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Overthinking Cowboy Bebop: Sessions - Overthinking It Cowboy Bebop - Toys in the Attic (Vol. an alien on board the ship is systematically taking out most of the crew, and the ending is a wacky hoot. As a final bit of evidence, what's the very first thing that happens to Spike Cowboy Bebop is full of homages to awesome shit, I don't see how that's . I didn 't see the connection mentioned that I firmly made in my mind lol. By the time I got hold of Cowboy Bebop, it was ; but my reasons for watching Each of the three has a different relationship with the past. Then, near the end of the anime, when faced with protecting Faye and Jet or.

The great thing about the Alien parody is that, in the midst of all this sillyness, it is played brutally straight. The monster is creepy, yo.

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It comes off as — dare I say it? Is it a rat? A monster from the depths of space? Finally, we learn the horrible truth: Spike stashed some lobster in the back of the fridge over a year ago, and forgot to clean it out.

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A poisonous mutant space lobster running amok in the crawl space. This retroactively infects everything in the episode — if not the entire series — with near-toxic levels of sillyness. Note the hint of lobster red on the left hand side of the screen.

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And be glad that smell-o-vision or in your case, the smellnternetnever quite got off the ground. After that, things just get sillier. This is the second time that music from The Nutcracker has turned up on the show, the first being at the end of Jamming With Edward, also a notably silly episode. This is just the first time that the gratuitous set-piece was lyrical instead of bad-ass.

Check out how every one of these shots seems to be layed out around a single axis of rotation. And then at the very end, Ed — who possibly was never bitten after all, but just wandered off and fell asleep somewhere — absentmindedly grabs the monster up off the floor and eats it.

Which struck me as a lot more messed up than it probably should have, but hey, I guess a free lobster is a free lobster. What Jet actually says is that man has to earn his living through hard work, and that whenever people try to get rich quick, they are punished by fate for their greed and laziness.

Having watched quite a couple of discs ahead while I was writing about Choose Your Own Adventure books, I can tell you that Faye is the character who arcs the most over the course of the series from here on out. But maybe she was just lonely? A kid who has no family, so she follows the next stranger she sees in the hope that they will become her family?

No seriously, he wrote the first post on the site. He's probably the guy to talk to if you want to pitch an article about music theory or horror movies. Spike tells Jet that's why he never plays against her. Spike eats the shish kabob and seems to not like it. The creature sees a rat and attacks it.

The noise wakes Ein, who looks up at a vent and makes a worrisome noise.

Toys In The Attic

Jet, now cold and naked, enters the attic to get a blanket and sees a fridge in the back. He doesn't remember the fridge being back there. While he is looking at the fridge, the strange creature is zooming around. Faye is sitting on the couch with all the stuff she won from Jet when Spike walks into the room brushing his teeth.

Spike touches the device on her leg with his foot and says that she is lucky Jet didn't know about that. Spike asks her to return Jet's clothes, but she says she will rent them to him.

Suddenly, an alarm goes off and Spike, Faye, and Ein rush over to the attic where Jet says he has been bitten by something. Ein starts to growl and a rat runs away. Jet says it wasn't a rat because there is a strange mark on his neck. Faye walks away saying it's a waste of time. Jet says that it happened near the fridge. Spike pauses in thought for a moment, then claims he doesn't remember a fridge.

He dismisses Jet's claims and leaves. Spike and Jet are back in the main room looking through medicine to use for Jet's bite mark. Spike holds out a dead lizard and says that if you smash it, boil it, then drink it, the wound should be gone. Jet asks if there is another option. Spike holds up a dead scorpion. Jet says he prefers the lizard. Spike gives Jet a glass filled with the medicine and Faye enters.

She asks what the terrible smell is. Spike tells her it's the medicine Jet has to take.

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Spike and Faye discuss the awful things that it smells like. Jet becomes annoyed and tells them to stop because he has to drink it. He drinks it then passes out. While he is passed out, a large purple mark is visible on the back of his neck. Jet, still unconscious, is put on a couch where Spike uses a computer to find out what is happening to him. It is revealed that Jet has some kind of unidentifiable poison in his body.

Jet, who is awake again, is laying down with nervous looks on his face while Spike tries to compare it to other types of poisons, bacteria and viruses.

It matches none of them. Spike and Faye hear Ein barking and tell him to keep quiet. Ed jumps out and claims Jet's injury might be a bite from an alien.

Spike dismisses Ed's theory. He theorizes that it might have been a rat that went through a mutation. Faye tells them both that their theories are ridiculous and walks off. Meanwhile, the creature is crawling through the vents above the bathroom. Faye is sitting in a bubble bath reading a book when the blob falls from the vent to the floor. Faye reacts as if she may have seen or heard something, but ignores it and continues reading. One of her legs dangles over the edge of the tub, leaving her vulnerable to the creature.

Spike gets the heat-sensing goggles ready and Ed, excited, tries her pair on, unwilling to stay still. As he puts his on, she runs away with Ein giggling. Oddly, he also sees a blob dash across the floor, but chalks it up to broken equipment. Faye suddenly comes out in a bathrobe and asks Spike what he thinks would happen if the mutant creature were to bite anyone.

Spike says he don't know and Faye assumes it is death.