Meet new people from france

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meet new people from france

Get to know other Irish expats in France with InterNations — the world's trusted expat community. Use our expert guides to get insider knowledge on life in Paris . Meet with other Brazilians at our exclusive events across cities such as Paris and Marseilles. Settle in quicker with InterNations — the world's trusted expat. But when you're there alone, it's not easy to meet other people. So, here are Read the french version of this article here: Comment se faire des amis à Paris).

The bise is also the preferred way to say goodbye—a hug is much more intrusive and less customary throughout France.

How to Meet People Abroad: Paris, France

Another good general rule is to know what topics of conversation are permissible. Typically, it is not polite to talk about personal affairs, especially regarding finances. Topics of conversation that are welcomed, though, include politics, religion, and current events.

meet new people from france

Often times in the U. Although most Parisians will know English and speak it to you even if you try to speak French to them, the simple act of initiating a conversation in French will usually start your interactions off on the right foot.

meet new people from france

I cannot tell you how many times I have been praised for simply attempting to converse with a Parisian in French—even if they respond to me in English. A great way to practice this tip while on the ground in Paris is to attend a Franglish event. After the 14 minutes are up, you switch partners. This goes on for several rounds and at the end of the event you have a whole new network of locals that you can follow up with!

Paris famously is organized into a snail shell array of 20 arrondissementsor neighborhoods. A really good way to interact with locals is to explore the arrondissement in which you are living. Do as the Parisians do and shop locally.

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These relationships can be some of the strongest you develop. To this day I am still amazed that my local boulanger in the 14th arrondissement remembered me as the Monsieur who was leading a group of American students when I returned the next summer.

Even more impressive was the owner of a small grocer who remembered me from my student days in Paris when I returned 5 years later to lead the student group. He ran to the back of his store and pulled out a photo we had taken those several years prior. The relationships you can make in your arrondissement are some of the easiest to establish just by doing everyday activities and can lead to other connections that will help you build your Parisian network.

This is my last tip and it is perhaps the most basic yet so powerful. Of course there are so many tourist sites to see while in Paris but I can tell you that if you are spending all of your time at these sites then you are lessening your chances of building that network of locals—they are not going to be there!

I took my own advice the other night and ended up being invited to a Friday night aperitif with a great group of French girls, and the promise of a housewarming next month.

Sure, you risk looking a little bit needy, but better to sacrifice a little short-term pride to gain some lifelong friends.

meet new people from france

Last week, the receptionist in one of them offered me a slice of cake, and so we got talking. We discovered we live five minutes apart, and so left with figurative the door open for a loose future friend date.

meet new people from france

It was Roald Dahl who said: You may well have to be the one to start the ball rolling. Inviting your French acquaintance to group events, or out for a low-key coffee might be just the push they need to start counting you in their close circle. Know your limits, though. In the eternal words of Rachel Hunter and Pantene: Share your tips and experiences in the comments below.

meet new people from france

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