Akanishi jin kamenashi kazuya relationship advice


akanishi jin kamenashi kazuya relationship advice

personal recommendation One-shots Jin/employment-agency.info, Jin/Kame, NC17 When Kame and Jin find themselves in a particularly dysfunctional relationship with . When KAT-TUN hears about Ueda having to shave his hair off for his drama. What happened to akanishi jin and kamenashi kazuya? Akanishi Jin and Kazuya Kamenashi Kazuya is dating an actress named Anne. They have beendating. Akanishi is a member of the popular J-pop boy band, KAT-TUN, and is the second vocalist. Akanishi is For Jin, human relationships should be kept narrow but deep. .. (Advice to Kôki who started going to the gym regularly to work out) Jin.

And it was "One Piece". I'm so influenced by surroundings, huh?

akanishi jin kamenashi kazuya relationship advice

Like when I was distressed with either people or works, I would pick up the manga put in my room to read over and over again. Negative feelings often changed to positive ones. But besides that, the feeling often changes into "I will put my effort into it. I will try hard. Moreover, the aiming of the same destination, all crews traveling to the same direction, this connects to KAT-TUN members. Like last year, when Akanishi began his solo, the manga really helped a lot.

Fall in love - Akanishi/Kamenashi interview - Don't tell anyone I told you this

When I felt "wouldn't this look too separated? In order to protect her own country, Princess Vivi, who had been fighting alongside Luffy's pirate gangs, although wanting to carry on going together, but she had to go back to serve her country.

For our goals, for our dreams together of people having been on the ship, although one having left, but our hearts remain connected to each other. I think our bond has never changed. For Luffy's gang, friends are something special.

KAT-TUN: Akanishi Jin - Can't stop the insanity

For Kamenashi-kun as well, members are not replacable. That's the most important thing I want to go together. Kattun was formed in by their seniors Kinki Kids KK with back dancing as the main purpose. Though Kattun was formed at that time, but they hadn't debuted until debut mean they release a copy with their first and only belonging single.

They only do the back dancing, playing skits, host in some TV show, but as a JJ they are, they still have some properly performances, though they had to sing their seniors' songs. AKame was a magnific duo. Their voices blend together perfectly.

If u search on their old vids, before debuting, Akame songs are the easiest to find. Though Jin's acting was a totally disaster, he was chosen to be the main actor due to his sexy looking, the oozing sexy vibe he always has up till now. In the other hand, Kame, as an 'ugly ducky' he was at that time I personaly think Kame is gorgeous despites his whatever looking iswas only a side actor along with Jin. But he showed up his talent and gained the reward for Best Subordinate Male Actor that time.

The pinky rings was also the hotest news around that period. Pinky ring is the ring which u wear on ur pinky little finger. They wore the same ring, the same brand, and for Japanese's folk, the red threat in ur pinky will lead u to ur soulmate remember Nana with this subject? Therefore wearing same rings in pinky also said that they were more than just friends who knows, maybe pinky ring and that brand was the modest at that time.

Their 1st single "Real face" in was a bomb, with more than 7 hundred thoudsands of copies was saled in one week, along with their 1st DVD, 1st album, all 3 topped the Oricon chart for best single, best DVD, best album, gained them the tittle "J-One records", and made they became the lengend in JE's history. But, Jin left for his hiatus when they were at their peak.

KAT-TUN talks about Akanishi Jin's marriage for the first time

Such a risk for their career, and yes, Jin was totally selfish like some fans said. There was a battle, a tragedy, an end of the world for Kattun's fans at that time. Many rumors was created, like Jin knocked down an under-age girl and made her pregnant, or he couldnt bear after his breakup with his gf, did stupid things like addicted and had to hide safely to detoxicate himself. The biggest rumors and was believed by most of their fans was his relationship with Kamenashi was banned by Jonny himself rumor rumors.

akanishi jin kamenashi kazuya relationship advice

Kame debuted even before Kattun with his Shuji to Akira album, where he acted his 1st main role in the drama "Nobuta wo Produce". His talent was discovered, so he was chosen, yet some fans were frustrated at that time, yelling that he betrayed the whole group, and he was selfish and all thought of himself, etc Other Kattun members were asked as if they decided to accept his return or not, and they all agreed.

Though around that time when Jin left, Kame with his Tatta Hitotsu no Koi was another big success in his career life.

They could survive with their own individual tasks, or in a group with 5 members, yet they still welcoming Jin back. I myself totally glad that they came out with this decision. Believe in the way 6 soilders going on Merely talking to each other, or even seeing them sit beside each other. Also kame always appeared next to Koki and producted many Kokame fangirls, it was a shock for all Akame one which leaded them to more theories for their sin, their forbidden love. And well yeah, for tons of fanfiction stories.

Jin babies Kame to eat more cuz he was so skinny and has an anorexia himself in his Nobuta daysit's always Jin who picks up Kame when he was drunk cuz everyone knows know nasty Kame is when he's not sobber.

We search and search and search even small details to prove that Kame and Jin definitely sharing same accessories, same shoes, same clothes, or how they fail in hiding their secret glances at each other.

Good effort for AKame fangirls, the love they provide can lead them to their brightest future of being a famous detective.