Confession rival declaration honeyworks relationship

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confession rival declaration honeyworks relationship

Song: Confession Rival Declaration - HoneyWorks ft. Gumi. If it's such a pointless relationship then it's the same as it being hopeless. View. More information. Honeyworks is a popular song writer and vocaloid producer who has Their relationship is based on “Confession Rival Declaration”. honeyworks confession rival declaration - Buscar con Google.

All Love Is Unrequited: Goes in a line, practically. We have Kotaro, who has a crush on Hina, who likes Koyuki, who's in love with Natsuki, who's going out with Yuu. At least in the in-universe music video for "Romeo", Aizou and Yuujirou are both competing for Sena, whose heart already belongs to Midori.

Alone Among the Couples: In the main group, it's Koyuki who ends up as this, since the object of his affections is already in a relationship. The way he looks at the three main couples in "Understand This Youth" implies that he's actually upset about his circumstances, at least a little bit.

Always in Class One: Hina's cast of characters are in classas we know from both the PVs and the novel. Am I Just a Toy to You? The PV ends with Shibaken being confronted by some of his exes, and having to sweet talk his way out of trouble. Arisa at that point happens to be nearby, and even though she's starting to like him back, witnessing the scene causes her to wonder if the nice words he's said to her were all a lie.

Sena and Midori go on their first date at one in "Sunday's Secret". It's not until several dates afterwards that they start officially going out. The overarching one is "going for your goals, even if you don't know the outcome, is better than staying still and not doing it at all".

告白ライバル宣言 (Kokuhaku Rival Sengen)

Mio and as we later see, Haruki regretted everyday that she wasn't able to overcome her mental blocks so that she could be with the one she loves. Sure it might have worked out in the end since Haruki came back for a brief time so they could talk things out, but she had no idea that would even happen; she could have gone the rest of her life pining for a love that would never be realized.

Koyuki decides he wants to change himself to go after Natsuki, the girl he loves; and although he knows that he has no chance with her, his physical overhaul did wonders, and he's not looked on with pity or as a weakling anymore. Both Yuu and Natsuki have one. Natsuki's younger brother Kotarou has a Hair-Trigger Temper and frequently bickers with his Natsuki by calling her names. He gets so loud that the neighbors Yuu and Hina could hear them fight.

Yuu's younger sister Hina is very spoiled, and frequently uses her brother's stuff without permission, occasionally breaking them. In the vomic, she remarked how Kotaro is such a brat, and Yuu's response was pretty much, "You're one to talk. However, they seem to get along decently.

The stairway on Haruki and Miou's route home seem to be this for the pair, as it's present in every video they're in and something of an iconic scene portraying their "so close, but yet so far" relationship. It references the fact that they're always so close from telling each other how they feel but are too shy to actually say it, and also because their hands are literally centimeters away from touching each other's when they sit next to each other.

Even the anime that adapts their arc references the phrase. The first time Shibasaki tries to talk to Arisa, he tries to flirt with her and chat her up. Arisa simply asks Shibasaki if he finds any of this boring, and from then on he pursues her.

The series' music videos were somewhat sketchy and monochromatic in the beginning. As time went on, the art got more detailed and streamlined, and most music videos were in full color though they still retained some monochromatic scenes.

Sometimes it will look rough, semi-realistic, and colored with muddy tones and values Rocoruand other times it will look pastel with minimal shading Mogelatte. The changes also usually have to do with the tone of the story being told. Everything leading up to the PV for "Romeo".

Both the comic and the promotional material for "Romeo" portray it as a love triangle between Hiyori, Yuujirou, and Aizou with Hiyori in the center. Come the actual video for "Romeo", and Hiyori's nowhere to be seen save for a cameo; in fact the three don't interact at all as a trio, and the PV only serves as an introduction to some plotlines and character interactions.

Midori has a very large stash of " Nyump " manga in his room. Hina and Kotaro's relationship in a nutshell.

confession rival declaration honeyworks relationship

One moment they're arguing like longtime acquaintances, the next you see that they on some level care for each other. Yuu and Natsuki hook up very early in the series, and their relationship, while it has occasional ups and downs, doesn't involve as much drama and UST as the other couples do.

fighting evil by moonlight., um, I'm new to this "Honeyworks" series. What is

The store advertisements for HoneyWorks's third album even tease this, given that this series' pairings become mascots for HoneyWorks albums after release: Among the three main guys, there's Haruki blondSouta brunette and Yuu redhead - sort of.

Averted with their girls though. The series' first release was "First Love Picture Book", which introduced us to this world through Mio and Haruki's awkward love story. Chronologically, they're also the last of the main group to try and finish theirs, as they meet again 6 years later to pick up where they left off. The picture from "Blooming into the Color of Love" reappears in "Our Minute and a Second" as a keepsake Mio has of her highschool years. First Love's Picture Book", in reference to how Miou and Haruki never could close the distance between each other until they meet up again 6 years later.

Natsuki excuses her hasty preparation for Valentine's day with "we can just practice for it! Miou and Haruki also do their back-to-back pose from "First Love's Picture Book", but Miou holds a red menu instead of her red yearbook. Cannot Spit It Out: Both Mio and Haruki, towards each other. They spend a lot of time together, talking about pointless stuff, but can't bring themselves to deal with direct confessions. In "First Love Picture Book", Mio sings about how she's too cowardly to confess to her crush, Haruki, and now that they've both graduated high school and parted ways, she wonders what could have happened if she did confess.

After graduation, he moved away to another country, and one of his biggest regrets was being unable to say "I love you" to Mio. Still, he hopes that they'll meet again someday, and then he'll confess. They tried to sort-of confess in one of the vomics, and failed. In the video, the two were walking home together, and Mio asked Haruki if he has someone he likes, and he answered yes.

He asked her the same thing, and she also answered yes. Then they both parted ways thinking the other is in love with someone else, even though they're clearly talking about each other. In "Tokyo Summer Session", the two went to watch fireworks together, and was looking to hold each other's hands.

But since they're too shy to do so, Haruki instead hides his hands in his pockets, while Mio hides hers behind her back. They eventually settled with Mio tugging at Haruki's sleeves though. Generally, most interactions and groupings follow what year the characters are in. The third years all have their small arcs going on and are involved in each other's, while the first years do the same with very minimal interference from their upperclassmen. After Koyuki witnesses Natsuki's confession to Yu, we see that he goes to the school rooftop to yell some time afterwards.

Sena has a real Instagram account following "Kawaiiku Naritai", which included all of the pictures seen in that song's PV. Yuu and Natsuki have been close friends since childhood, and their relationship eventually develops into romance.

Likewise, their younger siblings have grown up together as well, although Kotaro's crush on Hina is one-sided Cleaning Up Romantic Loose Ends: Koyuki is this incarnate. In his love triangle with Hina, he mistakes her confession for pity and pushes Kotaro towards the girl, ultimately leading to the latter two falling in love. With Natsuki and Yu he leaves them be, happy yet heartbroken.

confession rival declaration honeyworks relationship

So where does that leave him by the end of the story? Tokyo Winter Session solves this by introducing his third love interest. The PV for "Blooming Into the Color of Love"is pretty much this, going back and forth with scenes already shown up to that point and previewing scenes from later PVs, before giving up new material in introducing Hiyori and Yuujirou.

Akechi Saku, who is apparently liked by all his students, and occasionally gives personal advice for his troubled students. Yujiro repped Melody, while Aizo did the same for Kuromi. A Day in the Limelight: For Mona, "My Idol Declaration" serves as her small peek into her world, following her through two of her live performances and how she handles herself for them.

Midori's musical performance in "Sunday's Secret" appears to be one to Sena, given that the image displayed on screen while he's performing is of her. As Souta absentmindedly looks at Akari, his "in love" train of thought spills out into the open and he tells her that he's going to "fall in love all over again" just looking at her. The song shows how Natsuki and Yuu's relationship is still going strong despite many minor squabbles, how Akari is beginning to reciprocate Souta's feelings for her, and how Mio and Haruki still can't move forward with their relationship because of their UST.

The conversation Kotarou and Koyuki have while they're watering plants in "Understand This Youth" is also implicitly a conversation about their love lives, with Koyuki unknowingly giving Kotarou some advice both on nurturing his plants and his budding love.

Dude Looks Like a Lady: A lot of Koyuki's classmates often tease him for looking so girly, especially before he had a makeover. Koyuki shows up in "Diagnosis: Lovesickness" and "Embarrassment-Hiding Adolescence" before his song proper.

Hiyori and Yuujirou appear at the tail end of "Blooming into the Color of Love" before their feature in "Romeo" and its corresponding vomic.

Confession Executive Committee ~Love Series~

Yuujirou also appears with Aizou this time during one of Sena's photo shoots in "Sunday's Secret", and "Romeo" blares through a fast food joint with corresponding advertisements during the second movie. In the first couple of videos for "First Love Picture Book", Mio is drawn to resemble Gumi a lot more, and even had green hair in a colored picture. This is before the universe and song list got expanded, so this is understandable. In addition, "First Love's Picture Book" and "Confession Rehearsal" didn't have any of the main six interact with each other and kept the videos self-contained, which is especially strange considering how important their friendship was.

This is Retconned in later installments of the franchise, which have the characters interact more during their respective arcs especially in Haruki and Mio's case, since their arc takes place throughout all of high school.

The meat of the story is about a group of students and their relationships with each other. All together, the main focus centers around 14 students, with each character getting at least one song explaining their sides of the story. Everyone Can See It: Because of their closeness, pretty much everyone not in the focus group of 14 thinks that Haruki and Mio are already dating, or at least preparing to. Kotaro's crush on Hina is well known to everyone in his friendship circle, and when Hina starts developing feelings for him, everyone notices that just as easily.

Arisa puts her hair into twintails after finding some inspiration in Sena, and keeps it that way throughout high school.

confession rival declaration honeyworks relationship

They exist as a group in real life, providing songs for other projects and series, but they are always referred to as Yuujirou and Aizou instead of their seiyuu. Even after Koyuki leaves after graduation, Hina remarks that Koyuki still has and always will have a place in her heart. Hina is often associated with tulips. The motif gets repeated in "The Red Thread on Flowers" at that video's end, but she's seen in a red tulip first.

Red tulips often signify a "perfect love", but this one wilts in favor of the white, signifying Hina and Koyuki not getting together, and her growing feelings for Kotarou after Koyuki leaves.

Kotarou is seen next to some poppies in "Understand This Youth". Poppies can also symbolize an "idle love", which is a perfect fit for his relationship with Hina, and an even bigger fit with Hina's ultimate relationship with Koyuki, as it lingers on a set of poppies in the opening of the second movie.

We already know from "First Love Picture Book" the very first song in the series that Mio and Haruki aren't getting together during high school, so all we can do is watch them try and fail at reaching the other's heart.

The last chorus of "Diagnosis: Lovesickness" shows Natsuki as a bride chasing Yu as a groom around. In the novels, the Distant Finale takes place around the time of their actual wedding. They also show Akari's cheek being touched by Souta and her reaction to it.

The MV also shows scenes from "Senpai. Take note that the video as it's shown only has Aizou in it while Ken's passing by, establishing a connection between the two boys.

The series later reveals Aizou to be a Shibasaki. Yamamoto is the quiet and serious bookworm SuperegoShibaken is the attention-seeking playboy Idwhile Kotaro is the somewhat insecure idiot who tries to be both Ego.

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  • Tropes applying to the various adaptations:

As mentioned in Shout-Out below, Makishima can be seen wildly biking up a hill while Koyuki goes to the barber's in "Confession Rival Declaration".

While Midori is practicing his "good mornings" for Sena in the boys' bathroom, one can spot Koyuki coming out of a stall freaked out by Midori's repetitions. The backgrounds featured in the photo montage in "Sunday's Secret's" PV are very obviously shopped in compared to the characters.

The Glasses Gotta Go: Koyuki becomes popular with girls after removing his glasses and getting a new hairdo. It's clear he felt lost without him growing up, and asks him if he's watching over him throughout the song. He Is All Grown Up: Kotaro hits a major growth spurt in his second year of high school and grows out his hair, and throughout the year Hina has been finding herself staring at him more often. What I do want to point out is that, no doubt the art is very shoujo-like which is very fitting, especially, for a movie based off love songs.

In my opinion, the way the eyes sparkle is very attractive and the motions of the way the characters move are generally smooth. I personally like how they used songs that directly correlate to specific scenes with the vocals omitted. However, listening to vocals after watching those scenes really makes you feel so much more emotions than just what you feel while watching the scenes!

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The voice acting cast consists of a few popular voice actors like Kamiya Hiroshi but the acting itself was not exactly spectacular. I also realised that the way the characters talk and sound are much different from certain other anime in a sense that they talk like actual students, not super cute, perfect characters in school uniforms.

So although the acting was not spectacular, it seemed very natural. The music is great, as expected from Honeyworks and the voice acting is well done and seems relaxed, in a good way. The first character being Natsuki Enomoto, an active and friendly third year who is facing love issues.

She sports a high bun and wears long red tracks beneath her skirt. As a sort of tomboy-ish character, it would only be normal for her to not really know what to do when it comes to love. Thus resulting in her growing affection towards him. Even as a tomboy, she definitely does have a feminine side which is shown when she gets flustered and nervous.

Confesión Rival Declaración- de Honeyworks por [Ozzu Kiroii] (video rescatado)

Yuu Setoguchi is one of those cool, distant characters. Cool and distant but caring with a sarcastic sense of humour and cute when he needs to be. Koyuki Ayase, ah the feminine guy with the drastic makeover.

confession rival declaration honeyworks relationship

He has silver hair with bangs swept to the side, pretty hard to miss. In the movie, he makes various advances towards Natsuki, his love interest, like giving her tickets to a Honeyworks concert, managing to take a completely dense and oblivious Natsuki on a date.

confession rival declaration honeyworks relationship

He seems to be the antagonist of the movie.