchase, Wheels! Now I've been waiting for this since the day i bought the car, and they look awesome, completely change the car. Gave it a quick wash, swapped out the tax disc holder for a simpler one http: Whilst waiting for the genuine seal to arrive at nissan, thought i'd get on with some other little bits, swapped a coilpack and cleaned up the springs inside the others, i have 3 where there are only springs, where the coloured gel appears to be yellow colour like so http: I extended all the springs and cleaned up all the contacts to give a better connection, which seems to have worked so far on a few drives out.

New rad cap http: Also Relocated the number plate and gave the whole car a quick polish to try to bring the paintwork back to life http: Learnt that from wheeler dealers Eddy! Had no rain as yet, so we'll see if that has fixed the problem, if not, its at least something else ticked off my list. So today, trip to nissan this morning to collect my genuine front crank oil seal to see if i can cure the horrendous leaking that's happened after installing the none genuine one last week.

Since it was a cracking day outside, thought I'd work outdoors and make the most of it After having done it all last week, within half an hour it was back in the air with all the bits off that i needed to get at. Whilst i was at it Ialso tightened up the bolts around the crank seal, as they weren't super tight, in order to hopefully stop any small leaks from there.

I think engine will have to come out as i have a rear oil leak from somewhere as well, and for peace of mind i'll like to have it out top have a proper look at it and do them all at once. Also giving me the chance to sort out the engine bay properly, which would be nice! The relationships among the countries of the UK have changed over time, Wales was annexed by the Kingdom of England under the Laws in Wales Acts and These are the remnants of the British Empire which, at its height in the s, British influence can be observed in the language, culture and legal systems of many of its former colonies.

The UK is considered to have an economy and is categorised as very high in the Human Development Index.

It was the worlds first industrialised country and the worlds foremost power during the 19th, the UK remains a great power with considerable economic, cultural, military, scientific and political influence internationally. It is a nuclear weapons state and its military expenditure ranks fourth or fifth in the world. The UK has been a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council since its first session in and it has been a leading member state of the EU and its predecessor, the European Economic Community, since However, on 23 Junea referendum on the UKs membership of the EU resulted in a decision to leave.

The North West had a population of 7, in and it is the third most populated region in the United Kingdom after the South East and Greater London. North West England is bounded to the east by the Peak District, the region extends from the Scottish Borders in the north to the West Midlands region in the south. A mix of rural and urban landscape, two large conurbations, centred on Liverpool and Manchester, occupy much of the south of the region.

The north of the region, comprising Cumbria and northern Lancashire, is rural, as is the far south which encompasses parts of the Cheshire Plain. According to Office for National Statistics estimates, The Mixed Race population makes up 1. North West England is a diverse region, with Manchester. In contrast, the town of St. Helens in Merseyside, one in five of the population in the North West is Catholic, a result of large-scale Irish emigration in the nineteenth century as well as the high number of English recusants in Lancashire.

For top-tier authorities, Manchester has the highest teenage pregnancy rate in the region, for council districts, Burnley has the highest rate, closely followed by Hyndburn, both in Lancashire. For top-tier authorities, Cheshire has the lowest teenage pregnancy rate, for council districts, Eden has the lowest rate closely followed by South Lakeland, both in Cumbria 5.

The cathedrals architect, Frederick Gibberd, was the winner of a design competition. Construction began in and was completed inearlier designs for a cathedral were proposed in , andbut none were completed. During the Great Irish Famine the Catholic population of Liverpool increased dramatically, about half a million Irish, who were predominantly Catholic, fled to England to escape the famine, many embarked from Liverpool to travel to North America while others remained in the city.

Because of the increase in the Catholic population, the co-adjutor Bishop of Liverpool, Alexander Goss, the location he chose was the grounds of St. Edwards College on St. In Goss, then bishop, awarded the commission for the building of the new cathedral to Edward Welby Pugin, by the Lady chapel of the new cathedral had been completed. Lutyens design was intended to create a structure that would have become the second-largest church in the world.

It would have had the worlds largest dome, with a diameter of feet compared to the Peters Basilica in Vatican City. Inwork recommenced on the crypt, which was finished inthereafter, Lutyens design for the Cathedral was considered too costly and was abandoned with only the crypt complete. The restored architectural model of the Lutyens cathedral is on display at the Museum of Liverpool.

After the ambitious design by Lutyens fell through, Adrian Gilbert Scott and he proposed a scaled-down version of Lutyens building, retaining the massive dome. Scotts plans were criticised and the building did not go ahead, the present Cathedral was designed by Sir Frederick Gibberd. Construction began in October and less than five years later, on the Feast of Pentecost 14 Maysoon after its opening, it began to exhibit architectural flaws.

The competition to design the Cathedral was held inthe construction contract was let to Taylor Woodrow. The Cathedral is built in concrete with a Portland stone cladding and its plan is circular, having a diameter of feet, with 13 chapels around its perimeter. Forum

The shape of the Cathedral is conical, and it is surmounted by a tower in the shape of a truncated cone 6. A57 road — The A57 is a major road in England. In both directions, Churchill Way crosses the A59 near the entrance of the Queensway Tunnel and it overlaps briefly with the A as Islington, separated as two one-way roads, then becomes Prescot Street, passing the Royal Liverpool University Hospital.

At the junction with the B, it becomes Kensington, meeting the A to the south and B to the north and it crosses a railway at Fairfield passing St Annes Church on the left near the Stanley public house, overlapping with the B Green Lane to the north.

There is a roundabout and it enters Dovecot before it passes through Huyton and it passes through Prescot as the non-trunk Derby Street then High Street. It meets the A58 again and becomes a road, then meets the B at a roundabout.

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At junction 7 of the M62, it meets the A, the road runs along the road from junction 7 for about 1 mile, then it meets the B at a crossroads, and the A to the left at Bold Heath near the Griffin Inn. At Great Sankey, it becomes a dual-carriageway and meets the A at a roundabout, the original route through Warrington town centre included the narrow Sankey Street, which required special narrow buses to be operated.

The road now bypasses Warrington town centre via a new elevated road, Midland Way, the road loses its trunk road status and becomes School Brow.

It passes through Bruche, home of a police training centre. It passes a 40 mph speed camera near Woolston Leisure Centre, at junction 21 of the M6, it becomes a trunk road and meets the B Woolston Grange Avenue at a roundabout, then passes the Mascrat Manor at another roundabout 7. National Cycle Network — The National Cycle Network is the national cycling route network of the United Kingdom, which was established to encourage cycling throughout Britain, as well as for the purposes of bicycle touring.

The NCN uses shared use paths, disused railways, minor roads, canal towpaths and traffic-calmed routes in towns, the opening of the Bristol and Bath Railway Path ina mile cycleway following a railway no longer in use, was the first part of the NCN. By mid,5, miles of route was signposted to a standard.

August saw the completion of that goal, as of Augustthere were 14, miles of signed cycle route to NCN standards. It is a branch of National Route 1, the main routes have one digit, other routes have two digits, starting with the number of the relevant main route. There are also many regional routes, reaching smaller towns and cities within ten designated regions, each region is divided into a maximum of nine areas.

Regional route numbers comprise the area number 1 to 9 followed by another digit and this means that across the UK there could be 10 regional route 12s, for instance, as well as the national route To reduce confusion, identically numbered areas in adjacent regions do not abut, in regional routes were being renumbered with 3-digit national numbers.

The network is signposted using a bicycle symbol on a blue background, with a white route number in an inset box. National Route numbers have a red background, Regional Route numbers have a blue background, the system of symbols is based on that used by the Danish National Cycle Route network.

There are four different types, Fossil Tree, The Cockerill, Rowe Type, the four artists are from each country of the UK, though all posts can be found in all four countries. Most mileposts contain a disk featuring symbols and text in code, there are 60 different designs, spread across the country 8. More than 70 million military personnel, including 60 million Europeans, were mobilised in one of the largest wars in history and it was one of the deadliest conflicts in history, and paved the way for major political changes, including revolutions in many of the nations involved.

The war drew in all the worlds great powers, assembled in two opposing alliances, the Allies versus the Central Powers of Germany and Austria-Hungary. These alliances were reorganised and expanded as more nations entered the war, Italy, Japan, the trigger for the war was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary, by Yugoslav nationalist Gavrilo Princip in Sarajevo on 28 June This set off a crisis when Austria-Hungary delivered an ultimatum to the Kingdom of Serbia.

Within weeks, the powers were at war and the conflict soon spread around the world. On 25 July Russia began mobilisation and on 28 July, the Austro-Hungarians declared war on Serbia, Germany presented an ultimatum to Russia to demobilise, and when this was refused, declared war on Russia on 1 August.

Germany then invaded neutral Belgium and Luxembourg before moving towards France, after the German march on Paris was halted, what became known as the Western Front settled into a battle of attrition, with a trench line that changed little until InItaly joined the Allies and Bulgaria joined the Central Powers, Romania joined the Allies inafter a stunning German offensive along the Western Front in the spring ofthe Allies rallied and drove back the Germans in a series of successful offensives.

By the end of the war or soon after, the German Empire, Russian Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire, national borders were redrawn, with several independent nations restored or created, and Germanys colonies were parceled out among the victors. During the Paris Peace Conference ofthe Big Four imposed their terms in a series of treaties, the League of Nations was formed with the aim of preventing any repetition of such a conflict.