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to connect to one of the more solid people in her life, Rhodes (Chris O'Dowd). Helen seizes control of the wedding planning to show Annie up and win the It represents a big change in both the life of the bride-to-be and the lady-in- waiting, and in their relationship with each other. Get their advice?. Bridesmaids is a American comedy film directed by Paul Feig, written by Annie Mumolo Annie has a no-strings-attached sexual relationship with the self -absorbed Ted, but she After reconciling, Annie helps Lillian prepare for her wedding. Realizing that Annie and Officer Rhodes were falling in love, Helen also. Competition between the maid of honor and a bridesmaid, over who is the bride's best friend, Annie (Kristen Wiig), is a maid of honor whose life unravels as she leads her best friend, Q: What type of accent is Officer Rhodes speaking with? and establish the various relationships and resultant conflicts between them.

However, if we don't judge Bridesmaids as the female version of a bromance and decide that it is simply a romantic comedy with plenty of dirty jokes then the picture becomes far rosier. Annie and Rhodes' relationship is actually quite charming, especially since O'Dowd is such a fantastically believable and charming romantic interest.

Not the normal super cute and actually impossible to find kind of guys that always take their shirts off in your standard romantic comedy, Rhodes is actually a guy you could see a women truly falling in love with. He and Wiig share some fantastically charming moments on screen with each other and while Rudolph and Wiig are both fine together you end up wishing the movie actually was about Annie and Rhodes and not Annie and Lillian.

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The comedy is gross out and spot on for the most part as well I'm guessing even more so if you're a woman. Wiig, who I usually can't stand, actually shows some acting chops in her first leading role in a film and is thankfully restrained in her comedy, which makes it all the more hilarious. I'd have to say that the wonderful Maya Rudolph is terribly underutilized throughout the film, but Wiig makes up for it along with Melissa McCarthy who plays Lillian's, shall we say, outspoken sister-in-law.

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McCarthy is the Zach Galifianakis of the movie and gets the best lines along with the meaningful ones. I'm not about to say she's as funny as he was in The Hangover, but she definitely pulls some solid laughs.

Wiig and her together pull off a fantastic comedic duo, though it is Wiig who really makes the movie funny when it comes down to it.

After the wedding of Lillian, Annie also finds her true love

I like the idea that women have their version of a bromance in film form, but I just wish the female bromance in Bridesmaids had been executed a little better.

If the film had taken a few more risks and headed down a path that was really about two best friends instead of just one of the best friends I think it would have pulled the entire idea off far better.

Still, Bridesmaids offers up one of the more enjoyable romantic comedies you'll see. It's also one of the rare few that will make guys and girls laugh just as easily even if the guys aren't in on the jokes as much. Whatever your opinion of the film is you'll definitely come out of it with a new respect for Wiig's comedy and acting skills. Did I miss the boat? How to get pulled over.

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Rhodes and Annie, at this point, are not necessarily on speaking terms since she kind of blew him off because girls like Annie myself mistreat the good guys that actually treat them wellso to get his attention, Annie breaks a bunch of driving laws and eventually gets him to pull her over. Her gangsta rap face is my joy, my one joy in life. Weddings bring out the worst in people. It is a good thing I do not want to get married, huh? I change my mind every year, so is the year of anti-marriage.

Everything I Need to Know, I Learned From Bridesmaids

My best best friend in the history of time got engaged last week. But, you know…I have plenty of unmarried girlfriends, and quite a few years left of freaking out about dying alone, so. I will keep you guys posted. Best friends are really the best.

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The way Annie is the only person to coax Lillian out of her bed on her wedding day is so touching. And the gift Annie gives to Lillian at her bridal shower is the best, even if it is not a trip to Paris. And the way Helen knows that she can never be Annie to Lillian is the best.

Helen over plans lavish parties to make up for the fact she has very few female friends. Unusual modern example of a Discredited Trope with Officer Rhodes, although to be fair, he's not very Oirish outside of the accent. Which is strange, considering that the actor is Irish. Rhodes being non-American is briefly Handwaved "I didn't know that you could be a cop here if you weren't a citizen" but the lack of explanation and generic Anglo name does suggest he wasn't originally written as Irish or even foreign.

For what it's worth, most Americans struggle to tell the difference between a genuine Irish accent and a strange American one. The questionable accent is arguably lampshaded when John Hamm arrives to pick up Annie in his car. One Dialogue, Two Conversations: A jilted Rhodes snapping at Annie to get her her fucking tailights fixed!