Relationship between driss and philippe charriol

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It's the standard fable of a therapeutic relationship between an uptight Driss' actual counterpart, glimpsed with the genuine Philippe at the. The Department of Washington, NC to essay papers ukc adba akc comparison essay relationship between macbeth and lady macbeth essay. This was a story of a growing relationship between these two men from completely different cultures, based on Driss' confidence that Philippe.

Sometimes the writing dispenses a condescension the filmmakers might not even be aware of. Still, the film has a life-affirming resistance to sloppy sentimentality that is bracing.

And the acting is dynamic. For obvious reasons, Mr. Cluzet is the revelation. His expressions reveal myriad emotions from a motionless face that tell volumes about what he is thinking, feeling and sharing from within.

Intouchables (English dubbed)

As Philippe interviews one boring job applicant after another, I began to understand that he needed not only physical help but emotional support as well. Driss' cheeky irreverence was refreshing, and Philippe astonishes him and his own household staff by offering him the job. This was a story of a growing relationship between these two men from completely different cultures, based on Driss' confidence that Philippe would improve if he escaped his stuck-up lifestyle and sampled the greater freedoms of an immigrant from Africa.

Driss has rhythm and soul, and if only Philippe could absorb some of that, he'd be a happier man. Philippe was faced with a reality he found difficult to accept: A caregiver can't provide that, but he can provide something more valuable: Philippe's wife is dead, his teenage daughter is a snotty brat, and his staff is preoccupied by their salaries and status. Driss comes from a different world, a different culture, and therefore, a different mindset.

An Unlikely Friendship, Made For The Movies

What struck me so profoundly about this movie was how two people from vastly different cultures could build an intimate relationship on something so basic and essential as companionship.

Their understanding of companionship varied greatly, due to their cultural backgrounds, however it was the feelings and emotions that the caregiver provided which trumped that of any physical action such as feeding, clothing or bathing. This feeling of intimacy was something I grappled with greatly as a TCK. He was injured in a paragliding mishap and still loves extreme physical sensation. And the two men are equally dedicated to amour, although Driss' approach is understandably more direct.

One Leg At a Time: The Intouchables Is a Story of Strength and Resolve | Observer

He tries to persuade Philippe's voluptuous secretary Audrey Fleurot to take a bath with him; his boss, a widower, writes high-minded romantic letters to a woman he expects never to meet.

Driss, for all his macho bluster, is quite the matchmaker. He intervenes not only in Philippe's love life but also in the tragic teen romance of his employer's spoiled daughter Alba Gaia Bellugian imperious brat who is forced to admit weakness when her boyfriend dumps her. While Philippe and Driss both enjoy high-speed drives — and marijuana, which the caretaker introduces to his patient — their musical tastes remain in conflict.

Driss guffaws helplessly at opera, and knows the classics only from their most banal uses in everyday French life. George Benson and Earth, Wind and Fire? These retro musical choices reveal The Intouchables' timidity.

The movie, while inherently patronizing, is frisky and mostly likable. But its amiability depends on airbrushing potential sources of misunderstanding, both cultural and political.