The circle dave eggers ending a relationship

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the circle dave eggers ending a relationship

you might be tempted to skip the Dave Eggers novel of the same Eggers' version of the tale, published in , is a different beast altogether. Nothing in The Circle (the book) is designed to hold up to a second of actual scrutiny. The number of screens in her cubicle slowly ramps up; by the end of. The relationship didn't make sense to me at all and I still don't understand why it was included. A much better ending could have been written. -Dave Eggers, The Circle, pg. Because of this, all of Mae's relationships with the people she cares about the most are beginning to go.

She's a corporate archetype you may know too well: We stay with her from her first orientation in the Customer Experience department until the last vestiges of her humanity drip away. In the movie — spoiler alert for anyone still planning to see it — Mae suddenly sees the light and screws the company over in the service of humanity and happy endings. In the book, however, there's no such redemption. The company of the title isn't supposed to be Google or Facebook; if anything, it's every Silicon Valley company smooshed into one.

Eggers didn't do research by visiting their campuses or using their products.

Yes, 'The Circle' sucks. You should still read 'The Circle'

He was aiming to represent a mood, not a moment. That anxious mood isn't just about technology or social media. It's also about extreme notions of transparency that seem like a good idea, but go too far and threaten to upend democracy itself — hello, Wikileaks.

More than that, it's about how our work life has slowly bled into our home life; how our steadily became an or a How everyone's super nice to each other and the office amenities are amazing, but the sheer number of your duties — official and "voluntary" — ramp up to the point where you don't know whether to laugh or cry.

In Eggers' bleak mirror, the 21st century workplace is a machine for creating Attention Deficit Disorder.

The moment in 'The Circle' when Emma Watson has a horrifying, dangerous idea These are my favorite parts of the book, the ones where Mae is required to write an insane number of tweets called "zings" in the book after hours, to chase likes and comments, and to increase her intra-company engagement by attending literally dozens of work events on evenings and weekends.

Given this kind of exaggeration, no one could confuse the world of the book with reality, and yet we all recognize it. For example, Mae starts the book with two screens, each carrying multiple windows of always-on information about The Circle and the world outside.

Mae finds herself facing truths about her family, her colleagues, and herself that perhaps were best kept unknown, and her shattering conclusion leaves the reader questioning how fine a line can be drawn between private and public, education and indoctrination, and—ultimately—good and evil. Questions and Topics for Discussion 1. The wings of the Circle are named after different regions of the world and time periods, such as Old West, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, Machine Age, the Industrial Revolution.

Is there an inherent hierarchy in these names, despite their apparent equality? In what ways does Annie inspire and motivate Mae in terms of the level of success that can be achieved at the Circle?

the circle dave eggers ending a relationship

How does knowing first about their professional relationship shape your understanding of their shared past? For a company that thrives on order and efficiency, the Circle also seems to endorse—require, even—loose and extravagant socializing.

the circle dave eggers ending a relationship

What do these two seemingly opposite values say about what working for them entails? In the end, is this trifecta of power able to prevent tyranny?

The Circle Reader’s Guide

What is essentially different about these two scenarios that garners such different behavior from these wild creatures? How much of this shortened attention span is evident in our society today?

The bracelet provided by the health clinic is a remarkable technological feat and would revolutionize health care if it existed. For example, does watching their pulses rise in anticipation of sex bring Mae and Francis closer together emotionally, or push them further apart?

the circle dave eggers ending a relationship

It is both a curse and a blessing that Mae is able to provide her parents with health care: Did you ever feel that her actions became more selfish than selfless, and if so, when?

Even though Mae meets Kalden when she is relatively enmeshed in the constant connectivity of the Circle, she is still taken in by his holographic mystery: His face had an openness, an unmistakable lack of guile.

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Why does she not feel the need to pursue him more aggressively through the knowledge databases she has available? How does this compare with the way she treats Mercer online——Mercer, about whom she presumably knows much more, given their past? We see Mae involved with three very different men throughout the novel: Mercer, Francis, and Kalden.