Shonen knife meet kurt cobain pictures

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shonen knife meet kurt cobain pictures

Kurt Cobain Shares Favorite Bands, Views on Vanilla Ice in Year Old Rediscovered Interview It's Karen Bliss from M.E.A.T. magazine in Toronto. [ inaudible – sounds like he said 'to see Shonen Knife'].” .. stuff like that and they paint, painted landscapes on pictures of mountains and shit like that. There is a reason Kurt Cobain so adored Shonen Knife “The first purpose of our tour is, I will get to meet with Shonen Knife fans – we love to. Kurt Cobain was their no1 fan: meet the Japanese rockers who sing about robots, riding bikes, ice cream and their favourite pets.

Japanese rock band Shonen Knife: "Kurt Cobain was very kind and gentle" | The Argus

Nevertheless, Yama-no Attchan maintained their penchant for lighthearted lyrical topics like bike riding and insect collecting. But something oddly spellbinding occurs when deceivingly silly lyrics are sandwiched between a buoyant guitar and a rapid-fire, pop-punk drum kit. Four months later, the album was re-released with three additional live tracks. By this time, many alternative rock groups had begun citing Shonen Knife as a favorite of theirs, and the resulting word-of-mouth created significant exposure for the band.

The two bands even shared the stage during the show's encore. After releasing a self-titled compilation album comprising tracks from their first two albums in the US market, the trio began touring America on a somewhat regular basis and released their fourth album on July 1, in Japan on Nippon Crown.

shonen knife meet kurt cobain pictures

Shortly after, a slightly different version of was released in America by Rockville Records. The US re-release of the album was coupled with eight live recordings from and It was in that Shonen Knife came to find one of their biggest fans in the form of Kurt Cobain. Cobain had seen them play in LA and had come to deeply enjoy their music: And when I saw their photograph, I thought they might be scary persons, because their hairstyles and their clothes were very grunge. But once the tour had started, I noticed that all the members were nice, good persons.

And because this was our first experience of a long tour, the drummer Dave [Grohl] helped us with setting up the drum kit. At the time, Nirvana was touring Japan and was able to come to the venue, much to the delight of their Japanese audience.

Japanese rock band Shonen Knife: "Kurt Cobain was very kind and gentle"

They then embarked on a brief three-show tour through the UK. While on tour, the trio appeared at the 20th Reading Festival alongside bands such as Nirvana and Mudhoney. As the early-to-mids were the peak years for alternative rock, so were they for Shonen Knife's commercial success.

Over the course of the tour, the trio appeared on myriad radio programs and television shows, such as MTV's minutes and Conan O'Brien. Shonen Knife first played New Zealand at the Big Day Out, and the upcoming tour will be their fourth visit here Now 56, Yamano still loves touring after 36 years in the game, but misses Osaka terribly when she's away.

shonen knife meet kurt cobain pictures

Some people think everything good is in Tokyo, but people in Osaka are more independent and friendly, and the food is more delicious. People in Tokyo are more formal and polite, where people in Osaka are more cheerful.

I love to live in Osaka. One one hand, you have the fast drums, thrashy riffs and stripped-down simplicity of 70s punk and hard rock. On the other, you have a very Japanese celebration of bright colour, wholesome fun, sugary cuteness. The contrast is striking. We love cute characters, cute creatures, so we look cute and I write song about cute things. We wear cute matching clothes because our audience are usually more fashionable than the members of Shonen Knife, so if we wear regular clothes, they would be disappointed.

shonen knife meet kurt cobain pictures

These clothes help us be confident. All members of Shonen Knife very much like cats.

shonen knife meet kurt cobain pictures

The cat is very selfish but also very cute. I like this combination! Dogs are more earnest, but for our latest album Adventure, I also write a song called Dog Fight. I once saw a dog fight on an island in Japan, and it was very scary.

Shonen Knife: More songs about cats and food

Fans can watch the video and see their own cat in there while the song plays. Only problem- it was hard to decide which cats to include, because every cat is so cute! Our tastes in music are very similar, and it's easy to be with her.

I went to see her last week and we went to Disneyland together.

Shonen Knife With Kurt Cobain

Like me, she loves to tour so that we can see new Shonen Knife fans and eat new delicious food in many new cities. My favourite place to tour is Spain, because the food there is better than Japanese food.

I love seafood and I love cheese, and in Spain, with tapas, I get both things! Last time in New Zealand we played in four cities and went to the beach, too. It felt very international, so I could eat both Asian food and European food.